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MasterClass Program Schedule (June – September Group)

Please find the MasterClass Digital Marketing Program Schedule from 1st to 16th week.

Week Assignment Module Scheduled On Assignment Scheduled On Complete Assignment by
0 Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape 1st June NA NA
1 Social Media Marketing 1 (Twitter Focus) 11th June 15th June (Twitter Chat) Ongoing
2 Social Media Marketing 1 (Facebook Focus) 20th June 22nd June 30th June
3 Blogging 27th June 1st July 5th July
4 Email Marketing 6th July 8th July 11th July
5 Content Marketing 12th July 14th July 18th July
6 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 19th July 21st July 23rd July
7 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 24th July 25th July 27th July
8 Social Media Marketing 2 (Google+ Focus) 29th July 31st July 6th August
9 Social Media Marketing 2 (Pinterest and Instagram focus) 7th August 9th August 13th August
10 Social Media Marketing 2 (YouTube and LinkedIn focus) 14th August 16th August 22nd August
11 Social Media Marketing 2 (Micro Video Focus) 23rd August 23rd August 24th August
12 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 26th August 29th August 3rd September
13 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Display Advertising Fundamentals Live MasterClass (TBD) TBD* TBD
14 Mobile Marketing 16th September 18th September 21st September
15 Digital Analytics Live MasterClass (TBD) TBD TBD
16 Bringing It All Together 28th September NA NA

*TBD = To Be Decided

You will be intimated in advance about any updates to the above mentioned schedule.