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Nidhi Gupta, a student of MasterClass Digital Marketing Program shares her thoughts

Recently, Aishwarya Pawar from MasterClass asked Nidhi Gupta, a student of MasterClass Digital Marketing Program, to share her thoughts. Here is what she had to say.

Nidhi Gupta, Happy Student 🙂

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am a marketing professional working with ManpowerGroup. Passionate about travelling and cooking. A complete fitness freak and strong-willed individual. Likes to read on varied topics of interest be it healthy living, interior décor articles, travel and much more.

2. What got you interested in Digital Marketing?

Today, Digital Marketing has caused a paradigm shift in the way people communicate by personalizing communications. I strongly believe the same for companies to have a strong virtual presence which led to my interest to explore the Digital Marketing platform for ManpowerGroup. And by opening these channels of dialogue, it was a delight to interact with our clients and colleagues across the globe.

3. How did you hear about MasterClass?

I had the pleasure to meet MasterClass CEO during a WordPress meet in Jabalpur in 2011 and since then he has been my one stop solution for all the digital marketing questions.

Through his unfazed support and quick tips on making a successful presence online, I was able to grow ManpowerGroup pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. MasterClass, an initiative by him has been extremely helpful in getting my basics on track and be on the path to be a veteran in the field.

4. What you like about MasterClass digital marketing program?

The content completely keeps you glued to the module. It’s like being physically present in a class. The flow of the modules helps to have a complete grip on the overall understanding. The content includes theoretical knowledge along with live examples which helps to seek better clarity.

The assignments help to brush-up everything learned in the module. Where-ever you are stuck; you are just a mail away. The doubts are cleared on-time, thereby helping to move ahead without any questions in your mind.

5. Your suggestions to improve it to make it even better.

Few more live examples to help in understanding.

6. Will you be happy to recommend this program to others?

Absolutely. It’s for everyone who wants to start from scratch and grow eventually with clearly defined ways to achieve it.

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