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List Building Guide: How to Create an Audience that’s Ready to Buy

Don’t laugh once you read the next line.

I started writing this email – listening to “Saat Samandar Par” from the movie “Vishwatma” (1991) – while feeling cold – sitting in a nice hotel’s windy patio (smoking area actually).

Raise your hand if you know about that movie and the song. Say “Yes” in your mind. That’s the equivalent of raising your hand.

Mohit Pawar in patio
This is me sitting in the Patio.

Cold wind in the patio worked. The weather and the oxygen helped me come up with ideas that I think will help you.


Before you decide to mark me as “uncool” because of my song choice,

or before you decide to “not be” my friend.

Let me tell you that I do not dream about (late) Divya Bharti (the actor who danced in the above song) or her contemporaries.

See, I love music. Old – new – doesn’t matter. That’s why I trained to be a DJ in 2007.

This was the first time in several years that I had listened to that song. At different times I may listen to other DJs like Avici, Hardwell and Paul Van Dyke (my first DJ crush); Chet Faker (I am hooked to 1998), Sarah Jaffe, Green Day, Pet Shop Boys, Arijit Singh, Arif Lohar, the mesmerizing AR Rehman,, and the list goes on.

I have to cut it here; because this isn’t an email about (dance) music.

This is about audience building.

We are getting there so no worries.

Some facts first.

Calvis Harris was the top earning DJ last year.

How much he made?

See below.


The guy at number #3 Avicii is 26. Calvin Harris is 31, he makes a quarter million dollars – per gig – that by burning some music for an evening.

Picture this – a high-in-demand superstar programmer in the Silicon Valley makes about a quarter million. But that’s not the norm. It is more like $130,000 per year.

A Stanford or Harvard MBA takes about 3-5 years to reach the same earnings as Calvin Harris makes in one evening.

Think about it.

And, then think about these DJs.

How do these guys make so much money?

Let’s come back from foreign skies to our Motherland, our own Bharat.

What about Shah Rukh Khan?

He is not as young as the DJs above, he is 50. Still, his networth is about $600 million (more than 3500 crores).

What about Narendra Modi?

What about Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and the girl from Swat in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai.

Why do all these entertainers, actors (also cricketers and TV stars) make so much money and why does an entire nation or the world listens to leaders like Narendra Modi, Malala or Obama?

They make money and they have influence – because they touch a lot of lives – because they have an audience.

We (You and I and millions of others) make Shah Rukh, Alia, Malala, Deepika and others like them popular.

Where I am going with this?

Now, that’s a good question.

With this – I am telling you that “THEY” have power because they have audience; and YOU too can have power because I am going to share with you – how YOU can build your own audience even if you are starting from scratch.

Before Shah Rukh Khan became the King Khan – he was Shah Rukh Khan – the young Delhi boy who had dreams like we have – who was chasing the girl of his dreams.

Before Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India – he was Narendra Modi, a little boy who helped his father sell tea. Ok, I skipped a lot of steps and years in between but you get the idea.

Before Malala became the world leader (she is still 18) – she was Malala, a normal school going kid.

The point is – once they started on the path they chose – they persisted and continued with what they were after – even against odds.

Can you become the next Malala, Narendra Modi, Shah Rukh, Sachin Tendulkar (or Mark Zuckerberg)?

Why not?

And, how do you do that?

You do that by saying – YES, I CAN.

Let’s say it one more time – together.

YES, ….. WE….. CAN.

An Arabic girl I found on internet - And, she is totally ready to build an audience :)
An Arabic girl I found on internet – And, she is totally ready to build an audience 🙂

So how do you do that?

In one line:

You do your work – you do it well – and tell others about it. Rinse and Repeat.

I will tell you again in simple language.

At whatever stage of your life or your career you are at – audience building can help you.

In the context of the lesson:

Audience building = Email List Building i.e. to get email ids of people who want to hear from you.

Let’s go step by step:

  1. What is an email list?
  2. Why you should build one
  3. How you can build one

(Before you get scared of this task – I must tell you that it is simple and I am here if you get stuck.)

What is an email list?

An email list is a collection of email ids from different people who want are interested in your product or information related to your product and industry.

It is the “magic wand” that can give you website traffic, leads, visibility and more customers.

Why to build an email list?

Even if you are doing everything else right – in your e-commerce store or consulting biz – right email marketing can easily increase your revenues from 10% – 100% in 3-12 months.

It starts with list building.

With a good quality email list, you can:

  • Get buyers for your services
  • Get subscribers for your Software As A Service
  • Sell more products through your ecommerce store
  • You can realize better pay as a consultant
  • Get more visibility and higher paying job rather quickly.

With a list, you will generally be able to “scale” whatever you are working on – given what you are selling is good enough – if not the best.

Ask yourself – “Is what you are selling is good enough?

No worries – if the answer is “no”.

Because if everyone gets a yes for the answer it’ll be crazy.

So if your answer to the question above is NO – then start improving your product on side – while you build the email list.

If you have a team working for you then put some people on product improvements and others on email list building.

How to build an email list?

Let’s start with list building basics and then some baby steps.

Steps to Build An Email List:

Step # 1:

Identify who you want to reach.

You want to reach people who are either interested in your product or one similar to it; or those interested in you. These will be your friends and family. Even if your family and friends may not be your customers they will know many who can be your customers.

Step #2:

Your ask your friends and family for help and ask them to introduce you to your prospective customers in their network.

If you already know some of your prospective customers – then you ask them to join your “email list”. I will show you – how – in a minute.

Step #3:

Once they say yes to joining your list – you add them to the list and promise that you’ll be sending valuable info in 2-3 weeks time.

Step #4:

You send them valuable info (How to do it right – is a big topic in itself – so I’ll cover that in next lesson on “email marketing”)

Step #5:

Rinse and repeat.

This is the process. Now, let’s get to actual action.

To help you take action – I’ll share how MasterClass core team (including Prerna, Vidhi, Vichitra and I) invited you to join this course.

A Mini Case Study: Audience Building for the Digital Marketing Course

  • We went ahead with “Value First” approach.
  • Committed to create something really useful.
  • Identified and got in touch with people who we thought will benefit from it. (Before that we got in touch with people – see step #2 above – who could have helped us reach these people.)
  • Got one on one help.
  • Sent a thank you message to anyone who helped us and who said yes to our offer of helping them learn digital marketing.
  • And, then promised to send the info soon with date mentioned (Dec 10th in our case).
  • We worked our asses off to launch the course in time.

Glad you liked the 1st lesson and hope you are liking this one too 🙂

Let’s dig a little deeper.

We started build up for our course on Nov 19th – and got first subscriber that day itself. I did the same way I have suggested you to do. I sent out 2 SMSes (both close friends). Got one “YES” – another friend has not replied still.

Start was slow but there was a plan in place. We kickstarted real action on Nov 27th – all core members of MasterClass team gathered in a room.

That’s Prerna, Vidhi and me at work. Truth be told - I’m just pretending to work. Vichitra took the pic.
That’s Prerna, Vidhi and me at work. Truth be told – I’m just pretending to work. Vichitra took the pic.

After the kickstart on Nov 27th, we moved ahead one day at a time.

Right now – You are there and there are other 13,000+ learners in this group.

I am not sure how did you come across the course – but broadly everyone who is now part of it – came via any one of these channels:

  • Phone Calls
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Twitter

We met maximum number of learners via Facebook + WhatsApp.

We didn’t try LinkedIn. So, can’t say how effective it would have been to establish connections there.

We told our close friends and those who offered to help – about our goal – and gave them a script – that they then tweaked and made even better.

Here is the script that we used in some places. You can use this to create your own script.

We were prompt in confirming via email with a warm and enthusiastic reply to anyone who said yes – telling them that they have been added to the course and will hear from us soon. There was a day-wise plan in place.

I may have replied to more than a 1000 emails during past couple of weeks – with thousands more sitting in my inbox right now (see the state of my inbox below). So hustle continues 🙂


Across MasterClass core team – we may have written 10,000+ emails – all manually – 1-on-1.

We know about tools that can make it simple – for now, we are choosing personal connections over tools.


I have told you steps and how we did it.

Before I tell you more….

I want to share something personal with you.

Not a secret or something… just what I feel about Your Success.

First of all – I want You to succeed – I want You to learn a lot through this course.

And, in my heart I know it is tough to stick through this course – where you have to read and apply 🙂 every week.

You will drop off – if you just want to do it – without knowing WHY you are doing it.

You made a great start when you shared your broad WHY (about learning digital marketing) in comments last week.

This week – I want you to write your WHY for LIST BUILDING.

Write in comments and tell us:

Why do you what to build an email list?

Here is some food for thought.

Some sample reasons why anyone would want to build their email list.

I want to build my list to 10,000 subscribers; because having 10,000 subscribers will allow me to:

  • Build my ecommerce store to INR 1 crore in annual revenues
  • Take my craft to 10,000 different customers
  • Leave my job and pursue life as a consultant
  • Travel the world without worrying about earning
  • Sell 1000 copies of my book and make me a mini-celebrity
  • Create a high traffic blog / website
  • Give me confidence that I can do whatever I aim to do
  • Grow fast enough in my job

So WHY you want to build an email list? May be for one of the reasons mentioned below:

  • To earn money like Cool People above
  • To change the world
  • To build an alternate source of revenue
  • To get more viewers on your TV of YouTube show
  • Or, to get more visitors on your website.

More ideas


If you are responsible for the growth of a TV channel or a media company focused on TV – how do you use list building there.

Just add a “Follow this Show” button on the page for a particular show. Anyone who presses the “Follow this Show” button is asked for their email (and phone number). And, once a new episode is uploaded – you can send these people an update and instantly get 5 or 10% of these watching the show online. These increased views can then be used for better advertising revenue realizations.

You can also have Genre-wise or Actor-wise follow buttons. You can start with the popular genres and actors.

Color’s Bigg Boss website gets tons of traffic – if they add a button like the one above – they can get a lot more engagement for the show.

If you run an ecommerce store – you can use “Follow this Category” button depending on which product page a user is browsing.

For service oriented businesses – you can simply add a “Subscribe to Updates” button.

I have just given you these ideas – now add your own REAL reason for list building (how do you think list building will help you) in comments below.

And keep your broader WHY that you shared in comments last week – in front of you.

(Last week’s lesson is here if you want to comment there now.)

Without knowing WHY you are doing it – it is easy to drop off. Life keeps happening – and all of us have enough excuses to not do something which we know is good for us.

The Power of an Email List

An email list,

  • Helps you build connections (You and I are connected because of this list).
  • It gives you a ready audience for your ideas and products
  • Pushes you to learn faster (when you start serving the audience); because if you tell your subscribers that you’ll send weekly updates – you need to learn with an intent to share. This improve focus.
  • Helps you become happier; because you think you are can change the lives of people for good.
  • I won’t lie – you also get under a bit of a pressure because you now have people interested in hearing from you. But that’s ok. (In the next lesson, I’ll tell you how to use technology to reduce this pressure for you.)
  • Also helps you sell a crap ton of software, products and services.

Large e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart use emails of customers to get them to buys lots of additional merchandise which can add up to be worth 100s of crores during an entire year.

I also have friends with small email subscriber lists who have leveraged these lists and skills to make a good deal of money.

A friend of mine, Cathryn Lavery started early this year in May with no email list. Over a period of 3 months, she built a pre-launch list of 3,325 people.

On 19th August 2015 she launched a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new product (a productivity notebook) and got funded to $15,000 in less than 28 hours. Then she went on to do $322,696 in 34 days on Kickstarter.


Since then she have gotten an additional $44,000 in pre-orders from those who missed out on Kickstarter.

Your mileage may vary but I have shared it here to show what is possible.

You also can do a lot with a good list.

If you are not sure about what product to launch then you can go ahead and ask your list about what they want to buy or do they want to buy what you have created.

You can even pre-sell the product (get confirmed payments at a discount) – before creating the product like Cathryn did in the example above.

FreshDesk which stated in Chennai and is now a global company – did that. (The founders there – did small paid campaigns spending about INR 25k to build an interest list before launch. They started in 2010 and are now worth more than half a billion dollars).

Buffer did that. Buffer founder Joel Gascoigne build an interest list using Twitter and a landing page and launched what is now an $8 million annual run rate (ARR) company.

Easy or Tough?

Do you think it is tough to create a list of subscribers or do you think it is easy?

Whatever you think – you are right.

If you do not know how to do it then it is tough.

But if you know – how to do it then it is easy.

I will share my own “painful” story of list building.

Like I am sharing this lesson with you today – I had also heard smart digital marketers say that money is in the list and should have a “permission” based email list.

(A permission based list is one where the email recipient has given you permission to add her to your email list. Adding your gmail contacts to a list – or those who you met in a conference does not count).

So one fine day  (Jan 1, 2011) I got inspired and added a subscriber box to my blog ( My blog has been my sandbox – it’s where I do the testing for a lot of online experiments.

I got my first subscriber that very day – it was easy – easy because I had added myself to the list 🙂

You should also add yourself to your own list to make sure that you see what your subscribers are receiving.

My first real subscriber was Puneet – who worked with one of my closest friends and somehow came to like my writing – a lot 🙂

He joined on Jan 19, 2011.

[I’ll forever be grateful to him for being the first subscriber – 1st member of my tribe. What’s good is that he is still there on the list.]

After this start – it was not until June 25, 2013 that I got my 100th subscriber.

It took me 2 and a half long years to go from 0 to 100 subscribers.

It can’t be so tough for You – because I am here – I have made mistakes already so that you don’t make them.

You should do as I have shared in steps above and as in the MasterClass team case study.

List Building Milestones

Before you start your list building – let’s discuss list building milestones.

Here they are.

:: 1 → 10 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 → 2500 → 5000 → 10000 ::

And here is the PLAN for you to achieve this.


  • 1 subscriber today
  • 100 subscribers in 2 weeks
  • 1000 subscribers in 4 months
  • 10000 subscriber in 10 to 18 months (sooner the better)

Once you reach 1000 subscribers – you can take their feedback or assess the demand for a particular product or service fairly accurately.

With 10,000 subscribers you can think of making between INR 6 – 60 lakhs revenues in a year – depending on the industry and quality of your list – even if you are starting from scratch.

Assignment (and guidance) for today

Today’s assignment is to share Why You Want to Build an Email List and to get your first subscriber in comments.

I’ll give you the recipe to get Your FIRST SUBSCRIBER – consider it as big a moment as when you got your first salary cheque.

Using this strategy you can get your first subscriber today and then get to the next milestone of 50-100 subscribers rather quickly – even before you send out your first email.

And next week – I will share how to send your first marketing email and how to create a good email marketing foundation. So in this week itself – you can create the base (an email list) that you can leverage for next week’s email marketing lesson.

I am going to share a low tech strategy – and can be used even if you do not have a website. I learnt it from my mentor and now I am passing it you as a friend 🙂

Get your first subscriber, NOW!


Read below:

Pick up your phone or pull it out of your pocket.

Now open WhatsApp and write this message.

“Hey guys,

I am starting a fashion accessories project.

(replace with your industry name and project type – so it can be a content marketing agency or a book for children).

And, I want your help.

Can I send you updates about my progress and anything new that I create for your feedback?

If it’s cool – reply with a YES :)”


Now — stop reading — and send this or a version of this to people who you know (and who you think will be relevant contacts for your product or service) on WhatsApp.

Once you send – come back and start reading again.

Chances are while you read the rest of this email – you will get some Yes-es 🙂

To those who say YES – send a reply the way you like.

I would have sent something on the lines of:

“I Love You for this.. totally!

Right now I am working very hard on getting the project started.

Will send you 1st update in 2-3 weeks and then one update every week.”

Chances are you already have their email. In case you don’t have it then – also add one line in the end – which email id should I send it on?

Getting your first YES means getting a subscriber – so do a happy dance.

Bonus points – if you match the style of the kid below.


Later – repeat the same message on Facebook, Email and Twitter with some variation.

Your best conversion (message to YES ratio will be on WhatsApp and Facebook; and some successes over email).

Once you do the outreach as shared above you will reach the 3rd or 4th milestone (50 or 100 subscribers). That’s good enough to start your email marketing.

But it does not stop here – to go from 100 to 1,000 to 10,000 — you will have to try other strategies.

List Building on Scale

  1. Add email subscription form on your site in four places at least. Add a PopUp, add a form on the top of the homepage and another one at the bottom of posts and one in blog sidebar. Here is the PopUp that you’ll see on my blog as a first time visitor. I use SumoMe for this.


2. Go to Google Analytics and identify your top 5 pages and add a subscription form there. Usually “About” page is one of the top 3 pages of the website – so you should definitely add a subscription form there. Here is the form that I have on my blog. Passion Comes First

3. If you run or manage an ecommerce store – add an exit intent popup using OptinMonster and as soon as someone is ready to go away from you page offer a discount coupon – like Mod Notebooks does. 2015-12-17 02-02-41

4. Host giveaways: Here you give something useful and related to your product for free. For example if you are a fitness trainer then you can away a year’s worth of Protein Powder – that way you’ll attract the right kind of subscribers. These giveaways can be run by using an app like Kingsumo or Gleam.

5. Do guest blogging (I’ll cover this in lesson on blogging). This is important and powerful.

6. Improve SEO of your website (Once done – this can give you 5, 10, 50 or 100 subscribers on autopilot). More on this in lesson on SEO.


Once you make a start – once you get to 100, 1000 or more subscribers – what then?


  • You talk to them
  • You share ideas
  • You ask them to buy if you have a product that will help them

Once you create the email list – you need to send an update to those who have said YES. This I’ll cover in the next lesson on EMAIL MARKETING.

In Email Marketing Lesson – I’ll also share how to reignite an old (small or big) email subscriber list that you have not sent any message to, for a long time.

In case you have any other simple or complex email marketing questions – send me an email – and I’ll cover in the next lesson.

I wish that you share your WHY – why you want to build an email list?

Click here to comment and share – Why you want to build your email list.

Three commenters will get my help (half an hour each) to fine tune their list building efforts. Does not matter which industry the winners come from – I’ll be happy to guide.

I’ll not do your work 🙂 otherwise I’ll be the one learning. I’ll help you see the opportunities for list building and will share ideas that you may not have thought about.

I am not doing any consulting as of now – and I also limit public speaking to once per month where I charge INR 60,000 per day + expenses.

That’s about INR 4,000 worth of value right away – for the winner and who knows a much higher RoI. So, go for it.

Why I am doing it – because I want to help you. Make use of this – if you think it is worth it.

There is also another chance to win my digital marketing book that you can see below.

I have added a screenshot of my speaking page – so that you can be sure of the value you’ll get by commenting and winning 🙂


If you have questions – feel free to post them in comments or send over email and I’ll be glad to guide you.


Good bye for now 🙂

Book Bonanza continues this week as well.

I got tons of emails this past week, saying that they wanted to win a copy of the book.

And, I have heard you 🙂

So, today again I’ll give you a chance to win a copy for my book on digital marketing. As you know this book is still not available in the market.

Click here to comment – why you want to build your email list and …. if you have any email list already – then mention subscriber numbers. 1 subscriber is a good start.

One commenter will win a copy of my book (worth ₹1199) shipped for free anywhere in the world. I will select the best comment by tomorrow morning.

digital marketing book by mohit pawar

It’ll be fascinating to see everyone’s responses!  So check the comments and participate.   


Mohit – Your friend who also happens to be a Digital Marketer 🙂

P.S. Stay tuned for the next lesson. It’s on email marketing. All your efforts in list building are of no use if you don’t do email marketing right. I am going to let you in on an awesome email marketing technique that can put your lead and revenue generation on autopilot. You don’t want to miss it 🙂

P.P.S. Remember to comment with your suggestions:

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  1. thx team MasterClass for such an interesting lesson.
    i was hooked from beginning till end. mohit… how do you do it? I want to be able to write and explain like you. you told me to share why i want to build an email list … cuz a friend once said that you’ll do nothing in life.. i want to prove to her that i can do big things…. hope it’s not a foolish reason.. :D. one person said yes to be on my list….. i’ll write about fashion. thankyou!

    1. Thank You, Niti.

      You can write better than me – just give it some time and practice,
      also learn about whatever you want to write.

      You have a solid reason, not foolish at all.

      And, congrats on getting the first subscriber. On to 100 🙂

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  2. Hi Mohit…..Once again an awesome stuff 🙂

    Reasons for me to build an email list:

    -Encashing network professionally.
    -Better & Better reach of my services to the prospects.
    -Increasing more traffic & visitors to my website.
    -More & more engagement & feedback from the visitors for improving our services
    -And,last but not the least, to stay in touch with the like minded prospects that will help me in increasing the knowledge base & sharing the latest trends/activities in the industry.


    1. Thank You Deep 🙂

      and thanks for sharing your reasons to build an email list.

      All reasons you have shared are worthwhile and with list building and other learning that will follow – you’ll be to able to achieve them.
      Feel free to write to me to discuss.

      – Mohit

  3. I want to build mailing list to build little knowledge I have and use the knowledge at multiple places. Be it in my corporate set up or when I move ahead to start my own venture.

    1. Perfect Gaurav.

      Think of a topic – and build your mailing list around that topic.

      That will be good for focus and people will know – what value they will get out of it.

      Let’s move forward together.

      – Mohit

  4. Hi Masterclass team,

    Great info Mohit. I am an entrepreneur. Our product is Work In Progress stage. To brief about my startup – we are building a healthcare delivery model for sexual and reproductive health.
    One better step to go ahead is with Email marketing – which can give you a personalization touch and feel. I m looking forward for more information from your team.
    Also for the readers, you can leave your message here


    1. Thanks Krishna 🙂

      Good luck for Cupid Care.

      Check out Tucker Max’s new book Mate. May be you’ll get interesting content ideas.

      – Mohit

  5. Mohit it has been a great start to the course. When I joined this course I thought it will be like those thousand courses request we get daily but are of no use. I really liked the way you are taking this course forward. I have completed a course on digital marketing but it seems that I am still very new to this field. My motive of joining this course is to learn more and expand my knowledge. I am currently working on a hotel in mussoorie trying to promote it through various mediums (digital marketing being one of them). My WhY for this course is that I am working on a project where in I want to educate people how to invest money in the share market. I plan to start a blog of my own and build an audience for the same.

    1. Hi Shubham,

      Thanks for sharing,
      I am very happy to know that you are getting value 🙂

      For your hotel, in addition to what I will share in the course; became an active user of the forums where your prospective customers hangout – may be places like IndiaMike and help then out with your replies.

      About your financial blog – check out MoneyBoss, SimpleDollar and TimothySkyes.

      Good luck with your efforts.

      – Mohit

  6. Hi,

    I am Krishna, an entrepreneur. Email marketing is truly essential as it is not only cheaper method to reach out to people but also an effective way to provide a personal touch. I like the article presented by Mohit.
    You have provided a start on how to get subscribers from your friends and kin, given some of the tips for those who want to present themselves better. Great work.

    I need Email marketing as we are building an health-tech platform on sexual and reproductive health. A personal email can drive you right customers .
    I like to take this opportunity to get my subscribers (


  7. I want to build a mailing list to build the client base for this new home automation venture (Lucent Smart Solutions) that a few of my friends have launched this September. It would help us to connect with the suitable audience.

  8. Hi Mohit, new learning for me and I will surely share this with my colleagues and friends. We are building a product that helps in smart transportation and would love to build a list to understand interested prospects…

    1. Great Tabrez.

      And, thanks.

      Good luck with your new venture.

      In case you want to share this with friends and colleagues – please connect them with Vichitra so that they can be added to the next group.

      – Mohit

    1. Thank You.

      Sure, to earn income from blogging – you got to do it right.

      List building is the first. Then you should have a hosted blog (your own domain) – a blog on or Blogpost will not work. I’ll touch upon this in the lesson on blogging.

      Stay tuned 🙂

      – Mohit

  9. Hi Mohit, great learning from the lesson.
    I want to have my email list, cos that can be my kick starter for any business I do. That would be so awesome to have so many of your potential customers in your list. That will be the simplest way to start a business without having to open a shop in crowded market and wait for potential customers.

  10. The reason why I would like to build my Email list:

    1. To get a better client base.
    2. With more subscribers, I can get more traffic to my website.

    Awesome piece of information!! I am sure this is going to help me in the long run. You are a class apart!!

    1. Thanks so much, Rajeev.

      I appreciate you sharing your reasons for building your email list. These are two keys reason.

      Take my help as you work on this.

      – Mohit

  11. Hey Mohit Sir,
    First of all I would like to thank you for such informative and implementable lessons.
    I am currently working on what problems students are facing. What are their issues, they can be related to what they want to do in near future or issues related to their placements or regular curriculum. during my college period I faced many problems for pursuing knowledge of field which was different from my core one.
    Our education system forces student to study in such way that they lack practical knowledge. I have 8-10 solutions on all issues of students. Because students must learn about things they are interested in. They must be aware of new trends in that field. You can only improve when you are challenged. May be you will fail or succeed in it. You will continue your attempts if there is someone who pat on your back when you do well or points out your mistakes. I am working on such product.
    For this, it’s my basic need to make a email list. As it will connect me to number of students. I am doing this to make sure that students shouldn’t face problems that I faced.
    At least I owe this much to society.

    1. Hi Aniket,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Great Cause 🙂

      You can create a course like this to help, based on all that you know.

      Feel free to discuss over email.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  12. Hello mohit sir .
    First thing is that i wanna thank you from bottom of my heart because u provide us this awesome information which is very important to us. .
    And i wanna build my email audience because by this i’ll communicate with them whatever i want to share with them. It will allow me to do that and.and i know the whole GAME of life depends on our COMMUNICATION .. ….so
    Email list building can do a lot of things ..beyond our expectations .
    I m so glad to be a part of this amazing course.. seriously hats off to you sir .

    1. Thanks so much for your appreciation, Sachin.

      You’ll have to decide a topic for your list building and then talk to people as I have shared above.

      Good luck with your list building efforts.

      – Mohit

  13. Buliding an email list will not be only for doing business, it would worth a person whoever is receiving an email and would help him/her to resolve issue/problems. In your case you are helping us to learn better in Digital World and solve day to day problems.
    And in our case we at trying to help peoples save some money on their online shopping by giving cashback.

  14. Just awesome!

    Loved every word of the email! Couldn’t stop myself from scrolling down and read it completely! Not sharing my “why” part since currently not looking forward to build an email list.

    Thanks again & looking forward to new lesson next week.

  15. Thank You, Boni 🙂

    Love your comment.

    I can totally relate to – not building the list now.. part. I took my own sweet time.

    – Mohit

  16. Mohit , your lessons are very interesting indeed. Before I answer the question why I want to build my email list I wish to put in my point. I have a small venture dealing in designer wear from past about a year. I started out exactly the way you said by texting a couple of friends and building on references. I chose to majorly use whats app as my marketing platform and would like to stick to it as (a) Size of operation is small so website will be a misfit. (b) I enjoy one to one interaction over whats app and helps me to understand what the client is exactly looking for as compare to a website (c) I do have an FB page for my venture FB adds have not yet got me right kind of audience never the less I can see a scope of improvement by using the leanings from this course (d) keeping my line of work inmind not convinced if sending pics on email will get be good enough.

    After reading todays lesson feeling a bit confused as to change my method to email or stick to whats app.

    Having said that I have a permission based list of about 100 people on whats app the challenge now is to increase this as there is no website for people to enter their contact info or putting it the other way how to further increase my permission based list.

    Now today’s assignment ‘Why’ I want to make this list

    (a) Mohit asked me to.. just kidding
    (b) That is the only way to expand my venture


    1. Thank You, Deepti 🙂

      Now that you have shared – my turn to reply.

      I am happy that you shared – what has worked for you so far.

      To implement my suggestion – you’ll have to invest time. I am sure you are ready for that?

      Here goes:

      1. Stick to what you are doing on WhatsApp. Use it as an announcement and feedback channel the way you are doing now.
      2. Build an email list the way I have suggested.
      3. Send them a series of emails (I will share what to send in the lesson on email marketing – which comes next). Usually, most of the emails you’ll send them will be educational emails (There can be one-off sales email) but email will be a channel primarily for trust building by sharing useful info.

      What can you send in email to your subscribers (people who say yes to hear from you)?

      (These will be mostly “How-to” Type articles):
      – How to store your designers wear / expensive clothes.
      – How to buy designer wear that stands the test of time (does not become obsolete soon)

      You will also write a reply to all common questions that you must be getting from prospects / customers before they buy from you.

      I am sure it looks like work.
      It will be worth it.
      Imagine having an email list of 5000 or more customers and inviting them for a special preview sale. You can create a dedicate page on your website – where you can create a wish list and also offers for those who refer.

      (So WhatsApp will work fine for now. Email – and later website – will give you chance to use technology and systems to grow at a faster pace.)

      Email will give you a reason to connect with your customers / prospects other that sales. It is powerful; because everyone else – just pushes sales (which is fine if you run a business).

      You will differentiate yourself and create better recall for your brand.

      Website is not needed to start emailing.
      You can use simple email account to send personal emails. It is fine to do it until you are at 100-200 permission based emails.

      At some point – you should invest in a website and host your email form there. Like, we have on our landing page. It will work for you 24×7 even when you are sleeping and can look at your WhatsApp messages.

      Facebook is powerful in your kind of business. You gotta understand it – to leverage it. Simple starting point there will be to – boost / promote posts where you announce a new design. Also use Facebook coupons to offer seasonal discounts.

      To build and grow permission based list.
      Start the way I have shared and then use tactics like Giveaways – like Fashion and Beauty websites do.
      Look at
      You can adapt it to your business and get tons of new email ids quickly.
      Marina from Not a Model got about 17,000 subscribers in 45 days. You may not get these many – but still you can get a good number.

      Hope you got your answer 🙂

      – Mohit

      1. Hi Mohit

        Not yet received todays lessons eagerly waiting s i have 45 email ids with no clue what to write to them..



        1. Hi Deepti,

          Good news first 🙂
          This is the exact thing I’m covering in the next lesson.

          Not so great news..
          I may take a couple of days to send this to you; because I’ve been travelling extensively this week.

          Thanks for your patience.

          – Mohit

          PS: Congrats on getting 45 YESes from people who are interested in hearing from you.

  17. Hi Mohit, I am looking to build an email list for a venture, and I am very passionate about saving the trees and the environment through it. Please help me learn how to build a user list of around 1000 people who would actually relate to the product. Your valuable suggestion is much needed.

    1. Hi Rishabh,
      You’ll have to share more details about your venture to help me share a specific answer.
      Until then, do following:
      Start by asking (that works the best in early stages) – on these lines:
      Version 1:
      “Do you care for India? Do you care for our Earth?
      I do and I need your help to do our bit.
      I am starting this new project on “……………………….” and need your help.
      I trust you and your advice a great deal. (Or Thank You being my friend)
      Can I send you a weekly email about my project and its progress for your feedback and guidance?
      Thanks in advance.”

      Version 2:
      How you doing?
      I am starting this new project on “……………………….” and need your help.
      I am now building my core advisory group,
      and would love you to be a part of it.
      As part of this group – I’ll send you a weekly email about my project and its progress. And, you will send me your feedback and also help spread the word.
      Sounds like a plan?
      IN LAST LINE — Write something related to their personal life? This will increase responses. Something like – Are you still hitting the Gym dude 🙂 totally unrelated to the project.
      – Rishab”

      Modify based on you relationship w/ the person – make it casual or more/less formal.

      To get 1000 people on your list – you will start with getting -1/10/50 by personal outreach and then take their help to go to 100/200/500 and 1000.

      Most important – we call it a “LIST”. But in a 1000 person list there are 1000 different people. We got to treat the LIST as such. Make it worth their while for each person to be part of your list. Give them value by paying attention to what they want.

      I am excited for your growth, Rishabh.

      – Mohit

      UPDATE: I checked out BillD – you should be selling it as a solution for bill tracking hassles. Less people care about environment, more do about – a hassle free life, clean wallet, and freedom from the fear of missing the bill in case they need it again to claim a warranty etc…

  18. Hi Mohit ,
    I have started a small consulting firm providing consultancy on company law, income tax, FEMA, etc. We have few startups & ecommerce companies, we are working with. Still need to market ourselves to have a stronger client base.
    I want email list to be built to share what services we are providing and to share the info about various laws, changes, requirements, something in a way which can be interesting to read..

    1. Hi Neelam,
      Thanks for sharing.
      That’s a great reason to build your list.
      Valuable information sharing should come first – before you share about your service.
      You will learn this and more in email marketing which is coming up next.
      – Mohit

  19. Hi Mohit,

    How can i build a list if i don’t have website or anything like that?
    I am zero in digital marketing.
    Please help

    1. Hi Preeti,

      Everyone starts at zero.

      I did.

      You can build a list – by deciding on a topic.
      If you already have a business – that’s the topic that you’ll build your list around.

      Once this is clear – use WhatsApp to introduce your project and get people’s permission to join their email to the list.

      Use the script, I have shared in the email to get people on the list.

      You do not need a website – to get people to say YES.
      Start with building the list – emailing them.

      Website can be made later.

      Take the first step by asking people on WhatsApp and get your first subscriber. If you need help even before that – share your message – that you plan to send – here or over email and I’ll help you improve.

      If you get stuck at any point, ask me 🙂

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  20. Hi,
    I want to create email list as it will help me to understand the right customer for my product. And I will get to know who need regular updates for my store. To target right audience will boost your revenue with less promotion cost with high customer satisfaction.

    I will start building the emailer list from today only.

    Thanks Mohit.

  21. Hi Mohit
    Really like they way you tell about things
    I think I want to built a email list because in future I might start my affiliate email marketing company 🙂

    1. Thanks Ekash.
      Good luck with your affiliate effort.
      May be you want to go for this – because you work in ecommerce.
      This is good but be open to other ideas also.

      – Mohit

  22. Hi Mohit

    I would definitely need email list because my prospects would be those who have any interest in property related matter, any thing to do with real estate, not only buyers and sellers but all real estate enthusiast are required to be there on mailing list to make interest area robust for future usage.

    As suggested in the module have already sent two mails with a sobriquet mail id to test if people would be interested in seeking info from an unknown source if it helps their cause.

    I would urge you to help build this list with your personal intervention.


    1. Hi Mrityunjay,
      Congrats on the start.
      I suggest sending emails from your personal email.
      You should get help first from people who know you.
      Also, you’ll get more YESes from your connections on WhatsApp – so you may try that as well.

      – Mohit

  23. Hi mohit,

    I know by this time you have selected the lucky one for your book. Congrats for the winner..
    Here I am writing because I wanted to and now I will talk about why I want to build an list. I m a working professional handling marketing and sales for a startup and by using this technique it will help me to build audience for my company and also your subscribe button is already going to be implemented very soon in our website. Also it will help me not only in this company but wherever I go may be if I start something of my own. I know about list building but we always know too many things but need to have that kick to start implementing in our life’s. Thanks for providing that kick.
    Looking forward for your next lesson. Feels great to become a student again :).


    1. Hi Shikhar,
      No worries about book.
      I am sure you’ll have more opportunities to get that later.

      Thanks for sharing your “Why” for list building.
      Student’s mindset is the best – it helps us keep our minds open.
      When our minds are open – we learn and grow.

      Happy Learning 🙂

      – Mohit

  24. Hi Mohit,

    FYIP.I initiated the process of making an email list on 19 December by sending request to 21 individuals thru whats app…and to my surprise 17 of them said YES to be included in my email list…..revert awaited from 3…& 1 has said NO.
    I think its a decent start…..:)


  25. Hi mohit
    I wanna thank you for providing this helpful information to us and your lessons are real good and knowledgeable.
    I am working on a startup which requires global marketing strategies. So building an email list can be one of the cheapest marketing strategy that can be adopted to attract customers.

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      Appreciate your comment 🙂

      Glad to hear that you’ve found it helpful.

      Yes, email list building is powerful – more so when coupled with right email marketing.

      Wish growth for your startup.

      – Mohit

  26. Hi Mohit, your lessons are wonderful and I am loving them.
    Can’t wait for the next one.

    I think email marketing is a very effective tool for increasing your business, as you said, and I want that – I want to increase my business (everyone wants that actually)
    So that is my reason – I want people to know about the latest deals and promotions going on in my company and avail the services 🙂

    1. Hi Kritika,

      Love your comment 🙂
      Comment like yours give me one more reason to share.

      You are right email marketing is powerful,
      and offers a great opportunity to know your customers and build your business.
      I wish you growth and success.

      The email marketing lesson is coming up next.
      I am sure you’ll get many actionable ideas.
      Stay tuned 🙂

      – Mohit

  27. What if my business is local-area centric or city centric- How do i go about building e mail list?
    What if my target audience does not use e mail or whatsapp, a guess if my target audience are homemakers( agreeing all are internet literates)

    1. Shridhar,
      If you business is local then build an interest list of local people.

      Digital marketing may not serve 100% of the audience still. In case your target audience is not on WhatsApp or email – then you connect through a medium that they understand.

      Are they on Facebook – then create a Facebook group first and then get to email – because a user needs an email account to create FB account.

      We do most of our trainings online. But to create a connect with our audience we also do local face-to-face workshops. You can also do such meetups.

      If nothing works out start sending a fortnightly print newsletter. 4 pages, black and white will be fine. Because all prospects are local it will do fine.

      You can use same basics that I share in this lesson and in future and use it for a different medium.

      I don’t know about product or service – otherwise I could have shared more.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  28. Hi just wanted to thanku for the lovely email sessions. Am definitely hooked to make my audience list and would love to have your personal email ID for the same;)…….don’t worry u won’t get anything from us till next 3 months….waiting to here back from you!

  29. Hi,
    I really liked the content. Only after reading your mails, I got to know that content writing is so powerful. I think its an amazing medium to build customers. I would like to build an email list to impart knowledge and improve myself in the process.

    Waiting for your next mail.


  30. Hi Mohit and team,

    I am late starter. Though I am receiving your emails on regular basis but I could not give attention to them because I was bit occupied for last 15 days. I want to tell you that the way you describe in your lessons is amazing. You won’t believe that I completed both lessons in last 2 days. (you will call me crazy 🙂 ). Now you asked why I want to build my email list. The reason behind this is that I have started a new project in nutrition and wellness and I want to promote that project through digital marketing to achieve my financial goals. I hope it will be a great success.

    Look forward to your next lessons 🙂
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Sanjeev,

      Thanks so much 🙂

      And super awesome that you finished both the lessons in 2 days only – that’s great!

      Check out – you’ll get a lot of ideas to grow your venture.

      – Mohit

  31. Sorry for late comment.
    I want to build an email list because it will help in targeting the prospective audience out of the whole crowd.

  32. Hi Mohit !!

    first of all pls accept appreciation on your startup, I was travelling last week so couldn’t read lesson#2 untill today I found the day considerably free. while I was going thru line by line , I was planning how to start building the list as well.
    before you startup..start building up your email list, indeed we need to build mailing list to:-
    1. build your brand
    2. build your startup
    3. Awareness,
    4. to penetrate to the last person on earth & extract more
    5. to sell your product to more people & to sell more to people.

    reasons are not limited to the the list mentioned above there are many.

    c yaa in next lesson.


  33. I think its not only for your respective business but for yourself because even if i might switch over my business, i would know the taste of my audience which eventually help me serve the other products in a manner that they liked.

    1. You are right, Himanshu.
      You can use a list for different businesses / products if they are related or are in same industry. If they are not related then you will need to start audience building from scratch.

      – Mohit

  34. Hi Mohit,

    I created a whatsapp group.. added few friends, who are mothers and have started sending them relevant materials,links and data and was appreciated for that.
    M i right in list building??

  35. Another amazing and interesting learning experience. My email list building is for a startup which is a website to make people stressfree and converse with them to find their solutions. It is by my friends and completely free. We just want to spread happiness around.

    Also I am not getting the chapters on mail. Please check the error and update my email address if any. Its

    Thank you for your help in taking our endevour to next level.

    1. Thanks Anshul.

      Please check mails from mohit @ (without space in between) – and you’ll find all lessons.

      It may have landed in promotions tab.

      I sent recent lesson on Jan 5th.

      – Mohit

      P.S. If you still can’t see the lesson – let me know.

  36. We have created an app to book any cab from a single app. saves you the hassle of flipping from one app to another trying to find which one is available. Also helps you to figure out the cheapest cab for your destination. The beta version is out.. time to get cracking on building a list!

  37. Maybe I should start with the survey that I had done for the product. There were 50 responses..which means..that I can send out an Email to these 50 and tell them that the product is up! YES.. No?

  38. Hi Mohit I want an email list because I want to start a blog about my avenue of work sales and share my knowledge on the subject

  39. Hi Mohit,
    Thanks for sharing this awesome information which is very important to us.
    List building will help
    1)to increase the productivity, 2)come to know how many peoples r interested in product,
    3)increase traffic on website

    1. Welcome Sumit 🙂

      Thanks for sharing and you are right.

      Wish you growth and hope you build an engaged email list for your product.

      – Mohit

  40. Hi,
    I want to build an e-mail list because –
    I am starting an e-commerce store which is more focussed on international clients and it will be the most economical method for me to start with rather than spending money on FB and google adwords. The venture is in apparels and fashion.
    Can you please suggest me an introductory mail?

    1. Hi Bisman,

      Good thought.

      When comparing an email list and online advertising – we also need to understand that any transaction that comes out of advertising is one time and with an email list you can connect with your prospects and customers multiple times.

      Advertising can be powerful when it results in a sales transaction after you have experimented enough and are sure than $1 spent on advertising results in $2 in revenues.

      As you said, email is the right starting point for new startups who don’t have much money to invest in online advertising.

      About Introductory mail – sure I can suggest. Please give me more idea about customers and what you want to focus on – in your introductory mail and I’ll share.

      – Mohit

  41. Seriously m taking ur all words deeply…
    ur direction towards learning of skill is my current aim…
    Dts y it is important to create email list 😉
    n it is the best way to connect with customers via mail… 🙂

  42. Hi Mohit,
    I was waiting for your mail on Lesson 2, as i got the earlier mail on 10th Jan, I was expecting it by 17th Jan. It is and it will be soo useful on your lessons on Digital marketing. If i wouldn’t have received the mail by today. Definitely i would have bothered you with my request mail tonight.
    Thanks for the Lesson 2.
    Mohit, you are absolutely loving your thought, thats why your lesson are so interesting.Cheers to you.Now, let me get back to my assignments now.
    I would like to build my email list
    1. To build my professional network.
    2. To build contacts and have followers for my blog. I love writing, but i would like to dedicate good time for it and make a second source of income as Warren buffet says” Dont depend on single income, have a secondary source”.
    Great going Mohit, keep rocking. I would be waiting for your next lesson.
    Have a great week ahead.


    1. Hi Vaishakh,
      Thanks so much 🙂

      Glad you got it in time.
      I’ll be sending new updates every Tuesday.

      All good reasons. Go for it!
      And, email me any time.

      I wish good times ahead for you as well 🙂

      – Mohit

  43. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for the insights.

    I have my own blog at and I am a social media marketeer as well.

    I want to build up my email list because I feel this is a way of building your audience is a more solid way. Rather than facebook likes or twitter followers.

    Currently, I am not offering any products. I just need to increase the traffic on my website.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Tejaswi ,

      Welcome 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your blog.
      It’s super awesome to meet a fellow self growth blogger.

      You are right, an email list is more valuable than social media followers.

      I’ll be happy to share ideas for traffic growth.
      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  44. List compels me to make promises to customers; and pressure on me to perform. I excel only under pressure.

  45. Hey Mohit !!
    Thanks alot for the lovely e-mail and giving me the reason to start something from the scratch. Well , to be honest I would like to create an e-mail list but I don’t have the proper product in the mind. To give it a try I messaged some people that I want to start something , so will you help me out and can I add you in my mailing list so that you can get the updates. Well they all said yes. Total 5 of them.

    It’s a great start to do something for yourself rather then doing the same stuff day in and day out.

    Again a big thanks for the e-mail and please continue the good work.

    Looking forward.

    1. Welcome Dhananjay 🙂

      Great start. So glad that you took action.

      Here is an exercise you can do to find your product idea.

      All these How to article that you read – like to make a YouTube video, How to Grow an Instagram account, How to use cold emailing for sales growth – pick one such ideas that you like and turn it into a service. Now, get in touch with all those who you think will be prospective customers for this kind of service.

      This is good for a start and later see – if you can convert your learning into an online course or a 1-on-1 workshop in a physical setting. Also, see if you can convert it into software at some point (may be 1-2 years from when you start the service biz).

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  46. Hi Mohit,

    One of my friend sent this blog link to me, I am feeling very fortunate to receive this content. Even though I have done digital marketing course, but I think digital marketing is such a vast arena that how much ever I learn would not be sufficient. Your blog post is truly amazing, I could not stop myself from reading till the end.
    I am into the business of overseas education and I want to build my email list so that the students can get the exact guide as to which universities they should apply for, which are the courses available and so on.
    Looking forward to more information on email marketing.

    Once again Thanks Pal.

    1. Hi Dharmishtha,

      How awesome is that 🙂
      I am glad you came here and found value.
      Thanks so much!

      I am sure an email list will be very valuable for you.
      The use you have thought for the email list is spot on.

      I have a friend who works in this space.
      He told me that consultants who train students for IELTS exam send maximum students to different colleges and universities because they are offering additional values/bonus. So, those who do more than – just doing their job – get more business.

      You are welcome, Pal 🙂

      – Mohit

      P.S. World is small. You may not recall but you commented couple of years back on – one of the blog posts about starting a business – on my personal blog.

  47. The knowledge you are providing is exceptional and engaging. Seems like digital marketing can really get you money.

    1. Thanks so much, Samragynee 🙂

      Yes – when done right it can help you grow your brand and make money.

      – Mohit

  48. Hi mohit
    You just sent the 3 lecture . When are you sending the next one. We have done course till email marketing.

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      I have sent Intro mail + 2 more lessons.
      For 1st 12 weeks – you’ll get weekly emails every Tuesday.
      You’ll get next lesson (email marketing) on next Tuesday (Jan 26th).

      – Mohit

  49. Thank you again for the nice lessons. I have a small Resume Writing company. I think an email list will really help me to get more customers.

    1. Welcome Arindam 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.
      And, glad to meet you.

      I started an online resume writing startup in 2009.
      There is good potential in the space. Be sure to add LinkedIn Optimization Solutions for your existing and new clients.

      Yes, email list will help you to stay in touch with your prospects and customers – and eventually help you get more business.

      – Mohit

  50. I have never read this big emails before. The email had me captivated, coz I am able to link with the idea it shares. Customer or audience acquisition is what I am working on currently for my fest and its related activities. I have a database of emails to start with, will start NOW and will update you soon about my success story. Thank you very much. Waiting for more content filled lessons 🙂

    1. Welcome Sameer 🙂

      I am glad that you have decided to take action.
      Curious to hear your success story. Do share.

      Email me any time to discuss.

      – Mohit

  51. Hi Mohit,
    I am about to start my small business about selling paintings online.
    I need to connect with people. That’s why i need to build tha list.

  52. Dear Mohit,

    It is delightful to read your lessons! It feels like you are narrating many success stories spun into a compact treasure chest for your readers/ students to explore!!
    My start-up is MyStyle Communications. We help our clients Communicate to their world through us! A one-stop shop for All Content Marketing and Digital Marketing related solutions.
    Your lessons confer confidence, hope and zeal!! Loved the kid dancing…and the subscription idea!!
    I would like to build my email list:
    1. To let the whole wide world know that there is something amazing and different we have to offer.
    2. We are here to help start-ups like ours with minimal investment leading to maximum results!
    3. We are learning and thanks to Mohit…honestly…you have given me that required push to go get it!!

    Bowled by your teaching & writing, loving you lessons, wishing to learn more from you, [:)) your’s sincerely/obediently :)))]

    1. Thanks so much for this super awesome comment, Sujyothi 🙂

      I am happy to know about your startup.

      I was reading this tweet by one of my favorite people – Chase Jarvis. It said “Stamina Wins.” Powerful message. So, keep going 🙂

      I am also bowled over by the appreciation, love and curiosity to learn in your comment 🙂

      – Mohit

  53. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for sharing an insightful post on list building for email marketing. Infact given that yesterday itself I was discussing this with my CTO, the timing was perfect.

    Now, coming to the task at hand. My purpose for building the list for email marketing is an extension of my reply last week. As I shared with you through this course I want to get sustainable leads to grow our business, same goes with email list building.

    I tried using linkedin in-mail which is probably writing pocket sized emails to gain attention from prospective customers. The ROI wasnt too good for me to continue it further. So now, I want to fall back to standard email approach to contact my prospective customers. The challenge which lies ahead is to build a quality email list to engage customers and get business from them. As my customers are mainly in U.S and currently we have all referrals we could from our current customers, I wont be using whatsapp approach which you have mentioned. But would be definitely working on putting box on my website to get users subscribed to updates.

    Hopefully I would have a few subscribers to start with and experiment once I have your mail next week.


    1. Hi Snigdha,

      On LinkedIn, you will do better by re-posting high quality content that you would have already posted on your blog.
      Keep an eye on the lessons on SEO, Blogging and Content Marketing to understand how to do it right.

      Till then, think of a short email sequence that you can use to engage and nurture your email subscribers.
      It can be on ‘smart outsourcing” which is relevant for your prospects and will give them actionable ideas.

      Be sure to take help and leverage the network of those who know you and trust you.

      Email me any time to discuss.

      – Mohit

  54. Hi Mohit and team #MasterClass,

    Just went through the email containing lesson #2. It was amazingly well written and extremely captivating and informative.
    I am into content writing (on a part time basis because now with my job i don’t get that much time) and I am pretty damn impressed with your content and the way in which you deliver it . I was wondering if you could also help me with my content writing thing over and above the amazing lesson you send us every week. I would like to connect with you on a personal basis as well. I have a friend who might certainly benefit from the services you offer.
    All in all a great lesson #2 and an amazing learning experience so far.

    Lastly to answer your question I never thought I need an email list..but after reading your email I think that is the first thing I need to do..reason would be to reach the correct target audience. Reaching the correct target audience I guess is the first step towards cracking a deal..

    God Bless

    1. Hi Ankur,

      Thanks so much 🙂
      Sure I’ll be happy to help. Feel free to write to me.

      Yes, email list building is a good first step.
      Till the time – you build and engage your new list,
      you can continue to reach out to prospects on LinkedIn,
      or be present on sites like and bid for projects there.

      Good luck in all that you do!

      – Mohit

  55. Hello Mohit,

    Like the First Lesson this was also awesome. I should tell you that you have power to keep us hooked up throughout the lesson. Was very keen in learning all this new things . I also would like to take a stand and speak or express myself like you do with such confidence and courage and that is WHY i want to have “Email List” as COMMUNICATION is the next FUTURE and I want myself to get prepared .
    Kudos for your effort !!

    1. Hello Vinayak,

      Thanks so much for this comment 🙂
      and for sharing this interesting reason to build your email list.

      You can write better than I do. Just invest time to improve your craft (writing), care for your reader and you’ll do well.

      Wish you move ahead with confidence, courage and focus.

      – Mohit

  56. Hey Mohit! I hope you are doing well. The talk was amazing and boosted me with a lot of confidence. So here are the answers to the question you asked.
    1. I have a romantic love story rolling out soon and this is my debut novel and war in raging in my stomach because of it. I want it to be a hit because I feel I’ve written it well. I’ve kept a target of 5000 books to be sold in India and another 25000 across the country. I hope it fetches as much readers.
    2. I am a nutrition student too and people nowadays have such lifestyle problems that they aren’t even aware of. I want whatever little knowledge I have to the people around the world, to help them live a better life.
    3. And travelling. I want to go to Mars. I know it sounds really childish and insane but who is a traveller if she isn’t crazy as shit to discover.
    4. In this world of smart working, I’ve tried ways to make people read my wattpad novel- wajd, a lost love story and I hardly have any followers there to read my work.
    With these cues that you gave me, I am going to start implementing it as soon as I am done with my annoying exams. And if you can help me further with some more tips on audience collection… I’ll be really grateful!

    And my milestone to reach is 10,000 subscribers by February 10,2016 because my book should be out by 14. I hope so it does. Publication houses doesn’t treat new authors that well. 😛
    Well yes, that’s pretty much of it.

    Waiting for the email marketing chapter.

    1. Hey Tejaswini,

      Doing great 🙂
      I am happy that it helped.

      Also, thanks for sharing you reasons to build a list.

      I am glad to know about your upcoming novel.
      25,000 is a big number for a debut novel but India is a huge country so why not 🙂 To make it sell well you will have to invest time in selling and marketing it well. I am sure you are ready for that.

      Crazy goals are good.
      I can totally relate to you wish to go to Mars.
      I have many such crazy ideas in my mind at times. And, time to time I act on them.

      I’ll be happy to help you. Feel free to write to me to discuss.

      10,000 subscribers by Feb 10, 2016 looks really steep.
      For these many subscribers you’ll need 5-8 months – even if you do it really fast.
      That’s why seasoned authors who know about platform building suggest to start audience building 2-3 years before you plan to publish your first book.

      I’ll share email marketing next week.

      Wish you a super successful launch of your debut novel 🙂

      – Mohit

  57. Hi Mohit,

    As suggested by you I have taken the first step. Here is my message on Facebook in my Bangalore restaurants owners` group.

    Dear Friends,
    I feel there is a lot of pain & challenge faced by Restaurants in Bangalore in the area of food delivery,delivery charges & very high commissions.
    Considering this I am planning to start food tech delivery company.Need to develop an App & a team of efficient delivery boys with 2 wheeler to help the Restaurants to overcome the problem & help in growth of your business.

    And, I want your help.Need your suggestions & inputs.

    Can I send you updates about my progress and anything new that I create for your feedback?

    If it’s cool – please reply with a YES 🙂


  58. Building an email list is like building your immunity. It stays with you throughout as a loyal customer if attended well. I simply want to create a large database of emails so as to connect with my audience all across the world and immune them towards the danger of mis-parenting. In the bargain I wish to achieve reverence, recognition and richness ( figuratively )

  59. Hi Mohit
    Thanks for this extremely awesome course!! I have a small fashion wear business which I recently started. I have been communicating with my customers through whatsapp and FB page. Honestly I am not a big fan of email communication, but after reading this lesson I feel it’s definitely worth trying in order to build a larger audience for my product. Thanks you so much!!

    1. Hi Pinky,
      Thanks for sharing.
      FB and WhatsApp are good channels for your kind of business.
      Add email to the mix – without changing what you are already and what’s working.
      Feel free to discuss as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  60. Hi Mohit,

    This Lesson #2 about Email Marketing List has really helped me and to your notice, I have already started creating a email-list for my start-up. I have certain queries which i have sent you over an email. Awaiting for a response from your end.

    Waiting to hear from you in the next class with something interesting about Email Marketing… Getting curious to learn more about it 🙂

    Totally glad that I joined the class!!!

    1. Hi Bhanumati,

      I am so glad that you are a part of the class, more so because you are taking action.

      I’ll reply to your email.

      Keep going 🙂

      – Mohit

  61. hey mohit
    I really liked the way you explain and make learning easy. I dont have any start up or any kind of business but i plan to help my sister with her new venture.

    1. Thanks Vamshi 🙂

      Glad you liked it.
      Email me any time as you work on helping your sister in her venture.

      – Mohit

  62. Hi Mohit !
    You know it and Ill repeat it – you and your work is phenomenal.Congratulations on creating something special !

    Before i get to my reasons,Ill put up counter question ,that before sending a message to ask people to join the list,shouldn’t I focus on creating the value first(like you guys did,as mentioned in the mail) and probably then i will be in a better position to serve my contacts better?

    My reasons are much same like everyone else.Both of us know it 😉

    Rishabh Mittal

  63. Hello…
    I want to built my email list because I want to start my own startup and my main target is to capture India’s youth population
    And I know majority of youth have their own smart phone and majority of them are active in their emails
    That’s why my main focus is to increase my email list after this I will target Facebook and other social networking sites
    Thank you manoj keshwani

  64. Hi Mohit, Master Class Associates and my fellow Master Class subscribers,

    First of all I am late to reply. So first things first. I am extremEly sorry. I was busy dousing several fires.

    Why I wan to build an email list?
    We are a Sports & Fitness startup which connects sports enthusiasts with sport buddies, sports facilities and sports and fitness events through our app. We are looking at launching the App towards the end of March, starting with Singapore. We have recently launched our website which is Currently, the website is the teaser to the upcoming App and is a tool to build an email list. Launched, 4 days ago, so far we have 80 subscribers. Not bad, I guess.

    Having said that, I request each and everyone of you to check out the site and if you like what you see then please do subscribe for updates, we won’t disappoint you with our carefully curated content. Also, if you like the idea then do spread the word among your friends and family.

    Thanks a ton! We are really grateful for all the support we have received. The universe has been too kind to us. Touchwood! 🙂

  65. Hello

    One of our team member is improving her skill of social Marketing/ digital marketing through your email course. She has finished two lesson. Our objective is to reach those Consumer-Citizen of India who need our help since there is no help to file FIR, Cyber Crime complaint etc. I have notice her improved ability to run campaign online.

    What she has learned and we have been benefited is, she is now on email building list and in 2 days she has made 200 list from potential customer and about 20% are paid now.

    I read course content and wanted to appreciate (Already done that 🙂 however two suggestion are in line too:

    1. you should allow visitor to comment on top as scrolling down is boring task. I might be wrong.

    2. You have give wonderful premium information about digital marketing however on the subject of email building, we were expecting recommended Plugins or tool where we can organize emails that we collect. from our view getting email and getting it as a subscription is different isn’t it?

    When you said build email list, We assume we make email list in excel and wait for your next lesson how to upload on other tool which we can use to send message to customer. (we use Mailchimps though however it is always great to know from expert like you as you are GURU)

    We with you and your team best luck. We appreciate your intention to do great free help for small business and professional.

  66. Dear Mohit,
    I was not able to respond to the lesson #2. However I have faced this one challenge as mentioned blow:-
    1. I have developed an app for the apparel industry.
    2. This app will help grow the footprints of retailers within the e-commerce space.
    3. It will also be an enabler to drive traffic to their website.
    4. I researched out over 800 retailers to directly connect with them as they are my specific target groups.
    5. I sent them, individually. an introduction and a ppt on the benefits.
    There has not been a single response. Where do you think the communication failed or it failed to elicit the response from even 1% of the retailer.
    What as per you, what is the remedy.

  67. Hi Mohit – It was an awesome read.

    I want to create the list:
    *so that i can stick to 1 thing of my choice. At present i am into multiple things and unfortunately not able to capitalize of any of it.
    *so that i can get to know their views. A counter view which can help me get more insights
    *so that in future i can provide useful stuff to these subscribers, which i have learnt over a period if time. Maybe they can pay a small amount to keep getting personalised stuff as per their reqt once i have a decent subscriber base


    1. Hi Usha,

      The idea to take help from family, friends, old colleagues – is to speed up your list building.
      They may not be your customers or future customers but they can help you introduce to people.
      That’s why I suggest starting with them.
      Facebook works in specific cases. Twitter is not that effective.
      Mail me anytime to discuss – how you want to leverage Facebook – I’ll be happy to guide you.

      Also keep an eye out for the lesson on blogging, you will get ideas about how to leverage it to grow your business and also to build your list.

      – Mohit

  68. Hi Mohit,
    Awesome every lines you teach like a KG Teacher .
    Why i need Email Marketing,
    I need to Build list to reach my product in a digital shape to customer.
    To earn Customers for my business
    To shape the product with customer ideas
    To become Teacher to teach our product to the heart of customer
    To help the society providing Csr activity to educate the poor peoples
    Making the smiles around my circle .
    Ahamed ibrahim.

    1. Hi Ahamed,


      I am happy to hear that you are liking it 🙂

      Solid reasons you have to build your email list.

      Feel free to email me to discuss.

      – Mohit

  69. Hi,
    I have planned to launch a bakery business from home, I do not have a website yet. Since i am doing this alone it feels tough for me, i hope that i will succeed. I want to build a list so that
    1. I can get a defined list of my audience.
    2. Get a medium through which I can inform my audience of the different things I can provide them.
    3. Stay connected with the people interested in my product and receive their feedbacks.
    I have a list of 14 people who want to receive updates from me.

    1. Hi Swetha,

      Good to know about your reasons to build an email list 🙂
      It is okay if you do not have a website.
      Also it is awesome that you already have a list of 14 people who are interested in your updates and hopefully your products. Now you need to work on making this a list of 50, 100 and eventually 1000 people.
      Be sure to keep in touch with those who share their emails with you – by sending regular updates. You’ll learn more on how to do it – in the next update.

      Stay tuned!

      – Mohit

      – Mohit
      P.S. Check out this post I wrote to help a friend who runs a bakery –

  70. Hi
    Kudos! You have done a great job till now. I appreciate the efforts you are putting in to educate one and all about Digital Marketing.
    I am a Photographer and I do have a website but I never really thought of Email List Building until today. Thanks to you.
    I think for me Email List Building can prove out be a wand for me as:
    1) with that I could let my potential customers know about the Service that I am providing and how they can make most of it;
    2) targeting an audience, which shares the same region as me, can help them find a Photographer in their region itself;
    3) through emails, I can provide the Photography enthusiasts a little knowledge about photography(if they allow me to;
    4) I can ask for a feedback and enquire about the changes they would appreciate in my service.
    For now, I can think of only this. And yes, I do have about 5 email- ids of people interested in my service and of my previous customers.

  71. Reason for build an e-mail list
    At this moment, I want to enhance my networking, and who knows;they may become my prospective customers or clients, friends, and might be help me to create a new product etc. in the future

  72. Hi Mohit,

    Thank you for this very insightful lesson.

    I am working on two different projects requiring email lists. One professional and one personal.

    As mentioned in my last week’s assignment, I have finally gotten back to work after a year and half. The organisation I work for is a luxury rewards and privileges program targeted exclusively at HNIs and high spenders around India. Given that it is an exclusive club, getting emails of potential members becomes difficult as we do not do top of the line advertising or mass promotions. Most members come from our luxury brand partners and different associations or clubs.. However many don’t share their address with us.

    So our objective is to be able to get our existing members’ email address and have them subscribe to our newsletter. However how to reach our existing members to collect their email ID’s and also reach potential members is a strategy that needs to be worked on.

    My second project, is a blog. It is called Let’s Talk Cancer and walks the reader through my journey over the past year and a half, but it is targeted towards the support group and laymen to help them understand the strength of cancer warriors. I would like to build a subscriber base for that too. Also, given that I wrote my first blog last week, I have lots to learn and am looking forward to your blogging lesson. 🙂 Here is the link to my blog, would love it if you could read it and share your thoughts on it. 🙂 [and maybe be one of my first few followers too. lol] I will buying a domain and improving my page over the weekend.

    Also, would like to know if last weeks winners were announced? I am hoping to win your book too.

    Thanks again for this learning opportunity.

    1. Hi Sonia,

      I am really happy to read your comment 🙂
      Love how you are learning and planning action.
      I am sure you’ll act on your plan.

      About Your Professional Project:

      You can start with HNIs you already have onboard and get recommendations from them for your email list. You can think of a benefit for those who’ll help you. May be you can give them a reward to both parties – the person who is being introduced and the introducer.

      An even better idea will be to create a community like – – they may not have done everything right – still a good benchmark. You can start small and then grow from there.

      You can get the users to join for free membership and in exchange give something like “A Guide for Living in Style.” which can be a guide + have info about top stylists, shopping concierges and more. To get this going you can have print versions for 1st 100 or 1000 members – and later a digital version. As member you’ll get their emails and can stay in touch about your rewards and offers.

      Even before you start thinking about getting email ids of existing and potential members – invest 1 or 2 full days thinking about the content and benefits you’ll offer them. Involve key team members in this exercise – so that everyone gets excited about this initiative. This will also give you more confidence in outreach because you’ll be sure about the value you plan to provide.

      About Your Personal Project:

      I loved reading your first blog post. Kudos to you. It takes a lot of courage to write something like this. Having lost a close relative recently to the disease I can relate to what you have written to some extent.

      A good idea to build visibility for this effort – will be to partner with organizations and groups who are working in this space and get your work in front of the members of these groups. These are the people who care for this cause and will be the relevant early subscribers. And yes – I’ll be following your journey 🙂

      You can later also invite other survivors / fighters to share their stories on your blog.

      We have decide on the winners and the team will be reaching out to the them. Good news is that you are one of the winners for this week 🙂 Stay tuned for an update.

      – Mohit

  73. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks a ton for the valuable info.
    I want to become a digital marketing consultant in future so want to build an e-mail list for the purpose but I am not sure who can be my audience and how to approach. Can you help me please?

    1. Welcome Bishakha 🙂

      Your audience (a future digital marketing consultant) will be all those who run a profit making business (means that they can pay you) and who feel that digital marketing can help them grow traffic / revenues.

      Approach will be through those you know. Approach them first the way I have shared in the post.
      Then take their help to introduce you to those who may need a digital marketing consultant.
      You will then keep in touch with them and also pitch your services using email marketing.
      I’ll share more about email marketing in the next update.

      Let me know if you need more inputs to get started.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

    1. Thanks so much, Agnel 🙂

      Good website – you may consider moving to your own domain name on Wix or with WordPress.

      Keep going!

      – Mohit

  74. Hello Mohit,

    Today’s lesson is also very interesting.

    I have a dream to open my own business and this will help me to connect with right audience.


    1. Hello Anamika,

      Glad you liked 🙂

      Wish you take action and build a good foundation for your business even before you start.

      – Mohit

  75. Hello mohit,
    Second lesson was good.
    I want to build an email list because I want to connect with thousands of people.

    Ram Brahmam S.

  76. Hi,

    You have an amazing writing style. I was hooked with the lesson till the end.

    I had just one query, since i am a student right now and not thinking of starting my own blog/website/service/channel etc ( that’s because i know i can’t write well :p). Why should i make my email list and if i make one, what sort of people should i target and what would be its benefits because i won’t be getting any revenue out of it?

    1. Hi Parmeet,

      Thanks so much. I am glad that you found it interesting 🙂

      As a student – you are in one of the best phases of your life. No peers to please – not too much to prove and usually less responsibilities. Make use of this time to do more and something different than what others are doing.

      From what I can see you write ok. Good enough to start. You’ll get better as you do more of it (writing).

      Start a blog in coming weeks and send updates to people on your email list.

      May be become a Campus Ambassador for a company like Venturesity and write about your experiences on the blog. Write about how the students like you think and how marketers can connect with them and market to them. Do not think about money for a while – think about doing cool things, having new experiences, learning new ideas and sharing them with others.

      Blake Masters was a law school student not a long time – now he is a best selling author (co-wrote a book with Peter Thiel) – because he took notes when Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) came to deliver a talk – and posted these notes on his blog. Chances are that he has more opportunities that any of his classmates. This is not the entire story but you can explore more if interested.

      Also check out

      These are not the only examples.

      Key is to take action and get started.
      I’m here if you need to discuss more.

      Good luck 🙂

      – Mohit

  77. Building e-mail list is imperative as we get targeted audience under one roof(campaign). We know audience interest and what they are looking for.
    By this we can target our product/service to them.
    Hence conversions can be optimised.

  78. Hi,
    I am Graphic Designer working as freelancer designer & I do give tuitions for graphic designing to the students . Right now i dont have much of students & freelancing work,I want to get more students to whom I can teach graphic designing & want to expand my designing business as well.
    Kindly help me out how should I improve as I love teaching students

    1. Hi Kini,

      Good to know about the work you do.
      About teaching students – there are many ways you can expand.
      You can tie-up with local training institutes who offer training complementary to what you teach.
      Also look at platforms like Udemy and Skillshare and see how people are teaching there. It is not too tough.
      Here is how you can create your first course –
      You can post about your offering in relevant local Facebook groups.

      About expanding your design business – start by offering your services on Upwork, and Guru.
      And also reach out to young startups that you hear about – you will have to approach – who have first round of funding ($100,000 – $250,000 million). Usually they have a lot of do and do not have an in-house designer. You can also reach out to businesses listed on platforms like Indiamart who have turnover more than 5 crores (this is usually listed on the company’s profile) and those who have a paid listing. This means that they are investing money in brand showcasing.

      This should be good to get to get you started.

      Feel free to email me if you get stuck at any point.

      – Mohit

  79. Its very useful lesson for any business development. I have one question
    I have more than 1500 emails in my inbox. They are our old clients and service providers. how can i use them ? Now i am adding new emails in my list who r become my prospective clients.

    1. Thanks Rohini.

      Please do not send any emails to those who are in your inbox without asking first.
      Ask like I’ve shared – and make sure that they want to receive your emails. Doesn’t matter if only 50-100 people says yes.
      To get more people to say yes – send emails after modifying to each person – and update email so that a person sees benefit/s in getting updates from you. Before you can sell – you got to give them value.

      Good luck with your list building efforts.

      Feel free to discuss as you move ahead.

      – Mohit

  80. thank you so much mohit. I am working to launch an e-commerce store and i think through e-mail marketing i can move faster in this business.

    1. Welcome Prakash 🙂

      Good luck with your efforts.
      Yes, email marketing is really useful for those looking to generate and increase revenues for an e-commerce store.

      – Mohit

  81. Hello mohit,
    You are a very good speaker and the way you list up all the things is pretty good and ofcourse your team is also the part of all your perfectly crafted lessons. So thanks to you and your team first.
    Now I have a question. My question is I have a Facebook page and this page is going to be the Base of my startup. I have 250 members who have liked my page so can I consider then as a List of subscribers or not. Audience building is the main aspect of any business because they are the one who changes into your potential clients. To run any business you need clients and the email listing takes you one step forward. I wanted to create the list because I want to sell my product and generate revenue for my start up the simple and crisp reason 🙂

  82. I am really looking forward to building my own platform for online reputation management and also venture into social media to reap its benefits of highest order to help boost tourism in Arunachal. So, this is why I want to build my email list to get in touch with maximum people.

  83. Hi Mohit
    Its so interesting to read your lessons .I am a Fashion Designer and starting my new online clothing and accessories platform.I dont knowwhy,but I feel very shy to talk to people about my new venture on face.This is a great way to let people know about your venture.At the end of this second lesson,I have already added 11 suscribers to my mailing list.
    Thanks Mohit

    YOU ROCK!!!
    Divya Saran

  84. Dear Mohit,

    Thank you for the second lesson and it just gets interesting – can’t wait to get the 3rd one.

    With the right audience building and email marketing I can just nail it for my business. Though with my kind of business Facebook won’t be that much help. However I have built my connections thru LinkedIn and I must say that it has been really helpful. Apart from LinkedIn, word of mouth referrals and calling clients (the particular department) personally has really helped me grow my business. Though I feel this is not enough as I haven’t tried the marketing lessons which is why I am in the digital marketing class.

    Thank you so much for all the efforts you and your team are putting in to educate us thru this Digital Marketing course.

    Many thanks & Best regards,

  85. Hi Mohit,

    Your email classes have been engaging. I must admit they are similar to those of Neil Patel.

    I would like to build my list of subscribers so that they receive updates on content marketing.

    Looks like I can already contact the people who have commented here to join my subscription list.


    By the way, I am also a DJ and had done a course in 2006 🙂
    I have played remixes of saat samundar paar in most of the gigs where I have played. I also like Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Mohra. Do you like it as well?

    I am also a competent toastmaster.

    I am also a digital marketer.

    I also can write and coach…….just like you!

    Winning the book that you have written would only be a stepping stone. Let me know if we can work together 🙂


  86. Mohit again you come up with a great stuff… The way you explained the things is really needs to be appreciated … And the reason for building subscribers for me would be to get more traffic on my website (wheneve i have) and make people aware about my product and services, increase my coustomer base… And many more 🙂

  87. Hello, congrats on another well-written lesson.
    I am looking to build an email list to ensure I am connected to the right individuals, because even if I am not looking for any marketing; staying in touch definitely helps both personally and professionally.
    Proof of the same is that I got in touch with one of my old teachers in school, whom I am meeting tomorrow after years, who will also be a big help for me in the coming days as their school is a good prospect for my work. I somehow feel guilty using my personal connections for work, but its a ruthless world out there. And I never seem to understand which is the best time to stop reminscing and start the business talks haha.
    Thanks again, waiting for the next lesson.

  88. Hi Mohit
    Thanks for the time and effort you are taking to literate us digital marketing step by step.
    Well without knowing the significance of email list, i already have maintained one such email list. after going through lesson#2 my vision of utilising that is list is losing its blurriness. my business being niche and unique, this mailing list will help me in creating awareness about my organization among by target audience. which would eventually lead to growth o my brand fast enough and gain confidence in our vision.

    1. My reason to create an email group-
      _To connect to more and more people and make them aware of my product.
      _ To create that niche of my product in the market.
      _ Stepping towards increased Revenue generation.
      _Brand formation ,as more emailing means more talk of the town and discussion of the new product amongst the masses.
      _Reaching to the target customers with a right approach.
      _Last and not the least saving upon time ,which is most valuable resource of this universe .

  89. Reasons for building a list:

    No. 1 reason is to build awareness about my website and promote my business!
    I want my content to reach as wide an audience as possible, to drive traffic to my website
    I want to engage with my audience, to get feedback so I can keep improving my service offerings

    I currently have a list of about 600 or so subscribers.

  90. I want my subscriber list as:
    1. I want to scale up my business in order to make big money.
    2. I have started up as a freelance, now need to settle and get the things done in a better way.
    3. As a designer I have a small team and need to expand, that happens only when we have good clients.
    4. also, we want to start up with selling few products online, as a part of more revenue generation.

  91. Hi,

    I would need an email list to tell the world my company has arrived.
    More appropriately, tell myself I have arrived as a digital marketer!

  92. Hi,
    I am sorry I am not able to cope with the speed. But I am trying my level best. I have promised myself to complete this course no matter what. I really like the way Mohit shares his experiences to make us understand everything. His way of writing generates innovative ideas in my head (It really did). I want to build an email list to get the traffic on the website for the start-up I am working with. Just one question I wanted to ask. Is it possible to have personal guidance from Mohit whenever I am stuck anywhere?

    1. Hi Kanika,
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      I really like your commitment.
      Yes, you can email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  93. Hi,
    I am writing this comment a bit late as I was busy with my exams for whole past week.
    I want to build the e-mail list beacuse-
    1) It will simply help me to reach my customers. (P.S. I am running a startup.)
    2) Reach out directly to the crowd to share the updates, offers, any new product/feature and take the early feedback from them.
    3) Moreover, this gives me exposure of how to communicate digitally.


  94. Hi Mohit,

    I want to build a list so that I can finally make my dream of a high traffic, heavily advertised on blog.



  95. Hi, I really love the course and hope it will help me in my start up.
    Why I want to build my email list?
    -to increase the sales of my company
    -to make people aware of safe riding on roads
    -to input usage of riding gear among the youth.
    thank You!

  96. Hi Mohit,
    Apologies for such a delay. Actually I was not well for past few weeks and so today started again with the course. Your writing style is really very amazing.
    My reason to have email list is:
    1. I want the brand am working on to reach maximum number of people
    2. To create awareness about the brand am working on
    3. To increase sales
    4. Also to sort out any queries that our prospective customer will have.

    1. Thanks Anita.

      No worries about the delay.
      Good to see you back.

      Thanks for sharing your reasons to build an email list. I am sure an email list when nurtured with content using email marketing will help in all. #4 (to sort out any queries that our prospective customer will have.) is powerful. If you solve prospective customer queries over email – then their chances of buying from you will increase.

      – Mohit

  97. Hi Mohit,
    Amazing session indeed…I like your candid as well apt sharing, it makes the mail/lesson very interesting. I am a writer/blogger and a budding entrepreneur and creating an email list is very crucial for generating blog and website traffic as we are in the business of content creation and experience sharing. For our upcoming brand cum website we have 2 avenues of creating a email list including website update subscription & workshop and event registration.

  98. It’s Never Too Late To Start !, Same Like That It’s Never Too Late To Comment 🙂

    Mohit & Team,

    I have never seen a fab way of learning. I feel like i am experiencing all the levels you have gone through. As from few months, i saw a great up in terms of leads, driving traffic, finalizing deals through E-mail’s only. And getting a real subscriber is really tough part though. I was worried how i will get one ?. I thought i will have to work really hard to drive traffic organically and then using subscriber box to increase the numbers (As it takes time).

    Then i tried on WhatsApp groups and 80% of my friends said YES ! They are ready to read, to listen (Right now i don’t have my website or Product ready), But still i was checking (I don’t know either its good or not ).

    One more positive point i will get through this is only Near & Dear ones can help me in improving more. So it’s good to start with Close Friends.

    Question – Why I want To Build E-mail List ?

    1. This is the easiest way to reach at targeted audience. If i observe my friends and myself, i check 10 to 15 times my emails in a day whether i am going through a busy day.
    2. Convincing Audience & Gaining trust is very important. Better words can help in generating one click one lead easily. (Which i will learn in the next lesson i.e Email Marketing)
    3. From all other positive case studies, More subscribers can attract offline clients. Like we can say to our client who want to promote their product on our website that i have this much amount of subscribers, May be in his/her terms subscribers means a lot. (This is what i feel, Please correct me if i am not on the right path).
    4. Health is my niche where i am planning to work. Strategies are on way. I this busy schedule mostly no one gets time to focus on health. So i want to work on that part of life. If one can bookmark job offers on emails, he/she can also bookmark mine and to read it later.
    5. To save time of Audience as well as mine. I Can approach all in bulk at once.
    Last but ot the least
    6. To Generate leads & To Earn More Money For Me, For Them, For Parents 😀
    This is the most last priority. (Right now i am not even thinking about it)

    These are some my reasons to build email subscribers. May be i can find more reasons later.

    As i said my planning & Strategies on the way but still i am preparing my notes.

    Thanks again team for helping & Pushing us all to learn more about DM 🙂

    P.S – If i said anything wrong

    Cheers Team !

    1. Thanks Rahul.

      Glad to hear that you got your friends to say Yes.
      Even if you do not have a website or product – it makes sense to start thinking about one and build an email sequence around that idea.

      If not that – you can share interesting updates about what you are up to without friends and see if you can give value to them in some way. BrainPickings started with Maria Popova sending an email to 6-7 people. Now it is a million dollar a year or more business.

      Also – good reasons to build your list.
      Related to your #3 – there are businesses like Groupon and AppSumo that are built on the power of having a large list of email subscribers.

      Health is a great niche. If you think of a good idea and execute on it – I am sure people will love to experience / read / consume it.

      Money coming as last point is cool – if you can offer good value upfront without thinking about making money – it will be easy for people to trust you and later they’ll want to give you their money. That said – no harm in sharing about your product with your subscribers – if you think it will give them good value.


      Mohit and MasterClass Team 🙂

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