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Hi there,

Let’s face it. You have been wanting to start your business for a while. You have thought about it and read a bunch of articles. But not much success so far in actually starting your business.

May be you are very young and inexperienced and stuck at the idea stage – you want to start but do not know what to start. May be you know what you want to start but do not know how.

Truth is, you want to but you have not.

That is what Start Your Own Business is about: finding an idea which you can convert into a real business. Getting closer to your dreams and then living them. It’s a course that helps wanna be entrepreneurs become real entrepreneurs. 

This online course will teach you everything you need to know about starting a business – from idea generation, naming and branding, planning, setting up your base, creating your marketing material, finding out who your right customers are and about reaching them. Moreover it will teach you about how to have fun and make money doing it.

When you join this course, you get access to Start Your Own Business eBook with baby steps to help you move ahead, a workbook, periodic accountability email prompts, a manifesto about building businesses focused on value creation, and a value-filled idea list with 100 businesses that you can start and build at less than $500.

Here is what you will get?

As soon as you join,

You will get “Start a Business” guide and work book.

Icon - eBookThis is not something that you will read in a single sitting. You will read it part by part. Taking action on what you read with the help of baby steps given at the end of every chapter. The work book will be there to help you record your progress.

While you are reading and taking action, we will get in touch and know more about your aspirations and world view. To create a custom plan for you to grow your business.

Regular accountability emails

Icon - MailThere will be monthly accountability emails to track your progress.

The course will be spread over 6 months, by which time you will have created a solid foundation to create a sustainable growth business. You will get these accountability prompts

Ideas and support to speed up your growth and save time and money

Icon - Light BulbThe idea is to help you speed up your growth. At the same time you will have the opportunity to cut the loss on your time and money – if you try to do it yourself. Because if you do it yourself – like i did – it may take you years to get it right first time.

Want to learn more? Keep reading….

A Little About the Teacher

Hi, my name is Mohit Pawar and I am an entrepreneur. I wanted to become an entrepreneur even before I knew the meaning of word “entrepreneur”. I have been hustling and building things for nearly a decade. I started my first business project even before that.

Between starting my first business project and starting another business that made profits – and also earlier, I struggled to find right ideas and right support to start a business.

While I was struggling and facing challenges I started noticing that things that seemed difficult were now easier. Things started moving in the direction I wanted. I started finding success.

In only a few years, I built businesses I never thought I will and got recognized for my efforts. Not long back got to work with one of my heros on a book about entrepreneurship.

How did I do it? I found “patterns of success” and made “choices” that work.

These patterns of success and choices are such – if you make those you will succeed in doing things you want and are at the core of starting and building a business that is set for success.

Thanks to this, I was able to live my dream of being an entrepreneur. More important – It also allowed me to work on things I really wanted to.

What could building a successful business do for you?

  • You can live your dream and live a satisfied life.
  • You will be excited to get up every day and work on things that matter for you and your loved ones.
  • You can build a legacy that you and your family can call your own.
  • You can choose the time and hours you want to work.

In this course, I will teach you how to start building a business right way, and how you can apply proven principles in starting and growing your business.

What you will learn

This course comes in six modules, each designed to be 4 weeks long (though you can go on your own pace). At the beginning of each week you will get a brief guide along with a worksheet, teaching you how to start and build your business one by one.

Then you will receive two to three written lessons per week, to help you stay on track. I will also be in touch to see if you are progressing as desired. Here is the detail on modules.

Module 1: Idea generation, doing it for right reason and common pitfalls

In this module, you will learn how to find a worthwhile idea to start your business. You will get to check if you are doing it for right reasons. You will also learn about common pitfalls of a person on the entrepreneurial path.

Module 2: Naming and Branding

In this module, you will learn what to name your business and how to showcase in a right way. You will learn how to craft right message to reach your customers.

Module 3: Defining Market and making a plan to reach the market

In this module, you will learn what your market is – and also the secrets of doing surveys to understand your customers. Based on this you will get to create an outreach plan to take your service or product to the market. This will include use of social media, also list and connection building.

Module 4: Communication, sales and sales for those who do not love sales

In this module, you will learn what to do after you build the foundation. How to earn your first dollar or first hundred rupees as a business. You will learn basics of sales. You will also learn how to use content as your sales person – in case you do not like sales much.

Module 5: Golden rules

This is a special module. In this module, you will learn how being generous with your knowledge and time can help you grow and help you be more happy as a business owner. You will also learn how to use the power of masterminds and accountability partners – to stay on track and get set for long term fulfilling success.

Module 6: Scaling your business

In this module, you will learn to analyze your performance and how to use all that you learned to speed up your growth and be ready to create a sustainable business.

This program is not for everyone.

This is not for you, if

  • You are not willing to take action.
  • You do not want to spend 5 hours a week on your business. [This is minimum and workable also for anyone who is in a job or someone who is studying.] If you spend more time, success will be faster.
  • You are not willing to focus and work on one idea at a time.
  • You do not want to invest $500 (₹ 25,000) in entire 1st year of your business. [No you do not need to pay this amount for this course – the course fee is much less than this. But you need to invest in yourself and your business some amount if you want to create a solid foundation. It depends on the industry how much you need but this is bare minimum.

In any case I do not suggest that you spend more than $5000 (₹ 200,000) even if you have more – to invest in your first business in first year. If you invest too much – you use money for things – that can be done just by being creative.

IMPORTANT: Also this should be your own money. Not borrowed from friends or anyone. I do not want to spread the culture of debt any only want to help those who are investing their own money. If you do not have access to even a small amount mentioned above, then I suggest that you get a job, save a little and come back later. Meanwhile – you can ask me questions via email for FREE.

This is for you, if

  • You REALLY want to start a business
  • You are willing to take action on a consistent basis

And do not be afraid if

  • You do not have an idea
  • You do not know anything about technology (We are there to help you with that)

What next?

Read thoroughly. Go to top and read once again if needed.

Sure, looks like your thing?

Get started on the path to building the business of your dreams by clicking the link below. I takes you to the page where you can answer few basic questions to apply.

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Note: I can’t accommodate everyone who applies because of the personal touch required in the program. If you are keen to build your business, then decide now. Decision making is one of the hallmark of successful people. So if you decide – your training for success will start early – even before you join the program.

A Special opportunity

If you apply and get to join, you will get (In addition to everything mentioned above).

  • Unlimited email access to me, the teacher.
  • The opportunity to ask questions, give input and help shape the course for future classes.
  • Lifetime membership to ALL course materials (even updated material and bonuses)

All set to begin?

Get started with your application by clicking the button below.

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“Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater usefulness of tomorrow. Today is the seed time, now are the hours of work, and tomorrow comes the harvest and the playtime.” 

– W. E. B. Du Bois