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Advanced Program in Digital Marketing

Course Modules

12 Months Advanced Program in Digital Marketing

The entire course is spread across 12 months. Here is what you learn week by week.

Week 0: Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape

Week 1: Social Media Marketing 1 (Twitter Focus)

Week 2: Social Media Marketing 1 (Facebook Focus)

Week 3: Blogging

Week 4: Email Marketing

Week 5: Content Marketing

Week 6: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Week 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Week 8: Social Media Marketing 2 (Google+ Focus)

Week 9: Social Media Marketing 2 (Pinterest and Instagram focus)

Week 10: Social Media Marketing 2 (YouTube and LinkedIn focus)

Week 11: Social Media Marketing 2 (Micro Video Focus)

Week 12: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Week 13: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Display Advertising Fundamentals

Week 14: Mobile Marketing

Week 15: Digital Analytics

Week 16: Up and coming social networks

Week 17: Copywriting for the Web

Week 18: The Art and Science of Viral Content

Week 19: Measuring RoI of Digital Media investments

Week 20: Bringing it all together

6th and 7th Month: Live Project 1

8th and 9th Month: Live Project 2

10th Month: Getting Ready for a Digital Marketing Career

11th and 12th Month: Paid Internship

On successful completion of the program, you will get placements assistance to get into an entry level digital marketing job.


Weekly Process

  1. Every week on Monday, you will receive 1 weekly module (a PDF document / same info via password protected webpage link) via email. These are short so that you don’t get bogged down with too much info.
  2. On each Tuesday, you will receive a list of exercises to do based on what you learned on Monday.
  3. On Friday – you will submit “what you did’ during Tuesday – Thursday for review and feedback.

Q & A / Problem Solving

You will submit all your queries via email to mohit [a] and recive a response via email or phone.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is this course for me?

12-Months Advanced Digital Marketing Program is designed for graduates (all disciplines) and young professionals who are looking to start a career in the digital marketing field.

The course is organized into separate units to make it easy for you to pick and choose the topics that are most interesting and useful for you.

The course covers the industry trends, concepts and terminology you need to understand before you even begin learning specific parts of digital marketing. It will also provide best practices based on platforms and digital marketing sub-topic. Gradually the course will help you become familiar with the tools and processes to get started with digital marketing efforts for your business or the company you work for.

If you apply yourself well, we are confident that you will find the learning experience useful!

Is there a particular order to follow? Are some lessons easier than others?

The units, lessons and activities in the course build on each other, so, although not a requirement, we recommend that you proceed with them in order they come to you. Digital Marketing Fundamentals was created for marketers and professionals who are new to digital marketing, your familiarity with course content prior to starting will impact how hard the lessons are for you.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

This course has 20 modules (spread across 20 weeks / 5 months), 2 live projects (4 months), preparation for cracking a digital marketing interview (1 month) and paid internship (2 months). Each module should take you no more than 2-4 hours a week – including the time it takes to complete the activities. But this again depends on your familiarity with course content prior to starting the course.

What if I have a question? Is there some help available?

Our resident expert Mohit Pawar [mohit – at –] is available to students throughout the duration of Advanced Digital Marketing Program. You can also check out the student resources section (only for registered students) of the site for guidance.

What are the system requirements for this course?

Completion of the course and the activities require an internet-enabled device and an open mind :)

After I finish the course, what can I do next?

Even before the you finish, you will start applying to digital marketing jobs  with the help of your career guide (Assigned starting from 10th month of the program).

For any questions, write to mail [at]

About the Trainer

Mohit Pawar is your course leader.

He is an experienced digital marketer who have consulted with Fortune 500 brands and also worked with leading Indian brands in the field of digital marketing strategy.

He is the co-author of “India 2014: New Information and Cultural Insights Entrepreneurs Need to Start a Business in India.”

An enthusiastic public speaker, he speaks at conferences and conducts digital marketing workshop across India.

More Info,

  • Brought BarCamp to Mumbai back in 2006.
  • Started Bootstrap Network Hyderabad.
  • Hosted some of earliest blogger meet ups.
  • Curated TEDxGurgaon for several years.
  • Advisory Council, World Brand Congress.

Interesting Tidbits: In 2006, Mohit was one of the first 100 Indians users of Twitter.

Program Fee

Fee for 1 year (12-Months) online program is ₹ 89,000/-

(To be paid in advance). Facility to pay in 3-parts available.

To enroll, Go to payments page for info about how to pay and get started.

For any questions write to: mail [at]

Any more questions? Send an email to mail [at] or Go to payments page for info about how and where to pay for the program of your choice.

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