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Email Marketing Guide: How to Use Power of Humans Emotions (and some help from Technology) to get Money, Love, Fame and Growth

106363-Im-a-little-embarrassed-gif-An-VwqfI was hungry and embarrassed.

Why? You’ll ask.

Thanks to this friend who had invited me for dinner at a popular restaurant.

It was a long day for me and I travelled in evening traffic to reach this restaurant right across the street from where my friend worked.

When I was about the reach around 8pm – my friend called me that he will be late by about 30 minutes. I said – cool. I waited till 8.50pm and called him to ask where he was – he said 15 more minutes..

When i did not hear from him till 9.15 I called him again – he said he is stuck and will take a little more time. I said – how long? He said – sorry and that he’ll be there by 10pm.

I know we are Bhartiyas and we go by Indian time.. but 2 hour delay for a dinner at a restaurant where it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk and reach – is little too long.

Expecting him not to reach before 10.30pm – I decided to order some food for myself. Food arrived at my table – and I had just taken the first bite when I received a call.

It was my friend.

My embarrassment turned into irritation when he told me that his CEO has called an urgent meeting and he will not be able to make it for our long awaited meeting.

This is the same friend to attend whose marriage I travelled more than 300 kms – we took so many trips together – long drives at night and now he did not have time to join a dinner that he proposed. You can imagine what happened to our friendship after that. I’ll tell you details about that in a bit.

Anyways what’s the point.

Point is that you make your subscribers feel the same – when they subscribe to receive updates from you and you send them nothing.


Don’t be that host (marketer) who does not care enough for the subscribers to share something useful for them.

In email marketing… getting subscribers and not treating them well is the biggest mistake you can make.

It’s a “sin” that I’ve also committed – so do not look at me as if I am some saint. We are all grey 🙂 we all make mistakes. Key is not to continue making it.

It is worse that having no subscribers. (I guess – if you have gone through Audience Building Lesson… you are not suffering from no-subscriber problem.)

Tell me if you have made your first subscriber?

If not – stop reading – go back to the audience building lesson and get your first subscriber.
If you have already got your first subscriber – then stay with me.

There is lot that you’ll learn if you stick to it.

Because email marketing is powerful and this email is value packed ….. it’s also loooong… so grab a glass of water – sit back – take a deep breath and read.

You see when I started thinking about this email – the state of my mind was like the girl below – my head did not explode but it was buzzing because there is so much to share and learn..


After I saved myself from this creative brain explosion – I decided that I’ll share about:

  • some core principles – which can make or break your email marketing
  • what to send when people say yes to your audience building efforts..
  • some dos and don’ts
  • and email marketing for ecommerce store owners – same can be used for SaaS software..

and then there will be some surprises (additional ideas) hidden between these … so you’ll have to read and get benefitted to find out.

First things first.

You add the email ids you collected during audience building phase (last week).

How to do it?

Use this getting started with email marketing guide I created especially for you.

I told you about adding subscribers and also about sending your first email – but I may be getting ahead of myself because I did not tell you what a lot of marketers struggle with.

Before I tell you that – let’s set the context right.

You should know about two type of emails.

Transactional emails:
This is the email Facebook sends you when you get an update or bank sends you complete a transaction.

Marketing emails:
Any email that is sent to promote a product.

Today we are discussing marketing emails.

Now the mistake that rookie (and even seasoned) marketers make (and the challenge they face).

The biggest problem newbie and some old marketers and entrepreneurs face – what to say to new (and old) subscribers.

I am going to solve that problem for you today.

What to tell new subscribers?

Here is what to tell them.

First send a welcome email as soon as a person subscribes. Then start sending educational emails like the ones I am sending you today.

Send several emails like I suggest below so that subscribers can can get value and a bond be created.
After this you can create a pitch (soft sell) for your product. After sending couple more educational emails – you can invite customers to buy with details about the product – this is also known as a “Hard Sell” email.

To make it easy for you, I am sharing a sample flow of emails with some details about each. You can use this to create your own email sequence.

Day 1
Introduction Content (as soon as the person subscribes)
Remind your subscriber who you are and how they got on this list. Then deliver valuable information.

Day 3
Educational message
Just focus on being incredibly useful.

Day 5
Educational message + introduce the product
Keep the message educational, but you can give an early introduction to the product here.

Day 9
Educational message + Soft sell
Keep the message educational, but work in a soft sell for your product—a P.S. at the end can be a good way to casually mention it

Day 14
Educational message
Just focus on being incredibly useful.

Day 20
This email can be a hard pitch for your product. Focus on your product, not on any educational message. A single link should take them to your desired sales page.

Day 24
Educational message
Just focus on being incredibly useful.

Day 29
Educational message + Soft sell
Keep the message educational, but work a sales pitch back in. Remember that the email should still be useful to the reader. You may offer a limited time discount here and use that as a reason to talk about your product.

To get you started I have created this email marketing template – doc that you can use to create your own email campaign.

These emails should ideally be set up as a autoresponder.
[An autoresponder is a series of emails that you can set it up in an email marketing software.]

Email Marketing Software, what?

This is nothing but a system to send emails that helps you track results. How many people opened your emails and how many clicked links etc. Do not worry too much about these at this stage.

You may be thinking …. can’t I use gmail to send your emails?

Yes – you can use gmail – but gmail will not allow you to send more than 500 emails in a day. In case, it notices (through software) that you are sending promotional messages it also may suspend your account.

To save yourself – all the headache – you use an email marketing software.

[If technology scares you or your are busy with other work – like growing your startup or hiring or servicing your freelancing clients go to and hire someone to set up these emails and your new subscribers. I suggest using MailChimp.]

There are many good email marketing softwares available in the market. Here are the a large number of business owners and large brands use across the world.

  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • Get Response
  • iContact
  • Netcore

Netcore is an Indian company which offers services for enterprise customers – I have interacted with them but not used their email marketing product. You may check them for reference.

I have used first four for different projects.
To send you the course emails, I am using ConvertKit which is the new kid on the block.

I also love CampaignMonitor that I (my team actually) uses extensively for one of the projects. I logged into the Campaign Monitor some time back while gathering ideas for this lesson and noted that between Dec 1st and 3rd we sent out 12,32,284 emails across different lists.

Campaign Monitor and MailChimp are robust and can quickly send millions of emails once you have established trust with them. You build trust by sending emails only to those who have given you permission to email them. No credible email marketing software company will allow you to send emails to lists you bought, using their app.

ConvertKit is cool and I am loving it – but I see some bugs there and delivery delay for large lists.

[Bonus Tip:

Getting your work done by taking professional help from others is the best thing you can do. Identify core focus in life / work and let others help you out on everything else.

Before you go to – you can also check out – where every task starts at $5 – and take help to set up your autoresponder email sequence.

I found out these people there who say that they can do autoresponder set up –

Check them out and get started.

You may not get it right first time. Do not stop before you have email sequence set up in next 3-4 days. Use your time wisely.]

MailChimp autoresponder feature (called Automation inside MailChimp) is a paid feature. You can get it for $10 per month.

Once you have this sequence of emails ready you need to focus on getting subscribers (list building) and these emails automatically continue to go out at regular interval. That’s technology working as your assistant round the clock.

Make list building your weekly action item and invest 1 hour or more every week to add people to your list – and then keep on adding them to your list as I have shared in the “Email Marketing Getting Started Guide” above.


Now – ideas for you to get maximum value out of your email marketing efforts.

First some, some frequently asked questions about Email Marketing:

Q: Whether to send well designed emails or the ones like you are sending?

A: Go for plain email with proper formatting – text + images + links – like the ones I am sending you – like the ones you send to your friends.

If you run a lifestyle brand or an ecommerce store or a large SaaS (software as a service) business then it is ok to send a well designed email.

Q: I am looking at getting my emails designed. Can you suggest how to go about it.

A: Start with Fiverr – at the lowest end. Go to Upwork to find more options; or use EmailCraft (they are not cheap). I have used Email Craft extensively in past couple of years and they are good. If you have budgets, go with them.

Through Upwork you can find many Indian freelancers who will do good work – you’ll need to try 2-3 before you get the right one. You should be able to find someone who will do it for you – in 1-4 thousand rupees range.

Q: How often should I email a subscriber?

A: Once a day is the best – given that you have something valuable for the receiver but not everyone should try it. Go for once a week when you are starting.

Q. Do I need a big list (5,000 or 10,000 subscribers) to succeed in my efforts (startup, brand building, professional, freelancing etc)?

A. Having a big list helps but it is not essential. It is more important to have a targeted list – and to serve those on the list well. John Meese, a friend of a friend, launched a new service – offering WordPress theme support – to about 400 subscribers and made $10,000 in a week.

Q. I am launching a new startup soon, will email marketing help me?

A. Yes – it will. In case you do not have a launch list – I’ll suggest delaying your launch by a month and make a launch list.

Have you heard of Harry’s?

It’s an e-commerce shaving startup.

Harry’s launch was powered by an email list. They aimed for 3k-15k email subscribers for their launch during March 2013, They ended up getting 85k subscribers. And, because of this and several other efforts – they gained enough courage, clout and investment to buy a factory in Germany for $100 million during Jan 2014.

In a recent interview (on Dec 17th) the founders credited their success to the kickstart they got from the initial email launch list + positive word of mouth (people telling people).

Here is Harry’s pre-launch page.

Harry's Pre Launch Page

You’ll also recall my friend Cathryn’s example from last lesson where she raised more than $300,000 for her project powered by a 10k subscriber email list.


Mistakes people make in email marketing

Only sending emails when it is about you, your product, your goals – and nothing about your subscribers.
Being scared of showing your personality. There is only one YOU – and you gotta leverage this uniqueness.
Doing nothing to strengthen the relationship with your subscribers.
Only sending sales emails. Selling to the list is perfect. But first connect and learn about your audience and what they want. If your product will help them – then definitely ask for the sale.

Doing email marketing right.

Do not make the mistake of not taking time and energy to build your list. (You are already doing that so you’ve already made a start 🙂 Now give yourself a virtual pat on the back – or pat yourself.. it’s easy .. I just did that —- or ask your mom, wife, brother, sister, husband, any loved one to do it… Try it! You’ll feel good 🙂

Next step is to leverage the list for your growth.

For that you need the right mindset – this mindset is to serve customers and prospects (this includes your email subscribers).

It is ok if you have not done anything on email marketing till now. No worries…. today is a good day to start.

It is ok to fumble. It is ok to not getting up and starting again after you fall. I told you earlier how i took 2.5 years to get 100 subscribers for my blog but that did not stop me from trying again and again until it started working.

A lot of marketers say this:

Money is in the list.

Bull shit.

Truth is – money comes from doing the right things with your list. What are those right things – let’s see.

The power of right mindset in email marketing

If you get this and few other basics right,
everything else will fall in place.

When people send out email campaigns they think that they are delivering a sermon from a hilltop to all Bhaktgans (followers) 🙂

Truth is when you write an email (marketing) message – you (a person) is sharing something of value with a subscriber (another person) – who was kind enough to give you the permission to receive updates from you.

This mindset is necessary to create a bond – the feeling that we are so close – that we can touch each other’s hands.

When I write to you – I write with this feeling and sincerity in my heart – I got goosebumps while writing it – now you tell me (in comments) whether you felt it?

Repeat after me:
“My subscriber is a real person like me.
I am grateful for her attention
I will give her maximum value in my messages,
and i’ll treat her with love, respect and care :)”

[Writing “her” in the above message does not mean that I do not care about thousands of boys and men who are with me on this journey. Hear me out – loud and clear – I love you, respect you and wish well for you too 🙂 I just picked “her” so that I do not jump between Her and His and create confusion for you.]

If your sole focus is about helping these real people = you are on the right track.

You need not be altruistic. After all, you have a business to run, salaries to pay, expenses to be take care. But this should not come before the best interest of your subscribers, and prospects.

If you think your product or service will help them – then do tell them about it. If you do not tell them about it.. you will do a disservice to them.

But if you think your product will not be of any use to them – then ask them not to buy even if they are after your life to buy it.

Let me tell about a discussion that Vidhi, my colleague (you may already know her) and I had yesterday afternoon.

We were discussing about this boy in Mumbai who is keen to join one of our paid programs. Vidhi will be getting back to him – suggesting him to join our free course first – in the next group.

Why because – joining paid program after going through the free course first – will help him get more value than joining paid course directly.

It is like doing an MBA abroad.

Credible international MBA programs rarely allow someone without right work experience to attend. Because you need a foundation ready – to get value from the MBA program.

Usually when someone without any grounding in digital marketing – joins our paid course – they find it too much to absorb and despite (and even after paying a good deal of money – 15k to 89k range) end up not taking interest and not getting any real value. That’s not a happy moment for all of us in the team.

There are some exceptions who even with their tough schedules and no prior understanding hustle enough to learn quickly; but exceptions are exceptions.

Let’s spend some more time on this; because this is so important for your growth trajectory and email marketing is nothing but one “important” channel to help you grow.

Putting your customers first is the right thing to do.

This philosophy or idea was also propagated by super awesome direct response marketer Jay Abraham in 1980s. He called it “The Strategy of Preeminence”.

noun: preeminence
1. the fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

This strategy not only helps in selling and building an uber profitable business – it also helps in relationship with your loved ones, employees and partners.

When you use this strategy,

  • The focus is on the receiver and their best interest.
  • Instead of selling you serve.
  • There are three types of people you serve: your team members, partners, customers.
  • The basis of Preeminence is Empathy (understanding how other side is feeling) – and how they see a situation (what their hopes, needs and dreams are) – when you know this your communication is more effective.
  • A preeminent company (or a preeminent individual) when sending a communication – makes it clear that they believe in your growth and want you to get better results and higher profits.
  • When a preeminent company communicates – it communicate in a way that the customer thinks that their demands are understood and will be met.
  • Don’t give information. Give helpful advice. Because helpful advice is definitive and is converted into helpful action.
  • Connect the dots for people – guide them from one step to another.

When using this strategy in your communication,

Be specific:

  • Here’s what you should do,
  • here’s how you should do it and
  • here’s why you should do it.

In the context of this lesson – I’ll say:

You should totally invest time in doing email marketing right; because it is a really important pillar of digital marketing and one of the key methods that can help grow your business, help you build close bonds with people who need you and who you also need.

In this lesson I am sharing how to do it right; because once you do it right – then you’ll get a lot of value – in form of a bigger audience, better sales and higher profits – and eventually the freedom to do whatever you want to do.

Show them is better than tell them..

Instead of saying how cool you are, say that

  • This is what I do..
  • This is how it has worked for others and let me show you how it works
  • Give people social proof, demos and other stuff so that they can make more decisions on their own.

Email Marketing is the right channel to apply the strategy of pre-eminence.


See – most marketers are scared while sending the sales emails.

If your product can make your customer free from some problem, then you’ll do a disservice to your customers by not offering this product to them.

And strategy of pre-eminence says that you gotta serve your customers.

In a business with a good product – more sales means serving more customers so you should not shy away from that.

(if your product is not good enough then invest some time in improving it.)

How exactly does it work in email marketing then?

  • Send more (value packed emails).
  • Ask for sale more than once because research says that it takes up to 7 contacts for the sale to happen.
  • Send emails that weed out the people who are not right for you. For example, a person who is not keen to take time to grow – is not the right audience for this course. You are right for this course – in fact we are right for each other – because you are reading it .. and I am sure will apply to move forward and I am getting the joy of sharing and pleasure of your attention.

When you do that – you will be happy, your customers will be happy and you’ll have a long lasting relationship.

Also keep in mind, writing a message to 1 person or more is a privilege.. so pay attention. You never know whose life you’ll change for good.


My goal here is to make email marketing easier for you than it was for me.

This guide should allow you to – kickstart (if you are not doing) or fine tune (if you are already doing it) your email marketing and make sure that have one important business building engine working for you on autopilot.

Let’s keep going!

Other important points to keep in mind for your email marketing efforts.

  • Join your own list to see how it looks in your own inbox. You’ll know .. if in a rare case you send an email twice. Then you can quickly type an apology, send it to your list and move forward.
  • Send your email to your own email account to test first – how it looks and to make sure that the formatting is not off and all links work.
  • Have multiple links in your email – with different text – point to the same page on your website. This improves clicks to your website. I will share details about this below – when I talk about multiple CTAs with same URL.
  • Ask for only one thing per email. If you ask for several things – yours results / conversion will go down.
  • Send an email like you’ll send to a friend. An email in causal tone works better – than a formal sounding email. Unless you run an ecommerce store where people expect you to share fancy design with a lot of links to choose from; or a serious consulting biz where people expect you to be business like – do it otherwise be natural. I am sure – even in serious business communication also – you can add some personality.
  • Keep CTA links in a separate line; because a lot of people will open your emails on cell phones and they will find it difficult to click the link if it sandwiched between words.

Kinds of emails that you can send
(Let’s look at it from a different angle than the one above)

Go with the value first approach.

When you deliver value consistently – your subscribers get in the habit of opening your emails – a win-win for both parties.

Offer a Quick Win

The first email you send to your list should offer a quick win.

Think about the audience / list building email that I sent you before this.

There I suggested you to message people on WhatsApp to get your first subscriber. You did that, right? You got your 1st subscriber?

I know your fellow learners in the course who got more than ONE. One of MasterClass trainees in our program called Digital Marketing Intensive got 175 subs in a week and sent out his first email couple of days back. [Taresh: If you are reading it – big applause for your efforts and your hustle 🙂 Keep going.]

You can also offer a free resource. Remember the digital marketing learning roadmap from the first email. It need not be elaborate – something which people can put to use easily.

Don’t over do this otherwise this wouldn’t be a surprise anymore..

Feature a customer or share your story of how you overcame a challenge

Share a story about how you did something and it worked for you – like I shared the MasterClass audience building case study. The story creates the connection and gives your prospect the confidence that she can also do it.

You can also feature a customer who used your product and liked it.. There you can also link to a case study with more details about what worked for this person.

Send survey emails

Ask people about their passions and their challenges.

You can ask questions like,

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What are you most excited about right now?
  • What are you working on?
    If money was not an issue, what would you do with your life?
  • What do you do for fun?

This will give you content and product ideas and how to offer a solution that they are already looking for. You can later use these ideas in your product pitch.

In case of emails for a Software as a Service (SaaS) startup – this will be the first email your subscribers will receive.

You can add any one or two of the above questions – in an email like this:


I am excited to share more with you to help you learn digital marketing (replace digital marketing with your industry / theme)

To help me help you – please share your struggles with me.

What are the challenges or burning questions you have right now?
I’ll include a probable solution or answer in my next email.

– Your Name

You can also ask a multiple choice type of question..

For example – you can tell me in comments.

Whether you are a,

  • Startup founder
  • A professional in sales, (digital) marketing, media
  • A freelancer
  • A professional in another industry (write name of industry)

Once you tell me – I can share more ideas for your particular scenario; and give you more targeted content.

So, you help yourself by helping me 🙂

Send re engagement emails

This is to re engage your subscribers who have not opened past 4-5 emails sent by you (MailChimp allows you to see that) or if you have not sent an email in a while.

Subject options for such emails:

I am missing you
Where have you been
Open this email, in case you want to continue receiving my emails

Those who do not open your emails after these messages also – remove them from your email list.

This becomes more important when your list size increases. For a large list you may end up paying $1000 / month extra for dead weight subscribers who are not interested in what you are saying – so good to remove them.

Now – more angles for your email marketing strategy.

These ideas can be used if you are running an ecommerce store and also in most other scenarios.

Ecommerce+ email marketing strategy:

In case of an ecommerce store the goal is to generate sales for your store.

To do that you can send promo codes, and discount coupons.
This coupon code can be shared at the time of signing up.

Here are some example of popups that you can use as inspiration to come up with your own.




One more:


Once the first sale is made – do not be in a hurry to sell – nurture them well so that it generates more long term sales.

Send cart abandonment emails
You should send these emails to those who add something to cart and then do not buy it. I will share more about cart abandonment and also about a software that can help you do that easily as we move ahead.

Do not send emails from a no-reply address and use company name as sender.
In my emails – I use my name because of our connection. You and I know each other.

In case of an ecommerce store – you want the brand to take front seat.

There, in the from field use company name only – instead of using a person’s name – which is recommended if you run a services business or in most other places where personal connection is lot more important.

Never send email from a no-reply email address – instead send from an address that is regularly monitored. By sending from an active email that you or a team member monitors – you’ll get a lot of feedback (given that you are sending the email to enough people). You can use this feedback to improve your product and processes.


This graph tells where to invest your time – after you finish writing a good email.


Litmus, an email marketing tool, discovered you have only 4 seconds to capture someone’s attention and get them to open and read your email.

Now once you write your subject line see if it captures your attention in 4 seconds or less.

This means, you should spend most of your time on writing a good headline.

Here is how to improve your subject lines or headline.

Ideas to improve subject lines:

  • Avoid sales related words – because words like “free”, “percent off,” or “reminder” trigger these filters.
  • MailChimp research suggests that including a recipient’s city name is even better than using first name – which everyone seems to be doing these days.
  • Using question mark works well, avoid using exclamation marks or subject lines in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. You may use ALL CAPS once in a while to grab attention. Don’t do it often.
  • Be truthful, if you say that sales will end in 24 hours then it should end in 24 hours. You may trick people may once but then they will not do business with you again – because they will lose the trust.
  • You can also use emojis in your subject lines..
  • Alter your subject lines. If you continue with same headlines your open rates will go down. So vary them. Also keep them short.

A glimpse into Barack Obama 2012 presidential election email campaign

Look at the subject lines Barack Obama’s team used during last US presidential election.


Graphic courtesy: NYMag

Barack Obama used emails like never before – for fundraising.

As per a study by Optimizely, a conversion startup – Obama’s team raised $21 per email during the length of the campaign. That’s approximately $210 million in donation (or a little less than a quarter of a billion dollars) for 10 million emails collected.

In the next lesson – on website and landing pages – I am going to go in-depth and share more about how he did it – and how you can do something similar – at a different scale of course 🙂 unless you are planning to run for Prime Minister’s post against Narendra Modi.

Thoughts on email design
Strike a balance – add some media so that it is interesting and stands out and helps convey your message well – but not so much images that it goes to promotions or spam folder.

When to send emails
If you are an ecommerce company then see when your users buy the most – also try sending an email – an hour or two before that time.

Email marketing software for ecommerce stores.

Use Klaviyo for ecommerce email marketing.

(If you are running a service based business then use MailChimp. If you are tech savvy – you can use your own mail server or use Sendgrid or Amazon SES for large volumes. Or else go with MailChimp.)

Why Klaviyo?

Klaviyo integrates with the most popular ecommerce platforms like Magento or Shopify.

It also has a lot of templates that are ready to use – best practice emails such as cart reminders, recommended products and also simple to send abandoned cart emails – which help you get 2 – 3% revenue jump by sending a simple email.

What is cart abandonment?

Take a second and imagine yourself shopping on Flipkart. You added a phone to your shopping cart, you added a cool phone cover and some other stuff. You are about to check out – you pull out your card – start completing the form.. Name, Email Address, Card details and suddenly your boyfriend calls or your boss walks into your cubicle and you close the window. You’ve just abandoned your cart.

There are hundreds of reasons why people abandon online transactions and it happens almost 67% of the time on e-commerce websites according to the Baymard Institute.


Companies like peak design have seen recovery rates of up to 12% on abandoned cart email by sending two emails.

Here is what they send in these two emails:
(Not exact script but to give you an idea)

1st email:
Hey, I noticed you were added stuff to your cart and could not complete your purchase. Is everything alright? Do you need help.

2nd email (30 hours after 1st email):
Hey, we noticed some stuff behind in your shopping cart. Still interested? If yes, we’d like to offer you a discount. Just enter promo code………….. – while checking out and the discount will be automatically applied.

More email subject line ideas

Use proven email subject line formats.

Almost all good subject lines fall in four categories.

  • Curiosity
  • Benefit
  • Urgency
  • Results

Here are some examples where these proven subject line formats are used.

  • Curiosity – 11 list building tactics that grew our list by 400% in 5 months?
  • Benefit – How to write emails that sell
  • Urgency – Going away in 4 hours
  • Results – 459 sales using a simple trick

Use symbols in your subject lines
Unicode symbol in the beginning of subject lines increase your open rates and improve engagement. Do not over do it though.

Add a video screenshot and link it to a landing page.
This improves click through. See example image below.


Use multiple CTAs
If you want you email readers to visit a page you can use multiple CTAs and ask them to visit the page.

Only the text changes and underneath the link remains the same.

3-4 CTAs work the best.

When you do it – try to use following order.

  • Curiosity
  • Direct benefit
  • Scarcity

For example If I want you to visit the web page related to this email.

I will ask you to do it in different places in this email..

Want to read this as a web page? Go here.
(Benefit driven CTA text – you are getting an option to read as a web page)

Curious what happened after my friend ditched me on that dinner – go to this page where I share it with you.
(Curiosity driven CTA text)

2 commenters on today’s lesson will win free consultation with me about their email marketing sequence (worth 90 minutes of my time and at least worth INR 12,000 – much more for the potential results it can get).

I’ll choose the winners tomorrow morning from those who’ll comment by then. Comment below.
(This is driven by Benefit + Urgency.)

In the comment, you will share following:

Do you feel the sincerity and care for you in this email?
Just reply with a “Yes, I feel the sincerity.”
Be truthful – and write “No” if you feel nothing. (I will not hold this against you and will just use it to improve).

Also share.
Whether you are a,

  • Startup founder
  • A professional in sales, (digital) marketing, media
  • A freelancer
  • A professional in another industry (write name of industry)
  • Any other professional – share briefly.

Anything else you want to say – feel free to post there – I want to know more about you and I will be reading every comment.

It’s is for real 🙂 I am going to guide two winners. So comment now.

That’s it for now.

Also thanks for your patience while I took time (at least 20 hours spread across days or may be more – I lost count) to work on this email and send it to you 🙂

I love you for that 🙂

Your Assignment – between now and Monday (Feb 29th, 2016):

  • Write your subject lines for the email sequence.
  • Write 7 emails (100-250 words per email – write more if you are comfortable).
  • Make these personal.
  • Add them to MailChimp (yourself or by getting help from Upwork or Fiverr) and then send your first email.

Don’t focus on perfection. Focus on getting stared. You can improve later.

Done. Boom.

Good bye for now.
– Mohit
A funny at heart – serious looking digital marketer 🙂

P.S. Curious to know what happened to this friend of mine after the dinner meeting fiasco. This time I went to his home, sat with his wife, and rest of the family and played host for one of his colleagues – while he was serving his CEO… 😉

He came back around midnight and smiled at me – said sorry – and we remained FRIENDS FOREVER… because real friends are for keeps.. and bosses are like that.. so you got to understand 🙂

P.P.S. The next lesson is about website and landing page – where I will tell you exactly what changes to make on your website to increase your lead flow by 100, 200 or 300% – how to grow your revenues from website and much more… you don’t want to miss that 🙂 Stay tuned!

51 thoughts on “Email Marketing Guide: How to Use Power of Humans Emotions (and some help from Technology) to get Money, Love, Fame and Growth”

  1. Mohit,

    I am speechless, stunned and surprised.

    I am an entrepreneur in productivity space. BIG YES – I can feel your sincerity and care 😀

    I shall come back for more.

    1. Thanks Nishtha, for posting the first comment.

      It takes courage and initiative. You’ve shown both.

      Looking forward to interact more with you.

      – Mohit

  2. This comment is just to buy 90 mins of your time 🙂
    I am working with snapdeal as a Senior Account manager 🙂

  3. Hello Mohit,

    I am a professional in sales, marketing(Offline & Online) in a Daycare Industry.
    Yes ,I feel the sincerity,empathy & an urge from your side to make us learn the gimmicks of DM in the best & easiest manner 🙂


  4. I am a marketing professional in GIS industry.
    What could be good subject lines for sending email invite for webinar registrations?

    1. Hi Rashmi,

      Thanks for sharing.
      About email invite: You should ideally be sending multiple emails – 3emails is a good number to start.
      1st email: Matter of Fact – (Sub: What will users learn by attending the webinar)
      2nd email – Did your register for webinar on – TOPIC you shared in 1st email
      3rd email – Last chance to register – webinar on TOPIC you shared above.

      Keep the topic limited to 4-6 words (with focus on benefits for user/attendee).

      Feel free to discuss further.

      – Mohit

  5. Hi Mohit

    Do I feel sincerity yes I do the very fact your mail starts with the example of someone needing to wait like we did for your mail… 😉

    Also yes I get goosebumps while reading your mails especially the one before this as I can relate a lot to my situation n scope of improvement.

    I did narrate about my business last week pls let me know if i need to do it again. Your Reply to my entire ‘Ramkahani’ were very helpful so hoping you remember it… :).. or technology might be helping by creating a thread using email id..

    Although you recommend Klaviyo for eCommerce platform I would still like to ask as I don’t have a website yet only a facebook page which will be most user friendly platform and will not have technical bugs.. as I was disappointed in the first week when I did not get my mail.. would not like that to happen to any one waiting to hear from me.

    Another point how to evaluate a good time to send the email and extending that I am part of few face book forums n have my whats app groups .. and for facebook forums have noticed good responses if I publish at particular times cant say the same about whatsapp.. is it my assumption or is it true that time of posts in forums on facebook matters.


    1. Hi Deepti,

      I am glad that you can sense the sincerity 🙂
      Also I remember our discussion from last week.
      Don’t worry about Klaviyo; because you do not need it now.
      Keep going with Facebook as long as it serves you. Side by side keep on building your list and launch your website when you think you are ready. That day may come soon.

      To send the email 11am is a good time. Facebook posting in evening will work fine. Same goes for WhatsApp – around noon on weekends are also good for posting there. Try this and what is already working for you – and go ahead with a time when you see the best engagement.

      Good going 🙂

      – Mohit

  6. HI Mohit,
    Big YES, I feel the sincerity ..
    I can say your approach is helping me a lot in implementing these valuable strategies.


  7. Hi Mohit,

    Yes, I do feel the sincerity and your care in each and every email that you send.

    I am a B Tech and working as a front-end developer and marketing associate with a startup, and wish to get more into the marketing domain.
    Your lessons are helping me a lot.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kritika 🙂

      Glad to know that you are finding value.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  8. Hi Mohit,

    I have been following you since the last three lectures that I had been taking along with you following each and everything that you have said. My email marketing list has now the count of 30 and I still hope that this will work ahead will keep the practice of collecting emails id and building my list. Now I am at the verge of creating of my email marketing campaign.

    Wish this works out for me and I will keep on trying and will ask you as many doubts as possible. Well said that, I am now a fan of your writing style and hopefully can start up my own blog very soon!!!



    1. Hi Bhanumati,

      It’s super awesome.
      30 subscribers is a solid start.

      Sure, it’ll work out.
      Don’t wait for a perfect start.
      Start a blog at and move forward from there. Feel free to discuss.

      Thanks so much for your comment today!

      Keep going 🙂

      – Mohit

  9. Hi Mohit
    Yes, I feel the sincerity in you mail. The content says it all.
    And I’m startup founder with no background of marketing. I really want to learn about digital marketing cos during initial days we would be doing it ourselves due to budget constraints. Though currently I’m just absorbing your emails and plan to launch e-mail marketing before 15 days of launch. I’m going to use all your action points at that time. We plan to go-Live in apr-16 and would be needing your guidance in order to make it a success. Request you to pls suggest in case I can improve something in my planning w.r.t marketing.


    1. Welcome Deepesh 🙂

      And, thanks so much.

      Glad to know that you have planned your action.
      Better if you start sharing useful content with people on your email list, 5-6 weeks before your launch.

      Email me anytime for guidance.

      Good luck for your launch.

      – Mohit

  10. Hi, I came to this link after undergoing the lesson-3 of your digital marketing course. I would give 100% thumbs up to this course. I am a beginner, keen on freelancing, with little to no knowledge of digital marketing with a good interest on email marketing. Currently there is no website of my own. Do I need to set up anything like it to move forward?

    I do have a plan to implement what I learn about email marketing for one of mentors project. At the time of writing this comment, I need to discuss with my mentors with whom I have not been able to interact with for last few days because of ill health. I am afraid that I may not be able to complete the assignment for lesson-3 by 1st Feb’ 2016 and it has to spill over few more weeks, pending the outcomes of the meeting and discussion with my mentors. Hope that is fine-Anirban

    1. Thanks for much, Arindam 🙂

      Glad to know that you are finding value.

      Yes, it will be good if you set up a website or blog.

      No worries, you can finish the assignment as convenient to you.

      – Mohit

  11. Im a SEO professional,a great hats off to you Mr.Mohit, I really feel sincerity in your email,your dedication, commitment towards the subject makes me stunning.

  12. Hi mohit,
    thanks dear for taking an initiative to teach us all on digital marketing in depth.
    I have few questions to ask

    1. how effective should be the subject line ?
    2. if we are sending emailers to customers than which is more important and impressive; professional design or just writeup.
    3. how long should be the emailer in terms of words/para ?
    4. how can we send personalized emailers ?

  13. Dear Mohit,

    Things are good, but I find them not gripping enough yet. I’m a Freelancer, eager to master digital marketing.


  14. Hi mohit,
    thanks dear for taking an initiative to teach us all on digital marketing in depth.
    I have few questions to ask

    1. how effective should be the subject line , how about using symbols and how to add symbols?
    2. if we are sending emailers to customers than which is more important and impressive; professional design or just writeup.
    3. how long should be the emailer in terms of words/para ?
    4. how can we send personalized emailers, dont know if mailchimp support name?

    1. Welcome Aarti 🙂

      Please see reply to your questions below:

      1. how effective should be the subject line , how about using symbols and how to add symbols?

      – To make the subject line effective – you should keep it matter of fact – headline should reflect what is their in the mail – and should not be too clever. You should use no more than 5-7 words. You can use symbols in some of your emails. To add symbol you simply copy the symbol and paste it in your subject line. To get started you can use these symbols – and

      2. if we are sending emailers to customers than which is more important and impressive; professional design or just writeup.

      – Just write up or simple template with logo on top. In case you are working on an e-commerce site or a lifestyle brand you can use more extensive design.

      3. how long should be the emailer in terms of words/para ?
      – 200-300 words is good.

      4. how can we send personalized emailers, don’t know if mailchimp support name?
      MailChimp supports personalization using tags. So if you want to send a messsage that starts with “Dear First Name” then you use Dear FNAME – while setting up the MailChimp template. It works similarly for other email marketing providers.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  15. Thanks Mohit!
    Yes, I do feel the sincerity in every email you send.
    I work as an e-commerce entrepreneur. Will use these insights to improve our email marketing process.

  16. Hi Mohit,

    Yes, I do feel the sincerity in every email shared by you.

    Thanks for the another interesting lesson.It will really help me.

  17. Hello,
    I am very glad to say that I have enrolled in a very useful course which is taught by an amazing instructor. He puts all efforts to teach the granularity of each aspect of the course.
    Yes, I do feel the sincerity in every email shared by you.

  18. Hi Mohit.
    You are doing great job here.

    Secondly I have a doubt. I have a website, blog and a APP named KAKCHO. I am trying to work on some traction for my App and for that I am thinking to concentrate on Email Marketing. But mostly people use their landing page or website to collect emails calling them subscribers. The problem with me is that I cannot waste anymore time first working on the SEO of my website and doing a lot of handwork to collect these email IDs, where as I know a lot of groups on fb where these email IDs are available and I know they are my TG.
    So my question is should I email them without them subscribing on any of my platform?

    1. Thanks Ridhima 🙂

      Create a 1-page checklist (like Check Your Style Quotient) or a free 5 day email course “How to Be Stylish” and get your friends and family members signed up first and give them this email course. In this email course on Day 4 tell people that you offer personal styling services. On Day 5 – tell them more about it and how they can get first personal styling session at a discount.

      Continue to build your subscriber base.

      Do not scrape email ids from Facebook groups.
      That will not give you good results.
      Even better do what you plan – try talking to some people creatively like you have shared in your email and see the results.

      To build subscriber base quickly run giveaways like
      Then – send them the email course that I talked about above, and pitch for your service there. Once this first set of email id is there – ask for referral in return of a 25% discount.

      – Mohit

  19. Hi,

    I manage my wife’s Health Based SaaS website / blog and her social media assets. I have been building up a email list sincerely since last 2 years and have a good genuine 2100 fans on her page. When I email people with content which helps them with better living, better eating and better lifestyle, I do see a spike in good customer loyalty and engaged customer do mention while in-person consultation.

    But when I send a content+soft Sell or a Hard Sell Emails, the response rate goes really really down. How does one survive this? Is there a sure shot way for getting good Click Through?

    1. Hi Mayank,

      There can be several ways to ensure good click-throughs.

      1- Get your subscribers into habit of clicking your emails.
      How do you do that?
      By sharing freebies – like free downloads. Get them to engage with you – by sending emails where they can ask questions about a topic related to the website. Once they engage they’ll fell like they know you and are more likely to open your emails.

      2- While sending soft sell / hard sell emails – do not surprise them.
      Treat these sales emails like an event – and promote them even before you send these emails. Get them excited about by such emails.
      * First share an email about the a problem your customers have (and that your product solves). Do not talk about product still. Agitate this problem by telling a story.
      * Next email, tell them that your product exists to solve this exact problem.
      * Next email – tell share a customer story (or may be share a customer testimonial) how this customer solved her pain by using your product. Also tell them that you are planning a special limited time – subscriber only discount for the product.
      * Next email – share that they can avail this discount during say June 1st – 7th.
      * And then – on June 4th share an email with common customer objections and your reply to these questions + please tell that the subscriber-only special discount is only available till June 7th.
      * On June 7th morning tell about the day being the last day to avail discount and that this discount will not be available till next 3 or 4 months (stick to your word) and if they want to avail the offer then now is the time.

      (Do not worry too much about people unsubscribing. People will unsubscribe when you send them emails. More so when you send them sales emails. That’s fine. Just ensure that you continue to add more subscribers than those who unsubscribe.)

      Let me know how it works for you and if you have any more questions 🙂

      – Mohit

  20. What an awesome post! Thanks for posting the tips! I’ve been struggling a bit with email marketing lately. Cool that you’ve mentioned GetResponse. I grew to appreciate that software for the features it offers.

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