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Digital Marketing – Getting Started

You are awesome.

I’ll tell you why in a bit.

But before that a story.

Around the same time about 4 years ago, I was slated to speak at a TEDx conference in Udaipur. The conference happened. I became friends with my fellow speakers and super awesome people (Jayesh, Jay, Amit and others). We sang, had fun and all came back to our homes.


This is Amit Ray who I have linked above – during our jam session that went past midnight. Next to him on the right side is Anuj Sharma, fashion designer known for his famous “Button Masala’ concept. The guy on the left was part of the organizing team. If you are curious about how I looked in that conference go to my website and see my picture on my speaking page.

I remember that conference for friendship.

I also remember that conference; because a day before the conference – just after I had reached Udaipur – I witnessed the biggest traffic spike – on my small blog ( till that day.

That spike happened because uber cool entrepreneur – Derek Sivers had sent out this tweet to his quarter million followers.

Derek and I had become friends – thanks to the digital world 🙂 – and he and I ended up writing a book(my 1st) together.

I then realized the true power of connections and power of digital.

We (You and I) are connected now.

We are talking to each other across the screen (Yes I know you are reading. My hope and wish is that you feel as if you are listening. And and I also hope that you do the talking – by writing back to me.)

But before that – let’s begin with the course.

–> To read this email as a webpage go here.

You and more than 8000 other professionals are part of this course.

We did not know each other since few days back and now You and I are here.

How did this happen?

Digital marketing made this happen.

The part that connected us – is known as audience building. You’ll learn about audience building in the next lesson 🙂

After audience building, you’ll learn other important skills to build a solid foundation as a digital marketer.

I’ll keep it simple.

Because you can get complex (ideas) at many other places.

That said, I cannot promise to keep it simple all the time; because there will be concepts where you’ll have to exert yourselves and take more time than usual to understand and apply.

And, for those who love jargons and numbers – here are some to start with.

Digital ad spending will soon surpass TV as the biggest advertising category.


(Source: NYTimes, Dec 7, 2015)

By now – you must have read it somewhere. Digital is also eating print.

It’s true as you’ll see below.


But if you are working in Print or TV, you need not be paranoid. More so because you are now learning through this course 🙂

If you are building a startup – times have never been better. Thanks to digital marketing, you can quickly build audience and get traction for your startup’s product or service. And, you can do that in way more efficiently than in older days.

You will learn how to do that step-by-step in this course. So, stay tuned.

If you are working in digital space as an employee – then you have reasons to be happy because there is more growth and there are more opportunities.

You also need to put more efforts to stay afloat and move ahead. Otherwise, people who are more hungry than you will hustle – will take such a course 🙂 and then take more advanced learning and move past you.

So, you have an advantage because you are already here – but to stay here and move ahead you better keep the hat of a newbie, a learner on.

And – will digital eat print or TV?

May be – but not in near future.

Don’t believe in all the hype!

You have heard this before:

Social media is big.

You need to be on social media to be successful.

It’s not true for everyone.

Social media (marketing) does not work for everyone.

Not everyone needs to be on social media – to be successful.

Social media marketing is working for who it is right.

What else is working in digital marketing right now?

– Email Marketing is working.

– Search Engine Optimization is working.

– Search Ads are working.

– Blogging is working.

– Content marketing is working.

– Marketing automation is working.

– Digital events (webinars, podcasts, live chats, video interactions via Blab and Periscope) are working.

All these work – when you know who you are trying to sell to.. (i.e. when you know who your customer is). Once you have that figured out – you start with digital marketing.

What do you do then?

You see where your customers hangout – where they spend their time.

If your (prospective) customers watch a lot of video then you run campaigns on YouTube. If your prospects are like “Us” (You and I) then you focus on talking with them over email (In other words you do email marketing).

Almost everyone searches online (Google mostly) for what they are looking for. So in most industries and products – you run “search or pay per click (PPC) ads” using a product called Google Adwords.

And when people search online – they mostly click on the results on 1st page. Top 3 results on 1st page get more than 60% clicks.


As per a report from the online ad network in 2013, around 33% of searchers clicked on the first organic result in This is followed by 18% clicks on the second result, and 11% on the third result).

You know how search works.. right?

You search for a term (for example – “cool t shirts”). And you see the results page.

I did that and saw what you see in the image below.

Now imagine if people in India search for the search term “Cool T shirts” 10,000 times a day – which is a conservative guess for a country with a population of more than 125 crore people (of these 80 crore+ are in 15-64 years range.)

Then Happily Unmarried which is ranked 1st site will get about 3000 visitors from this search. Imagine this for hundred other terms and you’ll notice that a top ranked website (in Google) can get lakhs or millions or visitors for free every day – many of whom end up buying.

The Jabong site which is ranked 5th – will get about 600 click through this search term (Cool T shirt).

Also look at the revenue angle (which is the ultimate goal).

I did this simple math. If you go to Happily Unmarried site – they sell these Tees for ₹400-800 (mostly for ₹799). Now if the average revenue per T shirt is ₹600 and if a search terms like this gives them 3000 click throughs and 30 sales – then they are getting about ₹18000 daily (and ₹540,000 monthly) revenue from this search term alone. When you add other similar search terms – at least hundreds of them – it adds up nicely.

For these visits – Happily Unmarried or Jabong do not pay any money to Google.

The companies which are using Google Adwords are the ones you see inside the red rectangle. Whenever someone clicks on their link they end up paying Google some money whether that person buys from them or not. That’s why this form of advertising is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Google, by letting you places ad on its search results page, allows users to click through to your online ad and you pay Google on per click basis.

cool t shirts   Google Search.png

Now you know the value – of coming on top in search results.

So, how do you appear in search results in a top rank?

You do that by doing search engine optimization also known as SEO. Which is to optimize your website is such a way that your website comes among top results when someone searches for a term related to your brand.

In the example above, Happily Unmarried is ranked 1st because they are investing time and some money in search engine optimization (SEO); and YepMe and Koovs are showing up there in results because they are paying Google some money every time a visitor clicks on their ads. 1st one is an organic digital marketing activity and 2nd is paid.

SEO is powerful; because you do not need to invest in ads and you get free traffic. Research suggests that this free (organic) traffic is more likely to buy from you – as compared to paid traffic.

To reiterate, when you get users for free to your website, you are getting organic traffic. When you pay money to Google, Facebook or YouTube, LinkedIn or any other platform – then it is known as paid advertising – and resulting traffic is known as paid traffic.

Not every brand owner has money to spare on advertising. So, it’s ok to be scrappy when starting up.

When short on money, it wise to invest more time and energy and less money to grow. Content Marketing allows you to do that. When done right it costs less than traditional online marketing channels and brings more sustainable results.

In content marketing – you educate users through content related to your product.

If your free education is good – users will start trusting you enough and like you enough to buy from you.

Here is how it works:

(Free) Content → Trust + Likeability → Transaction

In a transaction – money exchange hands or bank account.

Transaction is what a business wants – it wants money – it wants profits. And content marketing helps you do that by spending way less money than paid advertising.

Blogging is a key part of your SEO and Content Marketing activities. A blog is nothing but publishing your thoughts on the web. You do that by using a blogging software like WordPress.

In the lesson on blogging, you’ll learn how to do this and more. You will also learn how not to do random blogging but result oriented blogging. Blogging that gets more targeted visitors and more leads. You then use email marketing to convert these leads into customers.

It is easy to be lost is the sea of different digital marketing activities (audience building or email list building, email marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, content marketing, paid digitalmarketing using Google Adwords).

To avoid that – you analyze the result of your digital marketing effort. Is there a tool to analyze that can help you do it? 

Yes, there is. It is Google Analytics – Google’s web analytics software. You’ll learn how to use it to analyse and measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. And, then use these insights to decide which activity to focus more on and what to do less (this means you learn to optimize your digitalmarketing campaigns). You’ll learn all this as we move ahead with the course

Now, you see there is a lot that you can do to grow your brand using digital marketing.

If you are small team or a solo entrepreneur – it can be overwhelming at times. Even if you are part of a large marketing team; there is always more to do. This is where Marketing Automation comes in picture.

Marketing Automation helps automate a lot of these tasks like emailing and tagging visitors to your website as warm leads and hot prospects ready to buy. Full-fledged marketing automation software also allows you to access a single dashboard where you can do blogging, email marketing, content marketing and lead nurturing. You can tell the marketing automation software – what to do when a customer goes from one stage in customer lifecycle to next (like from a website visitor to a lead to a customer and beyond).

So, I have told you about most of the digital marketing activities that an entrepreneur or a digitalmarketing professional undertakes to grow their brand.

As shared, all these activities can be grouped under two categories.

  1. Organic
  2. Paid

Organic – where you (and your team) invest time in non-paid efforts like SEO or blogging skills to bring traffic (i.e. get people to visit) to your website or app.

Paid – where you pay money (to a company like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or media company like Times of India, Conde Nast and others) to run ads and promotions – in order to get traffic.

Most of the digital marketers you’ll meet or people who call themselves digital marketers are focused on 1 or 2 digital marketing channels. They know what a channel does but they are not a proficient user of multiple channels. It is good to specialise but if you are an entrepreneur or if you want to get into leadership roles in digital marketing – you should understand the big picture.

Chances are someone who has a background in PPC (Google Adwords) might tell you that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which Google Adwords is a part of – is the greatest thing after the sliced bread. Same goes for someone with background in SEO or blogging.

A person who has background in organic growth usually prefers it over paid and those with background in paid go for it over organic. Mostly, because this person is comfortable with this channel.

Smart marketers use both paid and organic channels to grow their business.

If you want to make a name for yourself as a digital marketer then aim to be Smart Digital Marketer who understands both paid and organic channels.

Use paid to drive instant results. Use organic to build scalable content assets like writing blog posts which gives you increasingly larger number of leads on an ongoing basis or work on building search rankings for your website.

Other habit of smart (digital) marketers is that they do not try to do everything themselves.

If you aim to be a “Smart Digital Marketeer” then take help wherever you need it. Hire team members who specialize in a particular channel or skill or outsource it to a freelancer on a platform like

What to do if you are starting digital marketing for a new startup or a brand.

Imagine you are about to launch a startup or have already launched it some time back. Or may be your company is launching a new brand a new initiative. And, you are the one responsible for leading digitalmarketing for it as an entrepreneur or as an employee.

What do you do then?

1. You figure out who your customers are.

2. Then imagine (or ask your customers if you already have them) – what questions they have in mind and what search terms they type in Google to find a website like yours.

3. Then you write answers to those questions and post answer to these questions on your website’s blog and optimize your website for these search terms.

4. Before this or side by side – you build an email list of people who are interested in the product you make and the content you write.

5. Once you build an email list – you use email marketing to keep in touch and also to sell your product and services. You do that by sending new blog posts – and also updates about your product (with offers and discounts) to this list.

6. Once you have revenues and you can afford – start paid advertising. Smart entrepreneurs and marketers use paid advertising to grow quickly.

7. Also invest time to experiment with new emerging digital marketing channels – some of which I’ll talk about as we move forward.

8. While you do this use web analytics software to get data inputs and use your understanding of your product and marketing to optimize your campaigns and decide on the next steps.

This brings us to the end of today’s lesson.

And now why I TOTALLY believe that YOU ARE AWESOME.

You are awesome because you took time to read till the end.

Because you have decided to invest in your growth.

And because I believe that you will follow through and stick with it till the end of 12 weeks.

Once you do that I can guarantee you that you will come out richer with better understanding and a good overview of all important digital marketing channels; and you’ll be more confident about your skills.

Before you go – here is the assignment for the week to go with this lesson.

This assignment is in fact a gift and the first real investment you’ll make in yourself.

This gift is the Digital Marketing Learning Roadmap.

Download this roadmap here.

Take a print out.

As you’ll notice, the “Reading Completed” column for 1st week is already ticked – because you have already done it. You are already a winner because got started. Now sit and block time for next 12 weeks (1 x 30 minutes slot for reading and two or three 30 or 45 minutes slots for action – per week).

This week’s action (taking a print out + blocking time slots + pasting it where you can see it everyday) will take 30 minutes or even less.

Complete this week’s assignment by printing out the roadmap and blocking time there.

It’s ok to change it later. But be honest and fill it with an intent to follow through. Change in case of a real situation which can happen to anyone including me – unexpected travel, social commitments, or down time.

Good bye for now 🙂

Send me any questions over email.

Now, I’m sure you remember what that I told you in yesterday’s email – that today I’ll give you a chance to win a copy for my book on digital marketing. This book is still not available in the market unlike my first book.

Click here to comment – and tell us why you have joined this digital marketing course and how you plan to use this learning.

Three commenters will win a copy each (worth ₹1199) shipped for free anywhere in the world. I will select the best comments by tomorrow morning.


It’ll be fascinating to see everyone’s responses! So check the comments and participate.


Mohit – A Curious Digital Marketer

P.S. Stay tuned for the next lesson. It’s on list building. A really important one. It creates the foundation for effective digital marketing. I am going to teach you a secret technique for audience building. You don’t want to miss it 🙂

P.P.S. Remember to comment with your answer:

807 thoughts on “Digital Marketing – Getting Started”

  1. I have joined this program because I’m in planning a startup and I do feel that digital marketing is a main tool by which I can attract audience, so I felt like this a nice program to be a part to develop and implement digital marketing skills.

      1. The prime reason which took me to world of digital marketing is my current job nature.My current job involves traditional marketing where we do B2B marketing which involves much of travelling and patience and the success rate is also less despite of such manual effort.I get a chance to read about Digital Marketing somewhere and how the current era is moving towards the digital world,which given me a spark and that is the time i started searching for a proper course to indulge myself into DM but nothing comes for free and even when am ready to spend i don’t want to take chance after spending so much .
        I planned in such a way to attend any free course or browse through contents and try to understand whats is what then get into a proper course.but it is really confusing “WHAT DM IS ALL ABOUT “ever body is defining the terms in their point of view and am open to thousands of definitions at one time without knowing which order to be followed.

        Nidhi’s flashy words in FB pulled me to enroll the course then did a little research about the company and Mr. Mohit , browse through the contents.Seriously I am completely satisfied and felt secure that am in a right place.

        I am pretty sure folks who are passionate and committed towards this industry can foresee a excellent career growth in future.and I am the one with that passion to learn what it is and how it is definitely will try to get the maximum take away from the session to build a firm on my own.

        Thanks for such a awesome free course!!! And am very happy to be the part of it.

        P.S:Bit lengthy answer and they are the words from heart

        1. Hi Dhivya,
          Words from the heart are the best 🙂
          Nothing can match them.
          Good luck as you move forward.
          Stay in touch and keep discussing.
          Also check out what Jill Konrath writes and
          Use the knowledge there to excel in your current role – while you become proficient in digital marketing.
          Keep moving forward 🙂

          PS: Did you see the update by Nidhi Gupta?
          She is awesome.

      2. Hi Mohit,

        I tried once to get on to the path to be entrepreneur but alas!
        Despite having a brilliant thought or idea in place, i am unable to move on specially due to handicappedness in digital literacy.
        Its never too late am trying to learn from what ever source possible and sure will learn it fast, this is my commitment to my self.
        Would surely need your help on this:-)

        1. Hi Mritunjay,

          Thanks for sharing.
          Wish you success this time in your entrepreneurial pursuits.
          Sure, I am here to help 🙂

          – Mohit

      3. Dear sir,
        I am a marketing professional but due to high modernization of current market, we are unable to reach new customers.All are searching their needs through internet and also getting millions of suggestions through sites. I thought, without digital marketing ,business can run but not reach the target. So,I decided to learn more about digital marketing where I can support the organizational needs and secure my job for future. Nowadays more than 90% of businesses are following digital marketing. I came to Bangalore from Bhubaneswar to do my Dream course MBA after Btech in Odisha. I did my MBA in marketing in 2015 but now I have to upgrade my skills in digital marketing for corporate world where I will get more chance to work with World’s reputed company.After working few years in MNC ,I have decided to help my state Odisha to promote our best products that people don’t know till date to the each and every corner of the world. That’s my aim to be a small entrepreneur in future for my lovely state Odisha and for our lovely people.
        Thank you sir

        1. Dear Gajendra,

          Thanks so much for sharing about your work, aspirations and your reasons to join this digital marketing course.

          Good luck!

          – Mohit

      4. Hi Mohit,

        Thank you so much for having me be a part of this course. I have been working in traditional and digital PR since a few years and with time was growing to be an expert on the digital stream within my organization. That is before I was diagnosed with an illness and had to quit work for treatment.

        I have restarted work again after a year and a half as a Marcom Manager with a focus on digital and social media among other areas. All my confidence was lost upon returning to work as I realized that the digital landscape has evolved so much over the time I was recouping that very few of my previous thoughts apply. I am taking your course to refresh my thinking process and come up to date on the latest that is happening.

        If I would win your book, it would help me professionally and personally with my confidence too. I want to feel like an expert again.

        Really looking forward to the classes and assignments.

        PS: Just a thought, a class on social media would have been interesting too given that is a part of digital media as well.

        1. Welcome onboard Sonia 🙂

          I am glad that you are back at work now.

          Thanks for sharing your reasons to join the course.
          I am sure you’ll get good idea of what is working in digital marketing right now through the course.

          Don’t worry and take my help to become the expert you want. I can guide – you’ll have to take action.

          Not sure about social media. In the current version and timeline it was difficult to include social media. But the learning and updates will not stop after 12 weeks so it should work out then.

          Best wishes!

          – Mohit

      5. First of all would like to thank you Mohit and your entire team for this wonderful initiative. After going through the first lesson I can surely say that this 12 weeks journey is going to be an intersting one, full of learning and ofcourse gearing me up for the future.
        I have a 10 years experience in sales and marketing primarily of IT products and services. Now I am a full time mother for past 3 years (my baby is 3 year old). I am craving to work but won’t prefer going back to full time sales and marketing again atleast for a few years now. As I have always been a sales and marketing person and also very much into social media I thought why not turn it into a career where if I work freelance i can work from home managing my priority (my kid) and my work well and as per my preference.
        This course will help me in confirming few things which I already am aware of and also help me learn new techniques which will help me grow as a digital marketer. Also I believe by the end of the course I will be a more confident person and have more belief in myself that I can also become a successful digital marketer.
        Thanks once again for this wonderful opportunity.

        1. Welcome Bishakha 🙂

          Thanks for sharing about your aspirations and your reasons to join.

          I am sure you’ll get a lot of value. Take time to apply what you learn and email me if you get stuck at any point.

          _ Mohit

      6. I was especially excited to start your course because of the extended information of your trade. I am interested in the course because I want to be a “smart ditgtal martketeer”. This course will open avenues for me in building my brand and assisting other startups. I have taken coursed but yours is the most informative and extensive. I can’t wait for the homeworks! I am a student and this will help me get an edge on this exciting applications that this changing people lives. I want to change someone life and help them find the right product or written material they seek. Thank you so much for this course and I am so grateful. see you in the next lesson.

        1. Welcome Sam 🙂

          Exciting reasons to join.
          I wish you accomplish all of that and more.

          Sure – with this digital marketing course – you’ll move ahead with your mission to become a “smart digital marketeer”. I am here to help if you get stuck at any point.

          Thanks for being a part of this community.

          – Mohit

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Thanks for the 1st session on digital marketing. It was great to know different facts of digital marketing. I started my career with being into YouTube marketing and now getting the hinge of social media aspect. I am also a Google Adwords certified in fundamentals. Well I’ll b specializing myself with display advertising and search advertising and YouTube marketing. I am also about to launch a start up with my brother. This has really helped to know what digital marketing is all about. I am awaiting for the next session.. Kudos!! To your team.

      1. Hi Bhanumati,

        Thanks for sharing.
        I am glad to know what you all you are learning.

        Glad that you are finding value.
        More to come. Stay tuned!

        – Mohit

    2. Hi Mohit,

      I am currently working on an startup . Henceforth , i was looking forward for a course like this to know in and out of Digital Marketing. You mail is like we were talking to each other . I fixed my time 12AM to 2AM for this course everyday after my office for next 12 weeks. You guys helped me a lot with the course offer. Thanks a lot to you and your team.

      1. Hi Saurabh,

        Welcome to the tribe.
        I am really happy to see your commitment for learning, and for the fact that my email resonated with you.

        Email me if you need to discuss something after your 12-2 sessions 🙂

        – Mohit

    3. So, i ended up becoming an entrepreneur or i should say ended up on the path to become an entrepreneur. Working on a tech startup after graduating as a mechanical engineer who had no f idea about coding. But to manage it and to make that possible i learnt coding and other parts of development. We are on the verge of completing Phase 1 and then it is all about how we present it. I keep reading about the stuff and found this course online. And hence i am here to get the best out of this investment of mine.

      1. Welcome Prateek 🙂

        It is interesting to know about your entrepreneurial journey so far.
        A large number successful startup founders grew their ventures without coding – so I am sure you’ll do well.

        I am also glad that you came across this digital marketing course online and we could connect here.

        Email me anytime to discuss as we move forward.

        – Mohit

  2. I am currently working on an startup . Henceforth , i was looking forward for a course like this to know in and out of Digital Marketing. You guys helped me a lot with the course offer. Thanks a lot for your team.

  3. I have been instrumental in launch of various online products and websites including . But inherently there has been a fear to learn DM. I have throughout been an acheiver in my professional life but have always dreaded taking the first step towards conquering DM. Came through numerous adverts for online and offline courses but wasn’t convinced. When Vidhi reached out there was a conviction in the said and unsaid words. I look forward to this course to stay abreast with the future of marketing i.e. online and ensuring I come out of my slumber and avert being obsolete.

    Will also ensure once I am confident I also motivate others to join the futuristic bandwagon.

    This course isn’t only about a professional accredition but rather overcoming a personal hindrance.

    1. Akant,
      Awesome comment 🙂

      I know how you feel – I can totally relate to it.
      And, love your reason 🙂
      To go out of slumber is a great reason.

      I am sure this course will help you do that and more.
      I am there to help you out – every step of the way.
      Stay on track and keep on discussing.
      Keep shining bright 🙂

      – Mohit (I’ll pass it on Vidhi. She’ll be really happy to know it).

    2. I am terrible at the internet , born in the wrong age ! 🙂 technology is not a hot favorite with me to say the least ..have spent 18 years marketing educational material for children ..90% print- telling parents to keep them off technology or at least a balance as much as possible ..
      started my own venture ..about a year n half ago & realised the importance of knowing more of this area to build it up, (specially as a small time start up which doesn’t have the financial resources for TV ads, newspapers ads, banners etc etc to build it up)..looking for a basic understanding of what different media is & how it can help me ( i am not even familiar with & glad to see you spelling out ..simple things like SEO, content marketing etc !! :)) & also small doable tips initially which can build my brand & increase my sales .. grateful to masterclass (prerna) for giving me this opportunity to be able to do the same ..thanks mohit for an understandable first lesson ..:)

      1. Awesome Sanchita 🙂

        Also, thanks for sharing your reasons to join. It is interesting how you now ready to understand and embrace digital marketing. I am sure you’ll get a lot of ideas to apply in your startup. There are a large number of startups who have become successful without TV or newspaper ads or billboard. So, there is no reason why you can’t do it.

        Be sure to apply what you learn and you’ll see the results in due course of time.

        – Mohit

  4. I’m a content writer and have worked closely with SEO professionals. I’m aware of the term digital marketing. I came across this course on Facebook and was keen on increasing my knowledge on the aforementioned field. I’m currently out of a job and looking to start again. I’m of the opinion that this course will help me better my understanding of digital marketing and therefore help me kickstart again. Thanks!

    1. Hi Deepti,
      Thanks for sharing:)
      I am sure this course will help you do that.
      Take my help wherever you get stuck.

      – Mohit

  5. Hello Mohit,

    Great article, was just waiting for it to come out. I have a question for you.

    I’m a co founder of leather accessory brand named Twach. We are just a start up with 2 years stint into the business. Speaking of SEO, what can a start up like us should do to make sure we get listed amongst top 3 on the rankings in the likes of giants flipkart/jabong/snapdeal. We do not have deep pocket to hire a person to do it dedicatedly and neither we are expert on it. Talking of key words, the most key words would have been used by the rivals as well. What is that one different thing we could do to get the optimised results.


    1. Hi Ganesh,
      It was nice talking with your over email the other day and good to know you 🙂
      I checked out Twach – guess the backend is powered by Infibeam?
      Short answer – go after less competitive keywords (but not long tail). Build awesome content around those keywords and promote it like crazy. Don’t worry about the biggies.
      Following everything in the lessons that are coming ahead and implement what you learn there.
      In the lesson on SEO – I’ll share ideas and counter intuitive insights that will be of great use to you; and you can implement them yourself with little help.

      – Mohit

      1. that was a nice explanation …
        want to know more.. because its getting little more interesting.. cheers..:)

  6. I joined it because:
    a) it’s free
    b) I seriously want to learn.
    I have just had my own startup and I want to make sure that I am actively involved with the execution.


    1. Solid reasons, Akansha 🙂
      I am really happy to have you along.
      And, I am sure you’ll find ideas to implement and grow your startup.
      Advelestica – interesting name..
      What’s the meaning / origin?


    1. Wow! Atul you’ve made my day.
      Long Live – You and everyone who makes you happy , including AnushVeda.

      – Mohit

      1. In real terms I have joined this class because I have a taste of master class already from before and I know it is like an Elixir. You (Mohit) got a kickass like me started off online. Two months down the line my product has started selling online (an INR 760 product in the alternative therapy health line) which is high end.
        This class will help me broaden up action platforms and re focus to chalk out next step.
        P.S. To my fellow course mates-There are no free lunches in this world and dont look for them too !

        1. Thanks Atul 🙂

          AnushVeda will scale even bigger peaks.
          The party has just started.

          Let’s work towards it.

          – Mohit

  7. I am Sumedh, recently completed my BE ( Industrial engineering and management ) as I am looking for a job in stats ups most of the word used like SEO which I am not able to understand but ” I HAVE A ROUGH IDEA ABOUT WHAT DIGITAL MARKETING IS ”

    *Job opportunities is more with high salary paid
    * If I want to start my own company it will help me to promotion of my company AND I WILL ABLE TO SAVE BECAUSE I WILL DO IT BY MYSELF ”

    As i have a keen interest in Data analytics , R studio , SAS . it will be easy for me to project myself in this competitive environment .

    Digital marketing help data analytics .
    Data analytics tells us how to play with data and take strong unbiased decision , and after taking decision on the data ” DIGITAL MARKETING HELPS TO PROMOTE THE DECISION ABOUT UNBIASED DATA ”


    1. Hey Sumedh,
      Thanks for sharing.
      One thought – give 6 months to 1 year to one interest; become reasonably proficient in it and then see what you want to do next.
      Take care 🙂

      – Mohit

  8. This course is very insightful and meaningful for a person like me as I have a finance background and learnings here will help me understand the digital marketing much better.

    1. Thanks Vikram 🙂
      Sure it’ll do that.
      I am there with you every step of the way.

      – Mohit

  9. I’m interested in this course as I’m planning to start-up in the e-commerce domain and till now I’m a solopreneur so knowledge of digital marketing is key

  10. Hello Mohit and the team, I stumbled upon your program really on a great time since I was looking for some good digital marketing courses.
    I am a website developer since last 4 years and recently was interested to deeply learn all about Search Engine Optimization but as I found out that SEO is just a drop of water in an ocean of digital marketing. This facsinated me enought to put on my newbie cap and set on a course to get enlightened about digital marketing.
    And a very much thanks to you guys, I think if I dedicate time to learn you would surely make me an expert.
    I am a believer of a practice while you learn. So I am planning to implement everything I learn here on my startup which I was planning to launch next year, which was based on(sorry could not share the idea here due to copyright issues 😉 but would surely love to discuss it with you guyz and do some brainstorming). You can count me in as an active participater in this program for sure.

    Would be waiting eagerly for your next email.
    P.S – Would be waiting eagerly for the book too;)
    I would really be happy to get this copy of your book, coz if you can teach so well over email, I am sure I can touch the zenith of digital marketing after reading your

    Regards and thanks,
    Dinesh Kumar Agarwal

    1. Hi Dinesh,
      Thanks for the super detailed comment and kind words 🙂
      I am sure the course will help with your startup.

      Not sure about being an expert – that may take a little longer.
      This course will give you a solid foundation – over which you can create the castles of your dreams.

      I wish your comment is among the top three. So that I can send the book your way.
      Do hit me over email – and we’ll discuss.

      – Mohit

  11. Hi there!

    I am a freelance content writer. I am the one smart digital marketers hire through channels like Upwork 🙂
    My motivation behind taking up the course is clear. I am keen on moving up the value chain and building affiliate sites to generate a pipeline income stream with the help of digital marketing tools.

    I am super duper excited about this course and I’m sure its going to be a fab learning and enriching experience!


    1. Hi Kanika,
      Your WHY is clear.
      So everything will fall in place.

      Love this!
      “I am the one smart digital marketers hire through channels like Upwork.”
      Superb 🙂

      Great vision and path.
      Once you go through first 7 lessons – discuss with me about affiliate sites.
      I’ll be happy to share ideas.

      – Mohit

  12. I have tried to learn DM online before but I could never find something as simple and lucid that you are providing on mail. It’s awesome man, go on, all my best wishes.

  13. You are awesome too….the way you wrote your first lesson is like, I felt that you are talking with me directly…..not the usual way of writing a blog for information.

  14. Hey I am an active investor in the startup space in India. Most of my investee companies tell me that they need to invest tons of monies into Digital Marketing.
    Digital Marketing is the fastest way to build traction etc. I want to learn more about marketing online so I can cut through the jargon and intelligently contribute towards the marketing strategies of my investee companies.

    1. Awesome Nirav 🙂
      And nice visuals on Roll Mafia website.
      Sure – you’ll get ideas to guide your investee companies on digital.
      More power to you.

      PS: Check out – Traction by Gabriel Weinberg – if you haven’t read it already. From the guy who built DuckDuckGo.

  15. Hey!
    Joined it cuz i
    Had heard about you and
    Wanna say that ‘you are awesome’!
    Am an undergrad student from a
    Top college, with a greatest
    enthusiasm for startups.i
    Would use this course to
    Develop my
    Own skills n
    Utilise in my
    Own startup-launching soon 🙂
    being a student , i
    Will share the course and knowledge to
    My fellow mates and looking to
    Inspire them !:)
    so, yeah, lets startup and target to remove unemployment from the country ! Good luck all

    1. Thanks Faezaan 🙂

      I really appreciate it.
      And well said – let’s hustle and grow!


  16. Hi Mohit sir and team ,
    I am an engineering student was looking to learn digital marketing for my web development, android development and 3d designing, and this is exactly what I was looking for , as i am totally new to the concept, was hitting hard to get the stuff at an ease which wasn’t happening but through this course i am preety sure i will have a better understanding of the concepts.
    The way you are explaining things is marvelous and yes i am truely greatful towards your efforts and keep up the good work ✌

  17. hi mohit,
    I believe Marketing is a CONTEST for peoples attention and that a business has only 2 main fuctions- Innovation and Marketing.

    As a founder of a startup, Im doing well with innovation and now need to learn the nuances of marketing.

    Thanx for todays insights. Looking forward to my next lesson!

    1. You are right, Alan.
      And, my pleasure 🙂
      Long live – Innovation + Marketing – good combo!


  18. Hi Mohit
    Delighted to have joined your email course and it’s a fantastic idea to learn digital marketing
    You should be awarded for giving away knowledge and skills at no cost and bringing joy and happiness around you
    You are a very talented and gifted person whose every word has a meaning and I wish you the best
    I have attended your two day workshop and look forward to the next intensive workshop
    I am attending your webinar series and am happy to learn weekly sessions again
    You have introduced me to a world which is always thought to be for the techi guys and everyone fears it ! But you have made it simplified and simple for the common man
    You further assistance in replying to my email series brings more confidence and the tools and websites you recommend are very useful
    As a financial planner, having the right qualification and experience, I hated cold calling or even calling or going out to meet prospective clients and am looking forward to clients coming to my website, going thru what I do and confirming there and then that they want to meet me, fix an appointment and jut come over or if overseas then Skype meeting, can this dream of mine of getting a toucan such fee paying clients be achieved ? I am ready to do anything today to get to this goal!
    I have referred you to my friends and look forward to supporting you in all your future Endevours
    All the best,

    1. Hi Taresh,
      Thanks for this heartfelt and loving comment.
      Your words and your support means the world to me 🙂
      I am sure AdvantageFP will reach newer heights as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  19. I am a newbie trying to get hold of ‘Digital’. Complex as it seems from the outside, I am fairly convinced of the learning over the next 12 weeks. Thank you for reaching out to all of us. It is a great help!


    1. Thanks for your trust Sanjay 🙂
      Everyone starts as a newbie. I did.
      You’ll do great.
      Please keep discussing with me as we move ahead.

      – Mohit

      1. Have joined your course because we have a start up on T Shirts (was happy to read your example:) on cool t shirts) and we want to use digital marketing as a platform to boost MADE IN INDIA concept of PM Narendra Modi, as it enticed us to launch our own brand and make it not only affordable but better than any brand in the said cost. We would definitely want INDIA to be the best in manufacturing of Cotton products…..:)


        1. Nice idea and vision Rakhi 🙂
          What a coincidence that I wrote about T shirts and you are building a startup in this space.
          You’d be surprised to know that in my “wantapreneur” days – a friend and I wanted to start a T shirts biz.
          Amazing life, amazing minds.
          Wish you greatness 🙂

          PS: I am sure you know about TeeSpring.

  20. Hi Mohit,

    why Have i joined your course – convenience of learning! . You have managed to nail the core issue of working professionals who have been approached by numerous institutes to come, join and start the online courses via webinars or physical classes. To be frank – hell no time. Though was wanting to learn all about digital marketing but then its been over a year i took any action. how , when & where. …too much planning and time management that too when you have full time job and full time family 🙂
    look at you – you peek into our inbox, share lessons, 90% work done by you ,you even made the calendar (streamlined) and marked and here i am enjoying every bit of it , curious to get on with the next lesson (CONVENIENCE). A big bear hug to you and a big thank you.

    1. Wow Sapna 🙂
      So happy that your learning has kickstarted now.
      Wish you more leisure hours and great learning.
      Keep discussing as we move forward, and tell me how I can make it an even better experience for you.
      Big Hug to You too 🙂


  21. Yeah – not to forget , i have more than 8 years of digital sales experience and currently looking after the BD of Optimise Media Group (Affiliate Marketing). Would like to use these skills to enhance my carrier prospects and provide greater solutions to my clients across all levels in digital marketing with out any glitches 🙂

  22. A Marketing professional with no experience in digital marketing is out conceptualizing an e-commerce start up of his own (hobby turned to bread and butter). There was no better timing for Vichitra to spread the word about this course as there were lot of answers I was looking for in world of Digital Marketing. The first session gives me the sense of all the queries being handled perfectly. Looking forward to more Great Learning days !!

  23. Dear Mohit thanks you so much for being a mentor to me and many more like me. My reason for joining this course is very simple its my quench of knowledge that has driven me to read every word of your article. I am a management post graduate and been in the market for last eight years and after this journey i have realized where i am and where i want to be. In today world i find just an MBA degree is not enough as the market is in a transition phase from real world to cyber space and i totally believe this is my ladder to success. The very first email lecture has made it clerk that i have chosen the right option. All the very best Mohit and highly thankful to you for being a mentor in my journey to success.

  24. I joined your platform because I want to start a not-for-profit 24*7 STRESS MANAGEMENT platform that helps people from various walks of life (students, working professionals, parents etc.) . Since the medium will operate through facebook, it is important to grasp the concepts you are teaching .

    Plus you re AWESOME for doing this 🙂
    Indebted for ever 🙂

    1. Fawaz, I am so glad that people like you are still existent. Really really happy to see someone doing this for the society.
      Thanks a ton. Be great. 🙂

      Please share your email-ID. Mine is

    2. Thanks Fawaz 🙂
      You – Awesome + I – Awesome.
      Awesome + Awesome = MAGIC out of this world 🙂

      Check out
      Facebook (social) will not be covered as part of the course.
      Anyways, feel free to email me and discuss once you are ready to launch.


  25. First of all, YOU are AWESOME for this plan to teach DM through emails to many budding marketing managers and entrepreneurs. I came across this course on facebook and I have subscribed immediately. Frankly, your email showed me digital marketing in practise. The techniques you are using to promote this course itself is teaching DM for us. I am an entrepreneur and I write positive news articles for my website . I am struggling to promote it due to lack of DM knowledge. Although I subscribed, I didn’t believe that DM through emails will work. But after reading first email, I felt that it will work for sure. Will be waiting for your second email !

    1. Prudhvi, I have shared your link on FB. I loved the concept and your site.
      Let’s keep on feeding good and positive thoughts to people so that they become more optimistic about the change to make this world a better place to live.
      … ‘have you heard about the wolf story..

    2. Thanks for your trust, Prudhvi 🙂
      Please read, take notes, take action and discuss and you’ll do fine.

      Monetize soon.
      Don’t really on ads for revenue.
      Remove adsense – as soon as you are ready.
      See how Lori at or ZenHabits have grown and now earn revenue – adapt to your preferences and strengths and move forward.

      Be good 🙂
      Glad to have you here.


  26. I am a part of this course to equip myself with skills on digital marketing so that I could reach to next level of my career path. Though I am already on track of what I have planned so far…!! And I am too confident the Journey will be swift for the next ladder with this program… Mohit.. U rock!!

    1. Awesome Aarti 🙂 thanks!
      Really happy to see your confidence and clarity.
      Shine On!


  27. Hello Sir, I am a way too inspired by your thoughts and teaching skills.Being a first year PG student, lessons on digital marketing will be beneficial to shape up my future as it will help me create meaningful resources and initiatives.The first lesson itself had a lot to teach.Looking forward towards the next lesson. Warm Regards Vasudha

  28. Here is why I joined this course and want to learn it:
    1) Biggest growing markets on the planet (India, China) are now opting for online mediums rather than offline ones. The internet penetration growth is phenomenal and there is way more to come.
    2) I want to keep up with what is most effective and will help me grow my startup. I seriously want to learn this.
    3) I believe that this course will enhance my capabilities as an entrepreneur.

    I am glad that we are doing this through ‘reading’, it is the best way. I can go through this again and again and can share and discuss this with my stakeholders.
    Looking forward to go for Advanced Program as well if I find this one helpful. Not skeptic, I can already see that you are good.

    Thanks to the team for doing this and best of luck! 🙂

    1. Anurag,
      Thanks for this super awesome comment,
      and your vote of trust 🙂
      Glad you found value.

      At times, by replying to a question that someone else asked – we find clarity, new answers and new pathways.
      Writing is a powerful exercise for an entrepreneur.
      I wish you write often.
      Hope you know about – Jeff Bezos and his 6-page memos.

      -Mohit (and MasterClass team)
      We Love You 🙂

  29. First of all thanks for coming up with the course online…
    The reason I joined is to be updated with the digital marketing world and find by target customer online.

    1. Thanks a ton, Jeet 🙂

      “No words to describe. Just awesome.” – These are the best words.


  30. Hi Mohit,

    First of all thanks for the new journey of digital marketing along with you. I am working on my new start-up and digital marketing will definitely help me to understand the Promotion plan in advance for the same. Basis on this I can prepare a business case to know how much money/team and what are the target audience for my product.

    Thanks again.

  31. I am Blessed to work with a company Amar Ujala that is investing in its employees and wants them to grow. I joined the course because digital marketing is the future and as I am already into space selling (print media) it will help me grow as a professional. Secondly not to forget to mention the course requires only some time and effort and no money.

    1. Great.
      Thanks to your company, we could meet.
      Happy about it.
      Wish you grow faster than you expect.
      Happy learning 🙂


  32. hey, I truly do not have any idea, why I joined this course. But now after reading rather listening to today’s lesson, It gave an idea and enthusiasm to work for a start-up.. Thanks to you…

    1. Thanks to You, Shreya 🙂
      for writing this honest reply.

      This tells me and my teammates that we are on right track.


  33. Hello Mohit,
    Thanks for the first day’s lesson.
    It was precise & concise. Provided content was captivating and easily made me to complete it in one go.
    What made me to join this DM course is my dream of being “Aspiring Digital Marketeer”. I have worked with digital marketing agency as a social media executive and that’s the reason I am quite familiar with DM terminologies. But now I actually want to explore all of these terminologies individually with your valuable lesson and assignments.
    I am pretty sure that this 3months of my life are going to be awesome and enlighten my Digital Marketing knowledge completely.
    Finally, I, Monika Verma commit to complete my Digital Marketing Learning program 🙂

    1. Hi Monika,
      My pleasure.
      Glad to see you “commit” here to your own success.
      You are brave.
      You’ll do well.

      Keep discussing over email as we move forward.


  34. Hi ,

    Its so wonderful to be a part of this initiative , i work with a television channel and always wanted to learn more of this medium but never had the opportunity and time to do so.. Really thankful to the entire team for this drive as it offers flexibility to learn DM as an when we have time.

    All the Best !

  35. Hello Mohit,

    My motive to join this course is to grow my family business and promote the same on a digital platform. The best part about this course is that there is no time constraint, which makes it more compelling.
    I would love to learn as much as possible from the course as the start was great and interesting which brought more energy and zeal to learn. I hope to accomplish this mission with you.
    Thank you very much for mentoring us and helping us out by providing this amazing platform to learn.

    1. Hello Akshay,

      Glad you found value in the course and the format.
      Also, I’m glad to be sharing this with you.

      Your reason is solid.
      Take the growth of your family biz (using digital marketing) as a 1-year project.
      Keep first 3 months to build a good digital marketing foundation and next 9 months for scaling.

      Gary Vaynerchuk increased his family’s wine business from $3 million to $50 million (16 times) in about 7 years using digital.

      I am with You 🙂 as we move forward.


  36. We want to start digital agency and enjoy focusing our creative skills on digital solutions, because it’s engaging, fun and rewarding for us, our clients and their audiences. Hence fore , this course and your guidance will be helpful to build knowledge on Digital Marketing .
    Thank you Mohit , looking to learn more from you .

    1. Thanks for sharing, Prajwal.
      Good luck as you move ahead with your plans.
      I am also looking forward to share more with you.


  37. Thanks Mohit for making me understand the digital jargons in the most simplest and effective way. As a commerce background person, digital marketing is a new field for me and I have always had the urge to understand the digital world which is the fastest way in the modern days to communicate with the customers at a nominal cost. In the future, I want to start a tech business in India for clients in the European countries and I believe this program will provide me a solid base.

    Now my question to you:-
    How to understand the target audience digitally. For .e.g, if I am in a financial service business which targets high net worth individuals. It would simply not work to write an e-mail to a 10th standard kid.

    1. Sure Rajat.

      There may be a block in our minds that only those who have marketing background can leverage digital marketing. This is not true.
      Agreed – those with marketing background will find it easy to understand the concepts in digital marketing. But it should not stop You (with a commerce background) from giving it a shot.

      Have you heard about Chandoo – who works out of his home at Vizag. Chandoo sells Excel tutorials online and last year made $1 million in revenue.

      To target audience – you first need to find them.
      Think about – where do they hangout.
      Here are some places where you can find them.
      – Identify a company that has the reputation to pay its senior employees well and go and meet them in person (or over LinkedIn).
      – Run an email campaign with a brand like HeadHonchos that specializes in jobs with high salaries. also allows you to paid access to their database – where you can filter those with high salaries.
      – Read and keep a tab on up and coming entrepreneurs and hustle to find a connect.
      – Look at your current contacts and see if there are any HNIs there.
      – Once you identify couple of them or more – offer them your service for free. After serving them well ask them to introduce you to their other HNI friends.
      – Start a website and target right keywords (this you’ll learn in lesson on SEO).

      I’ll revisit this to see if I can share more ideas or angles.


  38. I am currently working on an start-up . Henceforth , i was looking forward for a course like this to know in and out of Digital Marketing. You guys helped me a lot with the course offer.
    Thanks a lot for your team.

  39. Wow! Mohit Great Content.

    I was infact on the lookout for a Digital marketing course to update myself on the current scenario of Digital Adword. I am currently in print medium and facing stiff competition from the digital world.
    I am confident that the course in coming days will definitely increase my knowledge and understanding about the field.

    Thanks a ton.


    1. Thanks Sushanta 🙂
      Glad that you found this course at right time.
      Happy to have you along on this journey.


  40. Dear Mohit,

    When you manage to propose, reach, implement, engage and get a feedback at one go concerning your ‘audience’ through the innovative use of the good ‘ol ‘passive email’ (a first), you win my confidence and my trust.

    And you convert me. Btw, thanks for keeping the key response of your customers in mind – convenience 🙂

    ~ No matter whether I know about digital marketing or not – for it is continuously evolving and I am a perpetual student.
    ~ Not if I read up tonnes of material in the line of my practice as a marketer and an explorer – because there are few who can keep the clarity of thoughts and the lesson objective in razor sharp focus from beginning of the lesson to the end.
    ~ And not because I didn’t enjoy my past learnings as I did in this case – with easy words engaging me to explain the big picture effortlessly, raising my expectations.

    Look forward to the 12 weeks and beyond – you have certainly raised the pitch and your students’ expectations.

    We need to raise our bar to meet yours.

    Best 🙂

    Marketing and Media Explorer

    1. Dear Sabyasachi,

      Love this awesome reply from you 🙂
      And, glad to meet a fellow explorer.
      I appreciate your confidence and your trust.

      This line deserves special mention – We need to raise our bar to meet yours.

      Let’s move forward together.

      With much love,

  41. I am currently working on a start up. Hence, I wanted to acquire more information about the concept called “Digital Marketing”. I went through the first lesson, and I liked it. I appreciate your efforts to help budding entrepreneurs conquer their goals.

  42. Dear Mohit,
    Firstly i need to thank you to pass on such a vital knowledge to all of us who is going through this course.
    I am a startup and this knowledge will definitely help me a lot in uplifting my company and also the world is getting digitized and i don’t want to be left over because of lack of knowledge, i want to get maximum benefited in this digitized revolution.


    1. Dear Mayur,
      Appreciate your kind words.
      It’s my pleasure to share what I know with You.
      And, be sure – you’ll not be left behind.
      Just keep taking action and apply what you learn.
      Good going 🙂


  43. A chance encounter with blogging and tweeting has got me to realise the power of digital tools and media..Initially my good writing skills came in handy and was duly rewarded by being a representative for Tetra Pak India and later others like Micromax , Intel technologies etc…Now the lion has tasted blood (ME!!!),I guess and is driven to get more..and to justify my new found status , i feel like learning more to lead and that’s exactly I want to learn from you Mohit Sir .
    This course will help me develop new and better insights into the various mediums available..and coming from a seasoned person like you , I am pretty sure of gaining ultimately.
    Truly liked the concept of email marketing in today’s mail..though I have done it earlier but the nuances that I learnt today, were really good…thanks in advance

    1. Hi Praggatti,
      Thanks for sharing.
      And, glad you liked the lesson.

      Words are powerful.
      And, your good writing skills will help you in your digital marketing journey also.

      Best wishes as you move forward.


  44. I am a student of Electrical Engineering at IIT-Bombay and I stumbled upon this course after a curious mix of random googling ( about SEO) and a strong recommendation. As a student, I tend to view a lot of stuff in a different light. In a typical day, I( and most people I know) get 2-3 amazing ideas. Ideas with a lot of potential. What most of us lack is the effort to translate that idea from a mere mental vision to something concrete. Something tangible. Basically it takes a lot of guts to open a startup 😛
    I want my startup to grow. I want it to grow like the crazy growth stories of unicorn companies. Having a great product is just one facet. Knowing how to sell it is a totally different ball game. Digital marketing will drive growth for us. It is a skill which like programming is required. It is the new literacy in this tech fueled age. And I don’t want my idea to fail just because I didn’t know how to market it well.
    The week 1 material has been unlike any online course I have taken so far. It was a very easy transitional lesson into the hitherto murky waters of marketing for me. I really appreciated the timeline that was provided at the end. It serves as a gentle reminder that the ones who win are the ones who don’t give up.
    Looking forward to a great time in this course ! Can’t wait for week 2 😀

    1. Hi Arunabh,
      It’s great to hear from you.
      Yes, it takes guts to do a startup.

      What a reply 🙂 love this “And I don’t want my idea to fail just because I didn’t know how to market it well.”

      I am sure – You’ll be among the ones who’ll win, who won’t give up.
      I’ll be cheering for You on the finish line – and onwards 🙂

      Keep hustling and don’t forget to have fun.

      Cheerleader Mohit 🙂
      “without the Cheerleader’s uniform”

      PS: You’ll not know but I hosted Mumbai’s 1st BarCamp at IIT Mumbai long time back.

  45. ur team is creating digital tsunami dude, way to go. Also love ur spirit MASTERJI,Data definitely speaks louder than actions. just like our thoughts being commented … gimme a shout if u r in hyd Mohit, need a selfie wid guruji u c 😉

    1. Thanks Raj 🙂
      Sure – let’s meet.
      I may be there during week after next.
      Or late Jan.
      Will share.

      From one MASTERJI to ANOTHER 🙂


  46. Hi Mohit,
    Right now I am pursuing Bachelor of Management Studies, University of Delhi (Second Year). I am interested in marketing alot! I wanted to choose it as my career in future. And we all know that digital marketing is one of the most valuable aspect of marketing. Thats why I have joined this course and I really liked the first session.

    1. Hi Parth,
      Glad to have you onboard 🙂
      And, great choice.
      Pick a project – and keep working on it,
      so that you don’t lose track.
      I’ll include this in a a lesson – so watch out for this.


  47. I have one year experience with digital marketing and was leading the vertical in my company but was recently shifted to a peripheral role because of lack of “Experience”. It has honestly pissed me off and i want to prove to myself more than others that experience has nothing to do with my potential and ceiling as a digital marketer. Consider it my personal vendetta against experience that I will imbibe most amount of knowledge in the most limited amount of time possible.

    1. What a sprit Man.

      Keep it up.

      Those with less experience (means empty cup)
      learn the best.

      Think of me as a sounding board,
      and hit me on email.

      Super Good Luck 🙂
      I’ll be rooting for you!


  48. Dear Mohit and the entire Masterclass Team,

    Hats off to this wonderful effort in creating such a good learning experience!

    I have graduated from Indian Institute of Management Indore in 2014. My majors was in marketing. After my PGDM, I have chosen to work with startups. However, I have found that hands-on learning in the field of digital marketing is a gap, which I need to fill up. This opportunity by Masterclass is very good for somebody like me, who wants to learn about digital marketing.

    After going through this first session, I have started liking this course material very much. Apart from sending putting out few articles, you have taken the effort in putting together a well-organised course, including assignments. This would really help in hands-on learning, which I am looking forward to.

    Thank you.

    Debpratim De
    +91 97420 02643

    1. Dear Debpratim,

      Thanks for your generous appreciation.
      We (I and MasterClass team) are grateful.

      I’ll be happy to help with your learning 🙂

      Feel free to write to me – and share how I can make it a more immersive and useful experience for you.


  49. Learning something new has for very long being something I actively invest in – be it time or monies.
    As the Head of the Company, I have understood some bits of Digital Marketing, purely by heresay and asking curious questions. Today as I stand at the threshold of starting a new Enterprise, whilst also supporting others who are starting -up, it is the best time to upgrade skills and DM is I understand an integral part of the Sales and Marketing domain!

    1. Hi Christina,

      Great to see your reply.
      Smart leaders know the value of investment in self.
      So, you definitely are one 🙂

      Feel free to send some curious questions my way also.
      Wish you a superb start with SnapOffices.
      I like the name 🙂
      Is it in the same space as Regus or different?
      Also have you checked out Breather – this concept is becoming popular. Not sure if someone in India is doing it already.

      – Mohit

  50. Due to a recent acquisition at my workplace I had to start working closely with the marketing team and I was amazed to see how it works and how much work is done in the background for every post, article, blog or website.
    I then started experimenting with the “little learning ” and helping a friend market and promote her start up and got a fair amount of success but I also realized that this is a vast topic and I need to learn and research. So when this opportunity came through, I of course had to grab it

    1. Hi Shweta 🙂
      Good call.
      I wish you learn more and help even more startups and grow yourself.
      Thanks for sharing.


  51. I am learning this to be a master in DM for my own company that i am planning now.
    It is not only a tool to earn money but also reach to the right people during a disaster and to find many good things.

  52. Dear Mohit & team,
    You have rightly added the name tag “curious digital marketer”. I would like to call myself too as one. I’m a digital marketer in a start-up college in Bangalore. I was working with oracle , but my passion towards imparting knowledge to children made me move here. I love my job and want my college to reach various masses of students. As our budget & resources are limited, I have started with content marketing and social media publicizing. After going through the first lesson i’m sure I would be able to contribute more innovative ideas towards growth of my institution.
    I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. Hats off! way to go team!!


    1. From one “curious digital marketer” to another “curious digital marketer”:

      Hey Abhi,
      Love how you are following your passion.
      Not everyone does that.
      Hats off to your courage.
      Happy learning and keep discussing with me as we move ahead.
      You’ll do great – just stick with it.
      Also, thanks for cheering the team (MasterClass gang + I).

      -Mohit + The super awesome MasterClass Team.

  53. Mohit; I appreciate the effort that you took to organize this course. I am a fond of the science behind Digital Marketing and love to hear something new everyday. No doubt; whatever you said in today’s session is nothing new to me – but certainly I do believe that I will come to know at least a few points which I have never come to know before – PROBABLY a couple of points to excel others?! The idea of this participation is to learn some scientific approaches using which I can take my present company one step ahead from where we are right now. The last , though not important to you, I could get a few more connections in my social accounts by following your thread!


    1. Sure Paramita.
      My pleasure 🙂

      Great if you tell me here or over email,
      your specific situations – who is your customer,
      what successes you have had so far with digital?
      And, I’ll think of making it more valuable for you.

      Love to have your along,
      and appreciate you sharing 🙂


  54. Hi Mohit,
    Very satisfied with your words and class. Thanks to you that I am feeling light to launch my new start up now called as Foodie. So this guidance will perfectly make my entire dream entrepreneurship successful:)

  55. Hi Mohit

    It was pleasure to e-meet you and thank you for taking the initiative of this activity. Hope this will transform the professional lives of many people.

    Reason why I took part in this program is purely because

    1) Being a Marketing Communication professional, this area of Digital Marketing was still unexplored by me and I always wanted to learn it.

    2) Due to hectic schedule, there’s no fixed time which can be devoted to attending classes in-person. Whereas your classes allows me the freedom to read & learn as per my convenience.

    3) Am sure that after this 12 week session, my professional graph will have new heights.


    1. Hi Prashant,
      I am also happy to meet you.
      Thanks for sharing your reason to join this program.

      The course will sure add value to what you do.
      Keep discussing.


  56. Hi
    what ever you are explaining you are doing it through these mails. I came across many courses by different but none of them were designed properly. This content in this mail gave me confidence that the course design is properly suitable to everyone.
    Thanks for offering such a good course. looking forward to next mail.

  57. It was an impromptu decision to sign up for the course, to learn the trends in the marketing industry. I work in an IT company, but digital marketing interests me a lot that I am doing a lot of research on “employee advocacy”.

    I see that you do what you preach (err teach) – I have seen the practical usage of lesson no 1

    1. (Free) Content → Trust + Likeability → Transaction –> we are all learning for free and, of course, the trust/liking is building up as most of us have already, gone ahead checking for courses at Masterclass

    2. Email marketing – the course itself is sent over emails and that mean Masterclass is building so much over email marketing 🙂

    3. Contest – leading the traffic to the website via contest (organic reach yay!)

    I’m glad to actually able to visualize a lot of practical instances from the lessons you are teaching us, this is why I will follow all of them religiously henceforth

    1. Hi Kavya,

      It is really great to have you along on this journey 🙂
      Interesting observation.
      Thanks to this awesome comment of yours – You won the book.

      Hope you continue to get good value.
      Looking forward to interact more with you.

      – Mohit

  58. Hello Mohit sir
    I am a first year student pursuing Bachelor of Management Studies. At this point of time, I’m not really sure if I want to go for a job or a startup, so I’m trying to learn as much about the options available as possible. Thanks a lot for this course which offers everyone and anyone an opportunity to learn a new skill, that too from scratch, and that too for free! I will definitely put what I learn to use in a future project or internship!

    P.S. Watched your TEDx talk. I really liked the parts about productivity and motivation. Some good life lessons in there 🙂

    1. Hello Kritika,

      Great to have you along 🙂
      Don’t worry about job or startup – if you continue to work on interesting problems day in a day out – and share what you learn – you’ll find the right opportunities.

      Hope this digital marketing course helps you to get closers to your goals.
      Glad you found value in the TEDx talk.

      – Mohit

  59. I am an energetic 67 years old…with over 48 years of work experience. I was helped by many to reach senior leadership levels, starting as a simple commerce graduate. Today, I am a self employed professional. I have enrolled for the Digital Marketing course with the idea of using it as a tool to give back to people and organizations to evolve to their fullest potential and realize all their dreams. I have much to give back: through workshops in healing, learning good leadership, coaching and mentoring, communication, better relationships and so on. In this time and age of everything going digital, I want to use the power of the digital world to reach out to as many as possible. Ideally, I want to be able to reach people 24×7 with whatever I have to offer, at a reasonable price. Money and commerce is not my motive. Giving back is. I enjoyed the first lesson and am committed to complete the entire course and use the power of digital marketing in my quest!

    1. Dear Mr. Gurumani,

      I am really happy to see your learning spirit and to know about your reasons to join.

      Sure, you’ll get good ideas about how to take your initiatives forward using digital marketing.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  60. Hi Mohit and Team,

    I have worked as a developer in Infosys for over three years followed by an MBA from GLIM Chennai. For last two years I have been working as a business analyst in a startup but now I am preparing for my next career move and transition in to a role of Product Manager. One of the key components is marketing the products on the web with analytical insights to optimize resource use. After reading today’s lesson, I am confidant that at the end of the course I would able to plan, execute and take strategic view digital marketing efforts of my product.

    Andaz Mahran

    1. Hi Andaz,

      You have interesting career path.
      Product Managers get a good shot at becoming CEOs and entrepreneur. So good luck there 🙂

      Also check out what writes. You’ll get some good insights.

      Hope you get good value.

      – Mohit

  61. Hi

    M in PR Industry… we r starting digital marketing for our client… therefore we learn this one.

  62. Hi Mohit and team,
    After having attended the two day workshop with you and the team, there just isn’t a better teacher who could make the learning so simple and smooth. thank you for this initiative and help me upgrade my skills in Digital Marketing an industry booming in the “marketing” world.
    your first lesson has already given me a lot of insight and i look forward to these classes in the coming days and prepare myself to attend the next intensive workshop. Lacking in confidence I am sure this course would help me develop my skills to face the stiff competition from the digital world.

    thanks in advance
    best regards,

    1. Thanks so much, Harpreet 🙂

      Love your comment.
      I am with you every step of the way as you work on upskillng yourself.
      Let’s keep discussing and continue move forward.

      – Mohit

  63. First lesson was very helpful as I came across a few very useful terms! I will be looking forward to the wonderful learning ahead and successful completion of this entire 12 week course.


  64. Hi Mohit,

    I am a self employed and mostly working in B2B with International clients. Deep inside, there is a wish to do something in the country, especially when you see so many startups successfully established, some on the ideas which at some point we had discussed but never pursued. Being a socially aware being, there are some great ideas but implementation does not happen because of lack of certain skill set. This course will give me an impetus in right direction and will hopefully make my dream come true. 🙂

    Look forward to more such lessons.


    1. Hi,
      I am self employed and having a plan of new start-up and to tap a market it is neceassary to reach upto the maximum people from one place at same time. and it can be possible through only digital World . but for that one should have proper knowledge & skill of Digital techniques.
      My objective is to learn these techniques through this course.
      i enjoyed the First lesson and would like to grasp all the techniques provided by forthcoming lessons.

    2. Welcome Punam 🙂

      Interesting reasons to join.
      Sure – you’ll get good value.
      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  65. I need to know about digital marketing and the various career opportunities that it can provide.I’m looking for a work from home kind of job.Hope this will help and thank you for the classes!

    1. Hi Arjun,

      Digital marketing career opportunities are wide and varied.
      It can start from being an intern going up to head of digital marketing.
      With digital marketing – you have roles for people who work with digital marketing agencies (in roles like account manager, social media manager, digital marketing manager, email marketing manager, SEO Specialist, Email Marketing Expert, Paid Advertising Specialist / PPC Specialist) – similar roles and more like Growth Hacker, Digital Analyst, Web Analytics Expert exist with brands.

      To work from home – I’ll suggest that you learn first and then explore freelance marketplaces like

      Feel free to email me to discuss.

      – Mohit

  66. Digital marketing…. the most magnetic topic for me these days…having my 1st end semester exams of electronics and communication engineering still read this with full patience….. thanks a lot…..joined this course for a perfect beginning of startup and you guyss have done awesome work . But was just wondering that why y’all are doing this and that too for free??????
    You must be doing it for some or many bucks but how….. I just wanna know….. keen to know….. waiting for your reply

    1. Ranita,

      So glad to meet you here and have you along for this journey.
      Hope you get good value.

      Doing it for free to share the learning with more and more people 🙂
      We also run paid programs for those who are keen.

      Good luck for your startup dreams.

      – Mohit

  67. Hi,
    Most of the courses tell you to download their app/watch videos etc.
    This one comes to my inbox, and I can read at my leisure.
    Infanct this first lesson I read it in three installments.

    Looking to learn. No one tells it as it is. You are an exception Mohit.

    Thanks for doing this.

    1. Thanks so much, Rajesh 🙂
      I appreciate you and your comment.
      Hope you are getting good value.

      – Mohit

  68. A friend had told me, ‘jo free mai mile le lo’ guess that was the idea when I started reading your piece but frankly speaking it is more insightful than free ka gyan..cheers mate!!!

  69. Dear Mohit ,

    Thank you very much for the opportunity.!!

    Basically I’m a Medical Student and Also an Office Bearer in Indian Medical Association Students Wing (IMA SW ) , the largest Medical Student Representation in the Country…

    Off Late We have recognised the importance of Marketing ourselves and essentiality of knowledge about Digital Marketing and Strategies,, while we were conducting Conferences For Medical Students ..While conducting these to promote a better cultural , educational , Research and social exchange we needed wide range of publicity and reach . we generally used to rely heavily on our Facebook page (48k + likes ) but there was something we were lacking. We are not achieving the planned targets of interaction…there we realized that proper Marketing Strategies are required.

    Coincidentally I found a post about Digital Marketing …and the best part it was free of cost ..I wasn’t ready to waste the opportunity and I jumped in and luckily I’m in…

    Of course I always had the idea of having my own business and so planning to work on a start up in parallel lines with my education and I do have couple of like minded friends with me..the knowledge which I gain through this might be more than useful in my future venture .and Hope one day I can pass on this to any interested rookies ….

    Yeshwanth Sonnathi

    1. Welcome Yeshwanth 🙂

      I am also so glad that you found the course and now a part of it.

      You’ll get interesting ideas to promote your association using digital marketing. You can later use these insights to promote your startup.

      Idea to “Pay it forward” is great – do share the knowledge with those who can use it 🙂

      – Mohit

  70. Hi! I am a student pursuing B.Com Hons and wish to do MBA for my post graduation. I took up this course purely for the sake of learning what digital marketing is and how to do it effectively. I want to explore this area!
    I am not a very social person and do not like marketing at all because of the same reason. I wish to change this particular aspect about my personality and develop good marketing skills. Digital is the today’s age, hence this course!

    After the course completion, i will apply the learned skills on my internships and may even get much better ones to do!

    1. Hi Samprada,

      Thanks for sharing your reasons to join.

      You need not be in interaction /social mode all the time as a marketer. I also also like my “me” time and still I am a digital marketer. Good you are giving it a shot because it will help you understand how much or how less you like it. Be at it for a while before you decide.

      Good luck for all that you do 🙂

      – Mohit

  71. I am an 4th year Engineering student with a little interest in Engineering. I am quite serious about a career in this domain as i can see the demand this domain will have in future and at the same time this course offer vast opportunity for exploring my interest in this field too.

    Thanks Mohit & Team for this golden Opportunity.

    1. Welcome Raghav 🙂

      Yes, there are tons of opportunities in digital marketing.
      I wish that you learn well through this course and then apply them the work that you take up after you finish your engineering education.

      – Mohit

  72. Hi, so I’m a Chartered Accountant, quit my job and co-own a training academy with two of my other friends. Digital marketing is a very important platform which helps you build your brand. I have never really understood much about digital marketing but was always looking for opportunities to learn more about it. In fact I had no idea how I got connected with Vidhi and post that with Mohit. This opportunity came knocking at my door and that’s when I grabbed it. I’m sure it’s going to add a lot of value to my business and my knowledge. I appreciate the way Mohit is interacting with each one of us and that’s what makes him and this course AWESOME 🙂

    1. Hi Kriti,
      It’s great to have you along.
      I’m sure you’re getting good ideas to grow your business.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      Thanks so much 🙂
      – Mohit

  73. Hi Mohit

    I must admit your content presentation is just awesome. Must admit i am sold !

    There are two things i liked

    1> Having Vidhi introduce you as a mediator, this actually increased trust in you.
    2> Having funny meme in the mail to drive home the point.

    I am eager for the rest of the course.

    1. Hi Jeyo,
      Interesting observation and awesome comment.
      I am really glad that you joined the course.

      – Mohit

  74. I believe that the disruptions that are going to come tomorrow are going to be in the app or the web, and to leverage the web completely digital marketing would be the most important tool. I also believe that one cannot succeed in the today’s world without having the know how of the digital space. Doing a course on digital marketing is one thing but going out there and trying things out what one knows is a whole different ball game. I think doing is much more important than just gathering knowledge. Its better to start doing things with the limited amount of knowledge that you have and fail rather than waiting to gain the right amount of knowledge for a long time. Failure is the best teacher according to me. In order to succeed one has to fail multiple times, my motive behind joining this course is to get a basic understanding of digital marketing and implementing the skills that i gain to fail fast and learn even faster.

    1. Hi Ashwin,
      Thanks for your comment.
      You are right – going out there and trying things out – makes a whole lot of difference.
      Hope you are already taking action on what you are learning in this digital marketing course.

      – Mohit

  75. Dear Mohit,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn new things and share my thoughts with you. I am very found of e commerce industry and i think to run a good eCommerce company few technical skills are required which you have shared in the lesson about digital marketing SEO, blogging, content marketing and other things..So before launching my own website or to run my own company i want to get in depth knowledge about these terms so that i can give more than 100% input to my project.. I want to make my project more unique so whenever i will get live people just feel happy to visit my company website. I feel huge investment doesn’t create a good company its only works on its outer beauty..only master minds with less investments can lead to a successful company.

    I feel more happy if you share more information on digital marketing..

    Varun Ahuja

    1. Welcome Varun,

      Happy to have you in this course.

      I think if you have money it helps but you can also make it work it without a lot of money. In that case it may take longer to get your startup off the ground. In the course, you’ll also learn how to take your startup/brand forward without investing too much money.

      – Mohit

  76. Hi Mohit,
    Thank you for the awesome lesson in the 1st week it self. Now i really believe that at the end of the course, i will have great knowledge about Digital Marketing.
    I am the part of one startUp and this course came at the right time because we are almost done with our product and its time to market the product.
    We would seek your help regarding this.
    The best thing about lesson #1 is not just the theoretical content about Digital Marketing, there is practical lesson was involved too. How nicely you made us involved in the course, you gave multiple links to visit and see, and finally at the end you made us to write some comment.
    I am fully impressed.I am thanking you once again for such opportunity.


    1. Welcome Satyendra 🙂
      Thanks for much for your comment.
      Good luck for your launch.
      And, sure take my help.

      – Mohit

  77. Three clear needs:
    1. Trying to venture in online Ad business soon, so critical to be aware
    2. Free, found your profile interesting and trust my dear IIMB friend Piyush to engage me with quality learning
    3. There is always something more to learn than what I know. Look for ways to be more creative in options to engage and explore better in opportunities.

    1. Welcome Sanjib 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your reasons to join.
      Wish You and Advalet – lots of success.
      – Mohit

  78. Hi Mohit,

    After spending 13 years in Marketing Profile(Offline,Online,TTL) in Banking/ELearning/ Playschools domains,I have come across different terminologies like SEO,PPC,Blogging,Content Marketing etc that really aroused my desire to know more about it & that forms the very basis of my joining this course… Further looking forward to use my new learning in my current role for improving visibility & improving traffic(organic initially & PPC for my company’s website.
    After going through the 1st lesson itself,I really feel good about my decision & am confident enough to understand the gimmicks involved in DM world 🙂

    Deep Bhatia

    1. Welcome onboard, Deep 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your reasons to join.
      I am sure you’ll be able to get a lot of value – given that you apply what you learn.
      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  79. Oh wow! I just finished reading this, but I was pumped up since I started reading this post because of the way it started! I mean, come on, how many times do we do something worthwhile and never appreciate it? Almost never! So, first of all, I would like to thank you, for reminding us all that we are AWESOME!

    Now coming to answering your question. I have actually joined this program for multiple reasons. From being curious about the fancy digital marketing terms, to learn the know-how of making money through the digital world, to how to get more visibility for my online campaigns, and many many more dynamics of Digital Marketing. But this program actually popped up when I had been in talking with a few friends about starting up an online business. Just when I was getting worried about my lack of knowledge on the digital “marketing” front, this came as the answer to almost all my concerns. I was doubly excited because of you, Mohit. I couldn’t have found a better platform to learn this.

    Looking forward to the coming lessons!


    1. Wow Debasmita!
      Thanks for this awesome comment 🙂
      Great reasons to join the program.
      I’m sure you’ll become knowledgeable about digital marketing by the end of it.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  80. Well,I loved it.It was so so so informative.I was searching for a source from where i can get quality lessons on Digital Marketing and guess what? Mclass it is! I am not writing this for the book but i really wanted to tell how much you are helping me with your lessons.I have read many tutorials lessons videos etc etc on Digital marketing but they were so boring and complicated but this one forced me to keep reading.I loved the fact that Digital ad spending will soon surpass TV as the biggest advertising category.I liked the way of starting the lesson..that tedex experience ..helped me to concentrate more (as it became interesting).
    Well i should stop now otherwise i am gonna keep writing.In short words,you were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    1. Welcome Shubhankar 🙂
      I am so glad that you found value in it.
      I really appreciate You and Your comment.
      – Mohit

  81. Hello sir,
    I have joined this course because in past 2-3 months I have been actively indulge in digital marketing and now I’m quite familier with the power of SEO and digital marketing and wanted to learn more about it, about its implementation.
    One of the major reason why I’m learning digital marketing is that my father has a printing business which is not going quite good. I’m 20 year old, where sometimes my mind says I should join my father and help him but my father says that I should rather concentrate more on my studies , so I have decided that I’ll help him indirectly by bringing his business online and this course can help me in a lot many ways.
    So I thank you for providing us this course free of cost in this era where nothing is done without charging for it .

    1. Hi Harsh,
      Thanks for sharing your reason to join.
      It is an awesome idea to learn digital marketing and help your father.
      Email me if you get stuck at any point.
      All the best!

      – Mohit

  82. Valuable info Mohit.
    I liked the 8 steps to follow to start with, looks simple but essential for on line or offline business guys should have answers ready with.
    There are no target customers as such for me, as i sell milk-unbranded raw milk.So everybody is a potential customer. So,
    -How do i know my target customer?
    –I want to appear in any random search on google looking for raw pure milk in my area.
    —want to fill my site with useful info on the product
    –I have done door to door marketing for this kind of milk and people found it crazy- want to continue this craziness with digital marketing as well.
    -Want to prove nothing is wrong unless it is proved as failure-in context of digital marketing for this product.

    1. Welcome Shridhar.

      It is a great idea to explore selling pure raw milk online.
      You’ll know your target customer by profiling your current customers. Think of the customers who have given you maximum revenues over a period of time and those who have stuck with you the longest. You want more such customers.

      You will be able to appear in search results if you reply to all commons questions (that people have in their mind) about (raw) milk. Share in details – one answer per webpage. Also use the learning that I share about SEO.

      Wish you crazy success 🙂
      – Mohit

  83. Hi Mohit great stuff man. You have clarified the nutshell of digital marketing. There are lot of tricks in digital marketing ….its getting to smart digital marketing.
    I am here as i believe in the mantra “I create,I learn,I grow,I do.”

    1. Hi Arjun 🙂
      Great Mantra.
      Simple, and actionable.
      Glad to have you along on this journey.
      Let’s stay connected.


  84. Thank You so much for a wonderful learning and growing up session.
    I am eager to complete course and looking for changes in me.
    Your article helping me in building my website with my future.

    1. Thanks a ton for sharing, Amit:)
      My pleasure.
      Sure! You’ll grow and I’ll guide you.


  85. A great human being by the name Albert Einstein once said.. “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” D.M is an umbrella term that covers a lot many interesting topics and its been in my mind since long to enhance my knowledge in this domain.

    As of now there is no clear cut vision as to how I would be applying & making use of this knowledge but I am sure that by the time this course will end I would definitely have some deeper insights about the Digital Marketing World which would help me grow as a professional.

    The idea is to learn something new and I am super excited to start this journey with your support.

    – A Curious Digital Marketing Student

    1. Hi Sukhpreet,
      It’s great to meet another “curious” soul 🙂
      Based on Einstein’s quote both of us many decades to learn and grow – let’s make the best use of this opportunity.

      Discuss with me – here or on email – how to find clarity about applying what you learn. It’s important and you’ll do better once you have that clarity.

      Simplest way is to start a hobby project (with possibly some money making potential) and use that to apply your learning. Or, help out someone you know is doing a start; and needs additional hands. Offer to help with their digital marketing.

      Keep going 🙂


  86. The main reason to join this digital marketing course is because I always had an interest in this field. I want to know more and more about Digital Marketing and I believe most of the growth whether organic or inorganic happens mostly through this.

    Currently I am the Vice President of a department in AIESEC Kolkata. This learning would help me to understand how to package and sell my product.
    After this I would want to continue in the PR and events world where this plays a huge role.

    1. Welcome Ria 🙂
      You are right – digital marketing helps brands grow.
      To learn better – great if you think of a product that you want to sell and use that as a base to apply all your learning.
      Feel free to email me and we can discuss 🙂


  87. I decided to pursue this course because Digital Marketing in today’s era has taken up a big stand as compared to other media , deciding not to pursue this course is a trade-off which can cost one dearly and hence, this is how I would justify my decision .

  88. Hi mohit,

    I am working with one of the leading e-commerce company, not it marketing but i am really curious to know about it so i joined this course, I knew many things you told but i am waiting for other lessons as i am sure they will be really useful.

    Best example of Digital marketing is what you are doing by proving a free course 🙂

    keep it up.

    1. Thanks Ekansh.

      It is awesome that you are curious and have started.
      Curiosity and consistent action in one direction – work like magic.

      Do read “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert)”.. if you get a chance.

      He also talks about the concept of power of combining two skills which may be related or unrelated.

      Who is more powerful (lethal) –
      1) a marketer who knows digital marketing OR
      2) an investment professional, a designer or a coder who is proficient in digital marketing?
      # 2) in most cases. One of my favorite photographer – Chase Jarvis – – became so successful and started a multi million dollar company – because he used digital to take his to an increasingly bigger audience.

      So, you are on a great path.
      Think about how you can combine – What you do now + digital marketing.
      Discuss with me – once you have thought about it for some time.


      1. Its really a great effort that you reply to each and every perosn .
        I will surely read the book u mentioned 🙂
        Nice to connect with mentor like you

  89. I’m just working on a startup related to ecommerce company. Digital marketing is something by which you can attract the customers and grow your business. I have a little knowledge of digital marketing but if i will do this course then i would be a good digital marketer. Then definitely i will execute my plan only to get success only. Thanks for your support.

    1. Thanks for sharing Ankit,
      and my pleasure.

      To succeed – and more importantly to keep moving forward – learning and execution should go hand in hand.
      So, please do not wait for the lessons to pile up in your inbox.
      Plan your learning and execution with the help of the Digital Marketing Roadmap and executive as soon as you learn and understand that something is worth doing. Also goes for learning apart from this course.

      Wish you success 🙂


  90. One day, just I any other day I saw some random post on my FB wall until something got my attention.A post in a group was getting some unusual traction. The point I commented it was the movement I saw almost 20 notification in an hour from that post. And that post was the one which brought all of us here.

    As a keen digital marketer, it’s amazing to see how everyday I see something new when I flip pages of this domain. And, it is my utmost pleasure to learn from those who make it happen. That was the most important factor that brought me here….:)

    Digi-Freak and Entrepreneur

    1. Wow Anurag 🙂
      It’s great that you found your way here and we could meet.
      The way you’ve told this story is nice. Thanks.
      It is my utmost pleasure too 🙂 to share what I know about digital marketing because You seem to be so happy to learn.
      Keep up the spirit 🙂


  91. I am student and working on a startup as well, so I thought this course would help me as I am short I funds
    I am really curious to have other contents of course.

    1. Thanks Abhishek.
      Make your customers your investors.
      Give so much value to your first customer that she brings 2 more.
      Now you have three customers – give value again.
      Do this enough number of times and you’ll call your startup a success. Not every customer will help you and not every customer will bring 2 more. But if be consistent – and keep doing with common sense – you’ll find one – who will get you 10 customers. So you’ll move like this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 24, 50, 100, 220, 440, 880, 1000. Digital marketing will help you real from point A to point B, real quick.

      Feel free to discuss if you get stuck.


  92. Hi Mohit you dont know me but i had once met you in my college when you come for giving seminar on digital marketing in icfai Hyderabad. I appreciate your efforts to teach and train people on Digital Marketing. The reason for me joining this course is very simple that i want to be updated with the market and today in this era of social and technology driven market, a person needs to be updated with changing trends of the market which is DM.
    A big thanks to you for this class.

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Great to hear from you.
      And, thanks for sharing for your reason to join – and also to share about our meeting at Hyderabad 🙂
      Did you start a blog recently?

      My book should soon be in your library.
      Your campus has ordered it.
      Will you please write to me next week – to check?
      I’ll confirm once it reaches there.

      Also mail me your recent pic – I’d love to recognize you and say “Hey Rahul” without any doubt.

      And, now we know each other 🙂

      Keep shining.


  93. Need to understand what DM is all about. As you mentioned, people debate between paid and organic marketing – but it pays to know both.

    A question on the side, how do I change my email address? I subscribed with my off. email address! Yikes!

    1. Hey Ankur,
      Your understanding of digital marketing will improve as we’ll move from lesson to lesson. Discuss with me anytime.

      No worries about changing the email – mail me your current email in the system (your work email) and the new email you want to use going forward; and I’ll have it changed.


  94. Hi, Well for me I was looking for a Career change and during my exploration I came across Digital Marketing. It really intrigued me and my curiosity grew as I started exploring more and more on the net. I was getting lot of discreet information on various aspects of DM but it was difficult to connect the dots and get a complete picture. The curiosity has helped me to decide that this is the path which I want to choose. Hence came across this course. I really enjoyed reading the first lesson as it seems very easy to understand.

    Looking forward for more lessons

    1. Hi Smeeta,
      Glad that you have made a start.
      More so, that you’ve chosen MasterClasss to help you as you explore and become a proficient digital marketer.
      Lots of good luck to you 🙂


  95. Guess am last , Der se aaya … Lekin durust aaya 😛 !
    Reasons are plenty!,
    -To learn & replicate the success you have had in garnering the attention of so many people though hardwork!
    – To attract perspective customers & steadily convert them into paying customers
    Last but not the least – To have FUN while learning


    View post on

    1. Hi Vikram,
      Durust aana jyada zaruri hai 🙂
      So cool.
      Glad that you are here.
      Solid reasons.
      I wish you do even better for Language Beyond Borders.
      And, happy to meet John Cena 🙂


  96. Great insights to start our journey in the world of Digital Marketing. It will be fun the learn in such an interacting and collaborative environment. Coming to the questions asked, the reason for choosing this course are below 🙂
    1. Getting into an entrepreneur journey, I was always keen to learn to aspects of DM. Few factors like flexible times, impressive profile of faculty, good course topics and off course the Free of cost factor compelled me to enroll.
    2. DM is a very loosely used term by most of us. One of the reason to enroll was to understand this clearly so as to set the DM roadmap for my organisation
    3. As a startup the budgets are always at scare… would be keen to understand how a powerful , direct impact marketing can be done with lowest possible investment
    4. To find answers to question that how the marketing strategy changes based on the Digital Channel/ platform used.
    5. How the ROI of an effective digital campaign / marketing is measured? Are there any tools to do that!
    6. Last but not the least one of the imp thing I would like to understand is the details of various tools available to a DM expert which not only make his life simpler but also helps him to manage his multi-channel campaign effectively

    I look forward to learn more about DM and possibly use it across my day to day activities.


    1. Hi Saurabh,

      And, thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      All solid reasons to join.
      I’m sure with the learning you’ll be able to set up an initial DM roadmap for my organisation. You’ll also learn about how to grow digital marketing can be done without much investment and also learn about other aspects of digital marketing that you wish to learn.

      – Mohit

  97. Hi Mohit &Team behind it,

    U guys are just Superb..
    What an idea and Superb people here I was just going thru the comments section everyone is so willing to learn ,when we get that type of listeners it ultimately doubles our strength to do it…

    Now here is the reason why I joined this programme

    From last 6 mnths I have been experimenting with my life.Being in relaxed job at topmost engineering companies in just one shot I quit it..
    And now here I am an entrepreneur,spending time in building my team and updating thru the startup ideas in the market.So these are the terms which are on top of my head every time web development ,hosting ,SEO & DM.Luckily I went thru that post and now I feel it is WORTh.
    One thing I beleive the most anyone can do anything if u have that PASSION and SPIRIT
    I was always fascinated by Digital marketting concepts and the speed it’s growing.
    So I have that clear objective in my mind to learn the Digital Marketting concepts and implement them directly into my startup inspite of outsourcing it to someone.
    Frankly speaking after going through ur first lecture I have started beleiving that yes I can do it no matter whatever I have studied in my past.

    P.S. Thank u for teaching Digital Market Engineering 😉 to an Engineer..

    1. Wow Chanchal 🙂


      You are right – all the learners including You are awesome.
      And, this community is amazing.

      There is always a time and place in life for everything.
      Guess, your startup time has come now.

      Keep moving forward.
      And, email me anytime to discuss.


  98. Why I joined and how I intend to use the knowledge gained:
    Well, I joined since I believe digital media is the way forward and it will contribute immensely to brand building and sales in coming times. I also believe this is the right time to learn the tricks of DM , those who don’t learn will lag behind. I am a sales and marketing professional and I am going to use the skills learnt in my day to day work and in case I plan a set up of my own in future. Thanks for introducing us to this course 🙂

    1. My pleasure, Anshu 🙂
      Now you can be sure that You’ll not be left behind.
      Thanks for coming along on this journey of growth.

      – Mohit

  99. Dear mohit,
    I read your lesson lil’bt late first of all sorry for that.
    I am a student of maths hons and want to grow-up our small family business of printing press with the help of digital marketing. As i know the power of the digital marketing that’s why i did choose this course from you.
    After reading your first lecture i can easily trust you that was so intersting to learn, Thanx a lot for it 🙂

    1. Dear Srichand,
      No worries.
      You’ll get lots of actionable ideas to grow your family business.
      Apply and keep discussing if you get stuck.
      I appreciate your trust 🙂


  100. Good to have a Clean & Clear perspectives of Startup, thanks
    I am here because of my trust in learning about the fields and also to grow with the world as it grows..

    Thanks Mohit…once again..

    Saurabh Pandey

  101. Hi, My prime reason is to learn the digital marketing is to provide happiness and healthy lifestyle. I have seen most of our youngsters are very much influenced by digital world and most have developed lot of never ending physical as well mental problems. I do feel very bad after watching all this. Through this learning i just want to encourage/ influenced them how to handle the problems, not to develop them further and the natural ways to fight with them. So that they can be good, healthy person and citizen as well. Once they will be influenced then am sure they develop the chain and there will be happiness everywhere. There will be cheerful earning for all as well.

    1. Hi Doc 🙂

      Solid reason.
      I wish this course gives you a foundation in digital marketing,
      that you can leverage to start the “chain reaction” you talk about.

      Thanks for sharing and keep going 🙂


  102. dear Mohit ,

    thank you so much for this course . As an aspiring entrepreneur, all this information and knowledge will help me to get my venture off the ground.
    Thanks once again.

    best regards
    Abhishek Jha

    1. Sure Abhishek.

      Looking forward to see you fly high 🙂
      Feet on ground and head in sky!

      Be awesome.


  103. Change is the Rule of Nature: I am heading the sales team of news channel I meet Planners, buyers, Business Developers and people from Strategic departments. We discuss different things like what’s new etc and me with all my co-industry friends came to conclusion after long sessions of Discussions that Future is Digital. This time Rule of Nature is towards Digital.

  104. I have started my business , wanted to learn about digital marketing to grow my business!

    Thanks for this opportunity also please give me the name of ur book would like to read that too:)

    1. Great Sneha.
      My book is The Digital Marketing Handbook.
      Alpha site for the book is here –
      All links may not be working but you’ll get the idea.
      Wish you success 🙂


  105. I am not going to write a long comment . So only one word to describe-“Amazing”. It is a great opportunity for everyone to learn and that’s important.

  106. Hi,
    Your unconditional support in helping everyone leads to bring effective change across boundaries. Happy to be part of your change the world concept

  107. I’m doing statistics and also preparing for cat. Haven’t thought much before joining, just that I wanted to do something other than mainstream ( something related to marketing). This initiative is prodigious. When I used to be in school, so scared of things related to computers, that’s why ended up taking biology. But I think with such great lessons , I can learn amazing marketing skills.


    1. Hi Manu,
      Thanks for being a part of it.
      I am glad that this course has given you courage to explore more.
      Keep going and take my help if you get stuck at any point.
      – Mohit

  108. I joined it because I want to promote few startups at the current stage and as u said for further development as marketing comes in every field and every work. Without this we can never be successful in current scenario.
    I went through the the first lesson and it was really interesting and captured my interest. Amazing.
    Looking forward to next chapters.

  109. I am currently working on an idea of connecting people who share similar interest and getting there problems sorted , no doubt it ranges in whatever segment or section . A complete unified collection of people , where you can ask for help for a particular problem and connect with them instantly as friends. SO for promoting this aspect digital marketing is an essential tool for me .

    Finally thank you so much Mohit for the unique step you have taken to educate us in the field which is nothing less than a Gold Mine for sure. Thanks once again

  110. Thanks for keeping the overview interactive till the end.
    The reason for joining are:-
    a) It’s totally in demand for convincing almost every age group customer.
    b) It surely gonna help me to build up client segment globally without much investment.
    c) I won’t be afraid to accept the fact that this is the only medium of marketing where i’m lacking with knowledge & understanding of DM.

    1. Hi Prabhik,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Solid reasons for joining.

      Knowing what’s missing and what we need to learn is the first step to move forward.

      Hope you find good value.

      – Mohit

  111. Being caught in the rigmarole of our office routines ( for all my working co-fellows too ) facing the vagaries of commuting from home to office in a metro city
    ( reminds me of a song of Eagles, ‘where city streets have no mercy and you live day to day’ )… Nothing can spell better than a Digital Marketing course, that also Online … which would help enhance my skill sets in my existing job ( print media sales and marketing ) while spicing up my learning bugs !! Also for a travel freak like me this just gets better …. thank you Team Master Class !!! Kudos guys for putting up this for all of us here …

    1. Well said, Anjali 🙂

      This course seems to be just right for you.

      Thanks for being a fellow traveller on this journey!

      – Mohit and Team MasterClass

  112. Have been involved with the Print industry and the associated marketing for a long time . Have had a bit of exposure to digital marketing but did not have the time or the opportunity to learn and understand its intricacies .

    I could not overlook the opportunity offered by Masterclass to learn at my convenience . Hope to be better informed by the end of the course .

  113. I have an internal team that does the organic part and an external agency that does paid campaigns my objective is to be know all nuances of digital marketing

    1. Good to know that, Roland 🙂

      Happy to hear any suggestions / ideas to make it a useful experience for you.


  114. I wanted to get into digital marketing role since the beginning. Doing your course will give my enough tools to have a career in this. Thanks for the awesome initiative.

  115. I never ask myself why I am learning something. I have an urge to learn new things that I come across and I am getting opportunity to learn this so I will do it. After learning only I can tell how I can use it in the best possible way.

  116. I work in web development, and I believe that next thing I can try – is having future in digital marketing. As you told, this is next space for ad war and I want to be a part of it. With first lesson, it seems it is going to be a nice journey. hope it will be true… 🙂

  117. I have joined this course because i want to be an entrepreneur besides that i am a website designer and without digital marketing, website is like a house small house in a big city. If you want to draw attention from rest of the websites, then you have to do something different and this can be done with help of digital marketing. What i think, Combination of good quality website + digital marketing can give a good kick start to my start-up company. This is the reason why i joined this course. Will love to get knowledge from such experience personalities in IT field.

    1. Well said, Prasenjit 🙂

      With you web design skills – you are in a position to get tons of value from this course.

      Make sure that you take time to apply what you are learning.

      Good luck as you move in the direction of your startup dreams.

      – Mohit

  118. I joined Digital Marketing class to learn and understand more about the marketing in new age. I have founded a company (iLoyalty Technologies) that deals with retention of customers through Customer Loyalty program. Promotion is an integral part of Loyalty Program, we offer end to end services…software platform to digital promotions. I have been a sales and business development professional all my life and have worked with marketing department but have never done any marketing myself. This is my first brush with Marketing.

    Having my own start-up and and talking to different Digital Marketing professionals to work for us, it is important that I know the subject well so I get to ask the right questions. I intend to learn the use of Digital marketing to promote our business to target audience, attract them to website and convert them into leads..I believe Digital Marketing class will give me enough ideas to target my potential customers.

    The last point but not the least, I had attended Mohit’s one day education workshop in Pune, and was impressed with his knowledge and experience. I intend to be on the same path and learn from him in Digital Marketing area and implement them in my start up.

    1. Thanks so much, Prasanna 🙂

      And, and awesome reason to learn.

      More power to You, iLoyalty and Your dreams.

      You know where to reach me 🙂

      – Mohit

  119. Digital marketing is an important marketing tool to reach your target audience especially the Millenials. Hence, it’s important to understand how I should use it as a marketing professional. It’s the future of marketing due to its ability to engage a customer. Moreover, I hope to comprehend how to tackle it’s negative effects on a brand as well

    1. Thanks for sharing you reason to learn, Neelika.

      I am sure you’ll get good value.

      No negative effects – as such. Digital Marketing in many cases work as an amplifier – and it can amplify both good and bad (if there is something bad) about a brand.

      – Mohit

  120. And now why I TOTALLY believe that YOU ARE AWESOME.

    You are awesome because you made this possible to teach many of us about the Digital Marketing Concepts

    The learning is really exciting as learning can’t be stopped till the end of life.

    As a professor of MBA-Marketing, Still I am learning & try to teach these concepts to my young budding entrepreneur

    Need of Hour-Digital Marketing

    Really great to be a part (student) of this classroom

    Dr. Mrinal Verma

    1. Awesome Mrinal 🙂

      And, a superb reason to learn.

      I’m really happy to share this with you.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  121. Hi mohit sir
    Am studying in 3rd years of engineering. Now a days digital marketing gets high priority in the marketing field, where I can reach my dream easily so I have chosen this field; also because it’s an easy way to attract people.

  122. I have recently started working in the finance sector, want to venture more options and Marketing is the new Black, want to be sure before i pursue my long term career goals.

  123. Well.. Hats off to the way Mohit’s Class (mclass) established that connect with the audience. Super Cool and nothing short of awesomeness.

    The reason to pursue this is to keep abreast with the growing challenges for any marketeer and keep up the pace with the ever changing dynamics of the world. Orkut vanished in no time and wondered what facebook did to be what they are today. It is the time when things happen in real quick time and I think the only place things happen faster is in stock market. That has atime frame though if trading hours but here it is 24 by 7 by 365.

    Being an employee who works on digital campaigns and also an aspiring entrepreneur, it s a double edged sword for me.

    Looking foeward for this ultimate ride of Knowledge.


    1. Well said, Gaurav 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comment,
      and solid reason to learn.

      Wish you have fun in your job and get to do your startup soon.

      – Mohit

  124. Hi Mohit

    I know I am quite late in reading and replying to this. Plus lost a chance to win this amazing book 🙁
    Nevertheless, this comment isn’t only to win the book but also to thank you and your team sincerely for the lesson.
    Currently I am involved with a start up firm which I treat as my own baby and ended up paying lot of money to digital agencies with no effective ROI. Therefore being from marketing background and having a fair idea on various platforms, thought to start activities on my own which by far going well for my company. This course has come to me as a blessing at the right time as really looking forward to follow every lesson religiously and apply it to my current profession.
    Would be super super glad to share the increased ROI with you guys after this course.
    P.S. You are Awesome too 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Pooja 🙂
      for this awesome comment and your generosity.

      I’m sure you’ll get good value. Just stick with it.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  125. This is really awesome to be here, I think will learn a lot from this course, thnx Mohit and Aditi for referring.

  126. Our website is ready to compete with the one that is ranked under 100 (Alexa rank, India). So, its normal we want to be among top search results.
    As he already kickstarted with the first tutorial; expecting to learn much more with Mohit in the upcoming weeks.

    1. Sure.

      Guess you are talking about CricBuzz.
      Wanting to be among the top search results is normal.
      Doing that will take extraordinary thinking, efforts and good deal of resources;
      because CricCoverage has started this year whereas CricBuzz has been there since 2004 and has created a formidable brand and domain.
      Let’s discuss – more so once you get the SEO lesson.

      Good luck with your efforts.
      Wish you hustle and achieve your goal.

      – Mohit

  127. I take this opportunity to thank the tremendous step taken by Mohit and team to build a team of digital marketing people.

    I want to be a part of this band wagon with a view to empower the impoverished.
    I will properly learn the hacks and use my knowledge to help people eho want to avail digital marketing but are short with funds.

    It will help my cause to give back to the society !!

    Cheers to innovation 🙂

  128. The Reason why I joined this course is I am eager to know how digital marketing works. Yes I could have read a book but interactive course will be much more fun. I also have a small venture and would love to apply my learning to it and if my venture benefits with the help of this course it will be an added benefit.

  129. Dear Mohit sir,

    I know I am too late in reading and replying to first lesson. Also sad because i had lost a chance to win the book.
    Would like to thank you for all the knowledge you are spreading around.
    i am a sales and marketing professional and as Digital marketing is the latest way to reach your target i wish to upgrade my skills in Digital marketing and use this learning in my career and grow in my organization.



    1. Hi Minakshi,
      Thanks for writing.
      I am sure there will be more chances to win the book 🙂
      Wish you growth and that all you dreams are fulfilled.


  130. Hi am leaving this comment a) to tell u that am reading ur blog b) am looking forward to meatier content in the lessons to come by c) to compliment u for a good start.

  131. Awesome Mohit !!!. Understood “Power of connection”. Really felling lucky to get you connected.

    Thanks ,

  132. I am learning digital marketing to improvise on my digital marketing skills and knowledge.
    As I am student currently, it is helping in advance to maintain and plan out social media marketing activities and strategies.

  133. Hi Mohit,
    Sorry for replying so late :/

    When I enrolled for this course, I was not sure how helpful it might be, but after reading this email, I am sure that I will get to learn a lot.

    I am really interested in marketing, and would like to pursue it in the future. This course would help me in a lot of ways, and I am thankful to you for giving us all this knowledge through this free course.

    Look forward to all the learning! 🙂

    1. No worries Kritika 🙂

      Thanks for being a part of this journey.

      Happy Learning and Growing!

      – Mohit

  134. Dear Mohit,
    Sorry for replying so late :
    We keep hearing about Digital Marketing now days a lot and there is curiosity to learn and use this technology for my current profession.
    I am learning this because some where I felt that if at all I am able to learn… this can be my full time career in digital marketing.
    This course would help me to get into Digital Marketing world and it will be my first step through this, and I am thankful to you for giving us all this knowledge through this free course.

    Look forward to all the learning! 🙂

      1. Thanks Mohit ,First of all Happy New Year to you and your team.I am going through your module and make as a practice.

        Warm Regards,
        Montu Kumar Kalita

  135. Hi Mohit,
    Actually first of all i would like to say sorry because as my exams were on so I was not keeping a track on this program, but now I am free and I read the content its really good and after reading this content I have realized that I had made no mistake by joining this program.. Its really awesome. I am really excited to know more and happy to be part of it.

    Coming to answer the question. I am a science student but I really like to learn all these things and I want to learn this and apply it ..
    Thank You.

  136. I read about Digital Marketing and wanted to know about it, so thought of joining this course.I found it quite informative as i am new to this concept.

  137. Thank you for the opportunity. I love expressing my thoughts through my blog and after close to 2 years of dabbling in Social Media I decided to start my own venture. Having said that, it’s been years since I did a course and when this came along it was the perfect opportunity to learn the finer nuances to become an entrepreneur. I hope I will be able to give it my best and be an excellent social and digital marketeer!
    Thanks and Regards

  138. Hi,
    I am a marketing student and my goal is to become an entrepreneur in the near future. I am exploring new ventures in the field of travel, health and wellness space. I joined this course because though being an MBA student in marketing today, most of the focus is still on the traditional marketing approach and tools, but the times are changing and changing rapidly as you have also mentioned, and hence there is a need for me to up my game and move two steps ahead of my peers. Through this course I wish to get a starting point and then take on further from there. I hope to learn a lot from you guys and implement it in my (to be) job and ultimatley in my own ventures some day soon!

  139. The reason I joined this course is, as you have mentioned at the start of this lesson tht Digital Marketing is the future and is growing leaps and bounds day by day.
    Even after doing an mba in mktng, I am not getting shorlisted only for a simple reason that every industry, be it media, fmcg, hospitality, bfsi, real estate etc want a person who knows about Digital Marketing. Just browisng about Digital Marketing online and knowing few jargons will not create the kind of impact as a course with a mentor or trainer would do and hence I decided to join this course.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Arunima.

      Sure – the course will help you build a solid foundation in digital marketing, given that you invest time to learn and apply.

      Feel free to discuss as we move forward.

      Wish you success 🙂

      – Mohit

  140. I have joined this masterclass because…

    I am readying my battleships to make a dent in the universe with my startup.
    I am preparing for a TED talk on the topic how we can alleviate poverty and achieve world peace.
    I am warming up before I get covered on the Forbes Rich List.
    I am writing my Knighthood acceptance speech.
    I am creating a list of countries PM Modi should visit next.
    I am writing an open letter to Kim and Kanye which enlists 1000 baby names should they plan another child.
    I am drafting a research paper on why Leonardo DiCaprio will never win an Oscar.
    I am saving for my ridiculously expensive yacht.

    But, most of all I am taking this course to give a fighting chance to my tech startup with almost no marketing budget. 🙂

    1. Awesome comment, Hemant.

      Wish your startup finds success beyond your dreams and that you live your other wild dreams as well 🙂

      – Mohit

  141. Although I have been in the technology sector since many years now, I have not utilized the power / potential of digital marketing.

    When you get an opportunity to master digital marketing at your own pace and content delivered to your inbox daily, I think we should grab it with both hands and I think I made the right decision by doing just that.

    1. Welcome Ramesh 🙂 and thanks for sharing your reason.

      I am happy that this course motivated you to learn digital marketing.

      Keep going 🙂

      – Mohit

  142. Hello,
    Its such a exciting thing to be a part of something like this. I’ve done my MBA in marketing and I’m looking forward to learn something which in today’s time is really important. Colleges even today are more about traditional marketing learning than Digital marketing. Who wants to be left out in this competitive world? I would’t. I’m trying to learn digital marketing as I’m working as a freelancer for a handful of companies who have trusted me to make their company a success online. And I’ve put my trust in this course to teach me and make me a better Digital Marketer. I’m excited to learn more. Keep the good work going.


    1. Hey Nikita,

      Thanks for your trust and for sharing your goals.

      Wish you success in your freelancing goals and beyond 🙂

      – Mohit

  143. Hello Mohit sir and team,

    I’m currently in final year of my BTech degree and planning to start my career as a Digital marketer. Whenever I surf online for the study tools, every time I find very scattered information on how to move ahead and what to learn,where to practice. After first lecture, I’m sure this course will help me learn in a wider perspective and answer many queries.
    I would be obliged if you can guide me and many other fresher looking for guidance in digital marketing.

  144. Hi Mohit,

    I’m currently working on a product in a start up that we have scheduled to launch about 20 weeks from now. By taking this 12 week course, I assume I will have some basic practical knowledge of how best to go about marketing my product, to build awareness about it as well as increase it’s visibility.

    Our start up had launched a different product about six months ago, and while that was a great product, sales weren’t as high as we hoped and we think our digital marketing let us down.

    This is why I’m so keen on this course!


    1. Hi Kaushal,

      Looks like you’ve started at the right time.

      I am sure if you apply what you’ll learn then you’ll be able to build good buzz for your startup.

      Also, learning will not stop after 12 weeks… it’ll continue.

      – Mohit

  145. Hi,

    I joined this course to learn how to reach potential customers online for my juice business.

    We make fresh fruit and vegetable juices and home deliver. We started our company 5 months ago and have grown only using word of mouth marketing. In the past two months, my personal network feels tapped out and I know I need to reach out to new people.

    I would love to build a road map and have someone to help me get started!

    Can’t wait for the course!

    1. Hi Sheetal,

      Thanks for sharing and great reason for joining the course 🙂

      An entrepreneur needs to find new audiences and work on growing the business all the time.

      You’ll find a lot of actionable ideas that you can apply to grow your business.

      Learn and apply, learn and apply – and you’ll find growth. Leave out the ideas that are not relevant for you. Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  146. Well, to be frank, I am still searching for best option to go for my career as currently I am working in a traditional MNC company ( 6 yrs work ex)where everything is now monotonous and same stuff has to be done every day..So its now very boring and now it has become intolerable to me to carry forward my traditional job anymore. So looking for best things to nurture my talent so that it will benefit for any startup to hire me since currently I feel I dont have such qualities to be hired by any startup as I have grown old.. :)SO looking forward to learn about this course while doing job and will definitely add in my protfolio.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Mayank 🙂

      I am also looking forward to share with you 🙂

      My suggestion will be to apply to startups now or little later. A lot of people join startups after traditional jobs.

      Identify roles that you fancy joining and then learn as much as possible – about work that one needs to do in that role.

      Until you have real experience – blog about what you are learning on your own. This works as a good talking point when meeting people to discuss new roles.

      Good luck 🙂

      – Mohit

  147. This message is for thanking you for organising such a awesome online course ever.
    Surely this course will help me a lot in many ways as I am already working for online promotional work.
    Till now my growth was at very slow pace in working but I believe this will help me a lot.

    1. Thanks for your trust, Tushar 🙂

      Sure, it’ll help.
      Be sure to apply what you learn and you’ll get good value.

      – Mohit

  148. Hi Mr Mohit,

    It was a nice reading and asking for us to block the dates for the rest of the 12 weeks.
    You can check the website and as co-founder for Medzstop, I take myself in the role of Marketing oops digital marketing and make it the new year 2016 in style with great resolution by trying this effective program.

    It would be nice if you could provide references, certificates and other abilities to put thoughts into actions.
    Thanks and All the best to you too!!!

    1. Thanks Somashekhar!

      Glad that you found the digital marketing learning roadmap useful 🙂

      I checked out Medzstop and wish you growth.

      We offer certifications in our paid programs because it tough to monitor the level of commitment, course completion, assignment submission and checking etc for thousands of learners without committing substantial resources.

      About reference – I am avoiding giving links to any additional resources because these emails and lessons are intensive enough that you’ll have almost no time to go through any additional material.

      Look forward to discuss more with you as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  149. I am an entrepreneur. I don’t have significant knowledge to advertise my product online. Don’t know how to grasp my client. I came to know about Digital Marketing trend in internet world and i hope Digital marketing fulfils my expectation. So i joined this course.

    I am looking forward to learn about digital marketing 🙂

  150. You sir are an inspiration, I am astounded by the number of comments, I thought I’ll just appreciate the work that you are doing. May the force be with you.

    By the way, I love your emails, the story telling style keeps you engrossed.

    I am a Founder at MediaGiri and handle Digital Marketing for various brands, so thought of just staying ahead of the competition with this email driven course.

    1. Siddanth – You are a star 🙂

      Thanks for this loving email.

      I am glad to have you along on this journey and wish that you are able to keep up with next set of emails.

      Wish You and MediaGiri big success.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  151. I love interacting and connecting with people and digital marketing is a big thing.
    Wanted to understand myself what is digital marketing, how it is done.
    I really loved the way the things are explained.
    It simple and easy to understand.
    One think I would love if all participants can also connect with each other.
    Really looking forward to all email.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Vinay 🙂

      Glad you liked the beginning. Looking forward to share more with you.

      Good idea about learner connection. We have thought about creating a community for learners. Hope to execute on it – next time we do this.

      – Mohit

  152. Awesome Raveena 🙂
    and thanks for calling me “awesome”..

    I’m glad to have you along on this journey.

    Paid is not a big part of this course – still I’m sure you’ll learn a lot.

    Thank You 🙂

    – Mohit and entire MasterClass Team

  153. Hello Mohit,
    I am a year old entrepreneur; new to entrepreneurship. One thing I learnt is that we should do marketing and have even a small budget for Marketing. Tony Fernandes of Air Asia said and I quote ‘There is not point in having a Billion Dollar idea and people don’t know about it’.
    My firm provides Training and Consulting. We do cold calling and stuff but realize that it is equally important for interested people to reach and find us as well.
    So to learn the nitty gritties of this entire Digital Marketing and how it goes and yes clearing confusion as different people suggest different things. (Thanks to the first email; it cleared all the doubts).

    Many thanks for this initiative and teaching people how to market in the Digital world which is almost the inseparable part of our daily lives now.

    1. Hi Pratish,

      Thanks for sharing about what you do and your reason to join and good quote by Tony Fernandes. He has create a huge brand with his hustle and marketing – so he knows what he is talking about.

      Glad to know that you found value in the first interaction.
      Hope to share more value with you.

      – Mohit

  154. Hi Mohit,

    After your overview I get to know this course is going to be incredible for me. Professionally, I am a Recruiter and usually I work on attracting people, I think after learning this course I can do awesome things in this field also and Thanks it was pleasure for me to connect with you and your team.

    1. Thanks Rakesh.

      Pleasure to connect with you as well.

      Good luck with your efforts 🙂

      – Mohit

  155. Launched my startup three weeks ago.
    Other than advertising it through friends, family and of course the Whatsapp groups.
    Needed to learn more to expand the reach of my company. (The reason i joined)

    After one lesson, i already have an idea as to how the actual digital marketers work on their product?service. Thanks to the descriptive lesson and also the example stating.
    all that i need to do now is use the assignments and experiment, as stated.

    Prajwal – one twelfth a curious digital marketer (learner :P)

    1. Prajwal,

      I wish that by the end of this year, you become a complete digital marketer 😀

      Continue to learn, apply, experiment and grow.

      – Mohit

  156. Hi Mohit
    First let me thank you all who is part of this course team who is delivering it free of cost.I was very excited to study through email as this is my first digital marketing course through email. I am a MBA student specializing in marketing who is mad about Internet marketing and startups. I have taken classroom lectures and MooC courses in digital marketing but I strongly believe that this course would groom me to the next level.This course involves activity and reading which is very essential for a experiential learning.
    I am confident that this course would make me a smart digital marketer.
    I wish all the participants a great success and learning experience.
    Happy New Year 2016 to all.

    1. Hi Prasanth,

      Thanks for your trust and your wishes.

      Wish your solid learning and growth.

      – Mohit and entire MasterClass Team

  157. Hey! I am a student, pursuing in Computer science. I am a keen hardworking boy who is a lot interested in Web development. Also, i read a lot on it.
    It is very fascinating to know that Digital marketing can actually enhance my skills and my effort on building my websites. I already own a blog and certain links but unfortunately i don’t get much of traffic on that. To solve this problem i believe this is the best possible answer i.e “Digital Marketing”.

    About the first week of your lesson:-
    See, i am new to it and i have not gone through any lesson before and i personally think and believe that this 12-week course is meant for me. I have been reading articles on digital marketing from different sources on web but i dint find a great one like this. You started right from the basics and you had actually covered all the topics keeping in mind that every gets to know, what actually it is. I promise to adhere to the 12-week course and extract the best out of it.

    Thank you. I appreciate your effort.

    1. Hey Ankit,

      Great commitment.
      If you be true to your promise of taking action then you’ll not have the traffic problem means you start getting traffic to your blog.

      Glad to have you along on this journey and excited to share more with you 🙂

      – Mohit

  158. I’ve joined this course as I have recently started a YouTube Channel and a Blog and am planning to build it as a business and sell my products. This digital marketing course would greatly help me with growing it!
    I am looking forward to the course as it definitely seems interesting and I know I’ll learn a lot! Thanks!

    1. Welcome Palguni 🙂

      And, congrats on starting your YouTube Channel, Blog and This Course.

      You’ll definitely learn about growing your blog and others aspects of digital marketing and how to use them to grow your business. YouTube – I’m not sure as it is not covered in the course.

      Keep discussing as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  159. I am a MBA Marketing Graduate who had recently Passed out in last year Currently , I am working in a Start up company named “Blusynergy “. I have joined this course as i am very much passionate about this Digital Marketing course right from the date of joining for my MBA Course . As soon as i got to know about the opportunities and the demand for this course from my faculties and my Seniors , I got pumped up and then is the time where the idea of doing a digital marketing course got cultivated in my mind . I am really glad that i have come across Masterclass Post On Facebook . I am very much thankful to you guys in taking a really great initiative for running a free digital marketing campaign for 12 weeks by sending Online Tutorials for beginners like me . I want to use this learning and the time invested on this for my startup company which i am working for so that i can utilize all my skills to the best of my abilities to promote my start up company . Currently , We had outsourced it to some other marketing agency which i would not like my company to do no longer .

    I hope i would be a full -fledged professional in this Digital Marketing Course after i finish this course under your guidance and make no mistake, It all depends upon the time that i invest on these tutorials which you will send .

    Eagerly Looking forward to Know more about this course 🙂

    Lets stay in touch Mohit.

    Skanda Sandeep.

    1. Hey Skanda 🙂

      Sure, you’ll get a good kickstart for your digital marketing learning with this course.

      Later, I hope you continue to build on it. Keep discussing as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  160. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for an interesting article today. I am heading Innostax Software Labs along with my husband. Its now two years for us in the business and we have built good clients foundation. However, all our client base as of now is through referrals. With digital marketing course I want to understand various other means by which we can get sustainable leads and grow our business further. Before enroling for this course I have been spending considerable amount of time in exploring different ways to build organic growth for the business. This was the whole intent and I am actually comitting myself to keep dedicated time aside for all the study materials and assignments to make beat out of this course.

    Thanks for this initiative!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Snigdha.

      I am sure you’ll get a lot of actionable takeaways from the course.

      Also glad to see your commitment to learning and application 🙂

      In your kind of business a mix of inbound plus outbound efforts will work well.

      Do read “Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross” when you get time – you’ll get lot of relevant insights to grow your startup.

      – Mohit

  161. The reason I took this course is a few days back a read a blog by Karan Bajaj saying one need not do big to become big.We just need to learn 1% extra evryday to grow.For me constantly moving forward and growing are the most things in life.Each day I feel I should do something that makes me end my day saying “Yeah!I dint knew this yesterday” or “Great I did this new today”.
    So this year 2016,I resolved to learning that 1% extra everyday.And then I came across your course on Facebook and I thought what more an oppurtunity can I want?I immediately enrolled into this.
    Currently I am an IT engineer in India and Digital marketing may not directly affect anything in my role.But who knows after this course,I pursue an MBA in this field or the next time any marketing team is discussing something I may provide input and be valued in my company or maybe nothing of these sorts happens.Who knows what happens tomorrow.
    But surely,I will know i have grown that 1%…I know whatz happening in the world a little better tomorrow…I will have more connections tomorrow through this course…I will know how digital marketing works a better tomorrow 😉

    And a great start Mohit and the team preparing the course! Already interested in the course previewing the overview!Kudos to the whole team!! Thank you guyz!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Parul.

      1% extra everyday is a super smart strategy.

      I am sure you’ll get new perspectives. If not at your job, you can use the learning in a side project.

      Wish you are able to follow through with your plans and this course.

      – Mohit

  162. I’m a doctor, really don’t know anything about the program, it sounds very interesting and learning is to experience the extraordinary amazing experience …let’s all enjoy

  163. Hello Mohit,

    Firstly a warm THANK YOU to U & Ur Entire Team that has worked effortlessly in putting up this course in such a simple & easy words that are understandable & gets connect to each & every one who have united here together..
    Be it a student,
    A freshly passed out student,
    An intern in digital marketing like me,
    Or professionals who are working since long..
    U have made it perfectly suitable for every peer group.. Thank you for this platform.. & I appreciate all ur efforts & patience in making this so amazing. ^.^ 🙂

    Digital Marketing is surely the next big thing & every one wants to learn it. But no one is ready to give the proper knowledge of it. Even after spending hardcore money students lack in understanding the concept bcoz D concept is too vast and no1 takes the pain to come to the students level & make them understand things in simple what matters to them is money.
    And here comes u who stand out of the box providing free course and in simple words clearing the concept making it easy to understand.

    U have set an example for all of us as a great mentor..
    I hope by the end of the course in next 12 weeks we too set an example as a great students and stand on your expectations.. 🙂

    And I personally wish to work with u personally in future & learn more from u.. ^.^

    Looking forward to get & be the best.. ^.^

    Thank you.
    With love
    Shahrukh. 🙂

    All the Best. 🙂

    1. Hi Shahrukh,

      Thanks for sharing and for your super awesome wishes.
      Glad that you found it useful.

      I also appreciate the time you took to write this loving comment 🙂

      Keep discussing as we move forward.

      Email me any time.

      – Mohit

  164. Hi Mohit,
    I am a Communication Specialist, Designing Brands and Brand Architecture, Design Thought and Consumer Mind Mapping to create User Experience and Inter-Phase in an ever changing marketplace for over the last 20+ years.

    Although I have developed business strategies for Start-Ups and I believe:-
    a. There is no harm in adding knowledge to ones portfolio. Knowledge and Insight is always welcome, especially from experts like you.
    b. The insight from this course is also to help me start a thinking process of alternatives to further optimise communication to specific target groups which could drive traffic to enhance the e-commerce in the near future as also set the thoughts to create such start-ups/apps. Thus create a WIN-WIN situation for the entrepreneurs and consumers,

    1. Thanks for your comment, VK.

      As you said – the course will add to what you are already doing.
      It will complement your existing knowledge and skill sets.

      – Mohit

  165. Thanks for sharing and i am sure in these 12 weeks we will not only learn the basic of Digital marketing but also technique to follow it..

    Thanks a lot Mohit 🙂

  166. I am a Budding Entrepreneur and a naive writer by hobby.I have always heard about People getting fame, success & the acme resource of all that endeavour is internet.I do have Vision,Mission & lot of Ideas,but didn’t had a proper planning & a right path.When I saw this digital marketing course program,I joint it (as I love gaining knowledge) oblivious about the fact that this is the package of what I was finding in an ambivalent form.Your course will be a stepping stone towards what I want to achieve in my life & seems promising from the first session only. Enrolling into this course was actually destined rather than my own wit decision.(I didn’t knew you,But blessed to know you now.)

    ___Thank You @Mohit Pawar

    1. I am also happy to know you Krishna and also your thoughts 🙂

      Wish you success in all that you do and also that you use the learning in this digital marketing course to move forward with your goals.

      – Mohit

  167. Hi Mohit,
    I have no idea about digital marketing as of such but sounds interesting to me. so, i joined this program to gain knowledge and experience.

    1. Hi Arman,

      It is good to start with a clean slate.
      Hope you find good value.
      This course will help you build a solid foundation in digital marketing – given that you take time to learn and apply.

      – Mohit

  168. I am a software engineer and I am into fmcg sales with blogging and content writing as a hobby, so guess this is the best platform that can help me earn an extra income.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Ankur 🙂

      You’ll get good learning for sure – hope you use the learning to grow your platforms.

      – Mohit

  169. A big “Thank You ” to you for sharing this knowledge wealth with all of us.
    First tutorial was very interactive and cleared my doubts about paid and organic mktg.

    I am eagerly looking forward for your next mail…

    1. My pleasure, Meena 🙂

      Glad that you found the first tutorial useful.

      Will continue to share with you.

      – Mohit

  170. Hi Mohit,
    I join this program because i am about to begin a startup related to photography and i think getting a good audience is very important to share my work with them. Digital marketing (Social Marketing) is a very good platform to start with. And I’m sure that i will learn marketing through this program.
    I am thankful that you started this program.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      I’m glad that you are part of this program.

      You’ll learn a great deal about audience building and more.

      Stay tuned.

      – Mohit

  171. Hi,
    Thanks for this initiative. I am working on a new venture with a new concept in Indian Market, which is being launched in the coming weeks.

    I joined this course, to get the knowledge of the Digital Platform, which is going to be my venture’s working module. This will be helpful for my venture since i need to do both marketing and technical.
    Thanking you in advance for this initiative.

  172. I am here because you left me no choice by putting this comment “By commenting you show that you are committed for your growth.”. It also a good tactic to engage your audience and I believe now that you are one marketer to learn from and trust that you, Sir, will surely provide me one of the several stepping stones to fulfil my dream. Morever my hunger for learning digital marketing is in beast mode these days.

    1. Beast mode is good, Piyush 🙂

      Sure, I’ll be happy to share you what I know.

      And, glad to have you along on this journey.

      – Mohit

  173. I am terrible at marketing be it digital or otherwise. I have a start up company ( photography services) and would like to expand my business and network through digital marketing.

    I strongly believe that no course goes wasted, if done sincerely it will be helpful at some point in life.

    So thank you for adding me to this course Mohit. Hope to learn and implement.

    1. I am sure, Sajitha – you’ll get the hang of it.
      And, soon you will become comfortable with digital marketing and use it to grow your startup.

      Just stick with it.

      – Mohit

  174. Hello there!

    Well, I run an eCommerce startup. Digital Marketing is something which you must need to make any startup successful.
    The reason why I joined to learn from you is I cannot resist from your presentation style and your way to approach people. I always like to learn like you teach.
    This is so great you are already using all the techniques that you are teaching in order to associate more people.
    You make me post a comment which I do not do usually.
    This is what I am learning and will surely implement it to my audience.
    Thank you so much to make me feel good.

    1. Hey Mehul,

      Thanks for much for your much comment 🙂
      It’s special.

      I wish that you learn to teach and share – better than I do.

      Hope you learn and takeaways ideas to grow StayHome.

      – Mohit

  175. Hi Suresh,

    I am glad that you found it and now you are a part of the program.

    Looking forward to share more with you.

    – Mohit

  176. Firstly, it’s been a privilege to make acquaintance with you and I cannot stress enough on how much I enjoyed the articulate mail introducing the nuances of digital marketing.

    Coming to my own introduction, I am originally a writer by trade coming from a Journalism background.

    As fate would have it, I ended up working for a B2B organization dealing with the digital presence of quite a few well known accounts related to Sports in the country.

    I have handled social media handles of Star Sports and the Indian Super League during my one year stint here.

    While content creation is my primary concern, marketing is a huge part of what I do in my job, social media being my playground.

    I know I am good at what I do but would like to maximize my potential by understanding how the marketing domain works. Hence my interest in this programme.

    Hoping to learn more and learn well.

    1. Utathya, I am also glad to know you and connect with you 🙂

      Thanks for sharing about what you do and your reason to join the course.

      I am sure you’ll get good value as the course will complement your marketing and social media skills.

      Keep discussing as we move forward 🙂

      – Mohit

  177. Hey,

    Im a professional Dj and producer. I have joined this course to know what digital and social marketing is, and how I can use it for my or any other artist’s promotion. I know the fact that “Jo Dikhta hai wohi bikta hai” and by joining this course will definitely give me knowledge to make my presence felt online. I was a little sceptic about what the course is but after I read this overview about digital marketing, it cleared all the doubts. I know by the end of this course I will be having a clear idea of what digital marketing is and how i can market my music. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge and that too for free.


    1. Love note – From one music lover to another:

      Hey Tejas,

      Sure, you’ll get good value.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  178. Dear Mohit

    On the onset thanks a lot for providing this exposure into the field of Digital Marketing.

    For a medico like me my exposure to IT and Digital World is very limited. So when I started my startup which is about the healthcare consultancy the first challenge i faced was reaching my target audience about which you spoke today. I paid money also for SEO and AdWords but realized that unless i personally know about these things i wont be able to achieve the target which i had set in mind.

    The agency told about many things about the working of how SEO will work and how the website position keep rotating on the google search. But obviously I was not able to understand how it work because of my limited exposure to digital world.

    So when i saw your post regarding a opportunity to learn Digital Marketing I saw this as an opportunity to understand the world of digital marketing and I must say from this very first class i can start understanding few terms related to digital marketing and hope as the classes progress i will be able to get more info and start handling the marketing of my startup by myself.

    So with a hope that these classes will surely help me with expanding my startup network.

    And i just want to tell one thing, after your first class i will today itself try my first blog and when your class about it come i will refine my work

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Dear Salil,

      Thanks for sharing about your startup and your reason to join.

      You are in unique position to get a lot of value from this course.
      More so because you have tried working with an agency and tried doing SEO – so you know what does not work.

      Also read “E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber when you get time. You will get a lot of ideas about growing your startup.

      Wish You and PharsSurg tremendous growth.

      – Mohit

      I am really happy to see your commitment.
      Do send me your blogpost URL once you send me.

  179. Hi,
    Sorry for the late comments as I was busy in my business dealings.
    I joined ‘Digital Marketing course’ because of following reasons –
    1) I have my own startup(1.5 years old) – – An online self event management cum e-commerce portal. I am a chemical engineering graduate so i literally no experience in computer field. Still, i managed to learn SEO, Facebook Adwords, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and some other things on my own. The effectiveness can be checked by writing – ‘gk resort’ and ‘gm resort zirakpur’ , my site ranks higher than Justdial and i have done this with no one’s help as i was the lone founder and an avergae daily organic visits of 150-200, but I still feel i lag behind the best Digital Marketing campaigns (because i have had done it best, then you would have already known about it). My website reach is not so good and i have spent atleast Rs 10,000 on campaigns (FB and Google ). P.S – Facebook shows fake likes and comments.
    I have to learn it anyhow so that i can beat my competitors because my material is good, so why not rank above others?
    2) When i tried to opt for a digital marketing course like Digital vidya and others, they are way too expensive . They charge as high as Rs 70,000 which I can’t pay as my current situation don’t allow me to.
    3) It might help me to get a good tech co-founder which i have not been able to find.
    4)Even if my startup doesn’t work out, i still find the field of Digital Marketing & Analytic interesting and this course might help me to get advanced in this field and get a job at a later stage.
    5) I intend to start writing a blog about my experiences and i want people to know about it ( They are very interesting! lol..) – again ‘REACH’!

    I didn’t wrote it to get a book as a gift or so but just to show how much this free course mean to me and if it could actually enrich my knowledge which i can apply to my Business!

    Thanks to the Whole Team! Kudos!
    Happy Learning! 🙂

    1. Kudos to your spirit, Bisman Preet.

      I know how tough it can be for a solo founder – specially when you are trying to start something for first time.

      Even then – I am happy to see how far you’ve come. You have tried to make it work – and you’ve launched something. It is better than tons of “wannapreneurs”.

      This course will give you a lot of actionable ideas. Make sure that you apply all those ideas that you think will help you.

      Do not think about the job for at least a year – if you can – and go all in on your start – learn, apply, make mistakes – learn, apply – move ahead. You’ll come out richer on all fronts.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      Wish you growth and success.

      – Mohit

  180. Hi Mohit Sir,
    I’m an architecture student and planning to start something,I am amazed how the online business is running and I’m keen to understand how the digital world is running and how a business can grow. I’m greatfull to know about this course and happy to learn and understand the implementation of the various platforms offered to us.
    Thank you for sharing your immense knowledge.

    1. Hi Sanjana,

      I am glad to share and to see your willingness to learn 🙂

      One of my friends – Cathryn – studied architecture in UK and later turned an entrepreneur – eventually succeeding big time.

      I’ll share about her in one of the lessons.

      – Mohit

  181. I have joined this program because I do a bit of marketing strategies at work and I strongly feel that digital marketing is a main tool which people will look forward to invest in, so I felt it is a real good opportunity to be a part of this program to develop and implement digital marketing skills as this will be a necessity soon.

  182. Far back, Parle rightly summed it up in ParleG’s Ad – Curiosity se bada koi teacher nahi ( Curiosity is your biggest teacher ).

    Yes, CURIOSITY to learn something new is the reason why i joined this course. Though I am specialising in finance during my Bachelors, I have understtod that a entrepreneur should be a Jack of all Trades. Though not for immediate benefit, I plan to use learnings from this course along with that from the Retail Analytics.

    In simple words, I want to keep experiencing new things. You never know when it will make an impact in the future.

  183. I have been in love with internet since it’s inception!
    The way it has revolutionized our lifestyle is exemplary. Being fascinated by marketing, I have always been curious of exploiting internet as tool to lure people’s choices.
    This digital marketing course shall be a catalyst in learning these skills, helping me develop a more indepth technical aspect and build on the existing strategies of marketing.
    Hoping for something really fantastic ahead!

    1. Glad to see your enthusiasm, Kshitiz 🙂

      Hope to live up to your expectations.

      – Mohit

  184. I have joined this course because I feel that there are so many things in life that are beyond you and me. It’s connection, human interaction via means of digital communication and having a beneficial bonding between customers and their benefactors. It’s a global mean to achieve and reach out as far as possible by using the least effort. Thank you Mohit sir, for this opportunity and I hope we all can achieve and reach out for the stars via our hardwork and this course.

    1. “Reach out for the stars.”

      Well said, Harpreet.

      I am sure with your hardwork and dedication – you’ll get a good value from the course.

      Keep going 🙂

      – Mohit

  185. Hi Mohit,

    Of late, I have realized the importance of learning Digital Marketing as opposed to just *social media* marketing. I jumped onto your course as soon as I read about it. And here’s the reasons for doing so:

    1) You’re an Indian. Yes, it matters. A lot. Startups in India are targeted towards Indian audience. And I expect to learn from you how best to curate our approach and content according to Indian youth. One of them is through your own emails to us!

    2) As from your first email itself, it is evident that I shall learn about all forms of Digital Marketing other than media marketing. This is just so much important. I have recently started my WordPress blog and still writing my first blog post 😛

    3) This course is coming directly from a seasoned Digitial Marketer himself; NOT from an Institute! This itself has a lot of value attached to it.

    4) The last but very important; you’ve made it FREE! And you’ll win many accolades for it. I’m prepared to learn as much as I can; from you 🙂 And hopefully stay connected for a longer time.

    Good luck,
    Shivi Aggarwal

    1. Thanks so much, Shivi 🙂

      Awesome comment.

      Glad to know that this course is a good match for your goals.

      Sure, we’ll stay connected and hope that you get good value.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  186. Thanks for sharing, Aneeta 🙂

    Glad that you liked it and sure you will find actionable ideas to grow the brands you work with.

    Keep discussing as we move forward.

    – Mohit

  187. Namaste Mohit Sir,

    I have been in sales and marketing for few years now. I have done lot of direct sales which involves lot of travelling, cold calls etc which I feel is gradually becoming redundant and digital marketing is gradually becoming essential.
    My knowledge about digital marketing is very limited and hence tried to acquire knowledge regarding this, but in vain.
    I did not wanted to miss this God sent opportunity to become a good digital marketeer and I am looking at changing my career and looking to enter as an entrant in the field of digital marketing.
    Thank you Sir
    Warm regards

    1. Namaste Arvind 🙂

      Welcome onboard.

      Your expertise in sales (with outreach and cold calling etc) + digital marketing can become a lethal combination.

      My suggestion will be to leverage digital marketing to grow in your current career path – rather than starting afresh as a digital marketer. Once you become confident about your digital marketing skills in 1-2 years – You can take up a broad marketing role (where digital marketing skills are needed) as a middle manager.

      Keep discussing as we move forward.

      – Mohit

    1. Sure Nizam 🙂

      Good luck.

      You can use the learning in this course to do that.

      Keep discussing as we move ahead!

      – Mohit

  188. Hi Mohit,

    I was looking for a digital marketing course that will help me create a map for launching a website and do marketing for it. I have a few ideas and want to earn through affiliate marketing.I believe I have come to the right place to learn to create a digital marketing strategy. I promise to remain involved with this course diligently for 12 weeks and launch my first website by the end of this course. Kudos for creating this course!

    Wishing all the best to you and everyone enrolled for this course.


    1. Thanks so much, Kapil 🙂

      You will get a lot of value from this course – more so with your commitment.

      Keep discussing as we move ahead.

      – Mohit

  189. Hi Mohit sir,

    Thank you for making us acquainted with such a knowledgeable and wonderful opportunity. I am currently working in Zomato Media Pvt Ltd. one of the top e-commerce startups globally in the HR department. I certainly believe that to hire a candidate in the Marketing department one needs to first understand about it first to get the best talent pool for the company. Learning this course on Digital Marketing will give me a global perspective to think to various key issues as well as get the best talent pool to a startup and further help in the growth of the company.
    This course will rightly make me aware of the “Content marketing” which is one of the essential platform for an e-commerce company.

    One such phrase i would like ot quote :
    “We are always one percent done”

    1. Surbhi,

      The idea to learn digital marketing so that you can do your job well is awesome. If you learn to do your job well a lot of opportunities open up both inside and outside.

      Once you learn digital marketing – you can strike interesting conversations with potential candidates and also probe better to get good talent for your company.

      Keep up this learning spirit and I can see you building a startup 🙂

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  190. Digital Marketing is definitely the In-thing in today’s tech world.

    Taking just one example of many, 10 years ago, who would have even imagined that groceries, fresh fruits & veggies would be delivered at our doorstep, at the mere click of a button, without even breaking a sweat. Now, this is where Digital Marketing has played its role in making people’s lives easier and better.

    Yes, the last couple of years, the concept of Digital Marketing has advanced itself to such an extent, that even people who had nothing to do with it, started taking notice of it, and began making their lives out of it, and at the same time, unleashing the true potential of this amazing tool.

    Now, ever since this concept started gaining popularity, I was really interested to do a course on it, but due to my Work related commitments, I never could give it much thought.

    But now that Master Class has come up with such a wonderful initiative, I wouldn’t like to miss this golden opportunity, and would like to make full use of it.

    I have committed myself to be completely dedicated to this course, and I am definitely not going to take it for granted.

    I am really looking forward to gaining as much insight about Digital Marketing from this course as possible, and use it to open a new, fascinating world
    of opportunities for me, and contribute to making the world a easier place to live in.


    P.S I honestly don’t think I can come up with a better reason as to why I would like to pursue this course. Lolz 🙂

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for this well written comment.

      This is a good enough reason to join this digital marketing course.

      With your commitment, I am sure you’ll get tons of value.

      – Mohit

  191. From the first look of it, this course certainly looks promising! So, congratulations to the team.

    And to answer the two questions… I have been a digital media professional for five years dealing with content. They say content is the king, but marketing is the queen. That explains the importance for a person like me to know it in and out. This course will definitely help me up my ante and better the future prospects for me in my stream. So, I definitely look forward to use the knowledge acquired through this course in my professional life as and when I can.

    I wish you guys and everyone who has enrolled for this course, all the best.


    1. Thanks so much, Almas 🙂

      Glad you liked it.

      Keep discussing as we move ahead.

      – Mohit

  192. I would like to cite my reasons for joining this marketing course in simple points mentioned below
    first is that I will learn to listen. yes listening, it is the best way to maximize opportunities, leverage relationships and connect to people. by this course I think I will start to learn how to really listen and that’s a good thing no matter what you do.
    Second is that I will learn to make better decisions. A huge part of marketing means interpreting the data to understand and target the right segments of an audience which is also known as decision-making. by the end of the course, I think I would be having great decision-making skills.
    Third and the final reason for joining the course is that it would make me more aware. the biggest trait of a marketer is to be aware of what’s going on and with this course, I think I would be completely aware of what’s going on in the digital marketing industry.
    thankyou for making me a part of such an amazing initiative.

    1. Welcome Rohit.

      And, thank you for being a part of this initiative 🙂

      Interesting reasons to join. I can totally relate to the idea of becoming aware about what’s going on. Listening better and making better decisions – may take more than this course. But, I’ll happy if the course kickstarts that in anyway possible.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  193. Hello Mohit Sir,

    I’m currently pursuing my MBA in bengaluru, I plan to take marketing as my major specialization. I have always had a liking for digital marketing as i own a couple of fb pages but never quite got the traffic that i wanted/expected. That is when i saw this great oppurtunity and i grabbed it . I really hope this will help me in the future. I consider this to be a baby step towards my dream of starting a company in the near future but its a step in the right direction.
    I’d like to conclude by saying
    “Marketing should go where the people are and the people are ONLINE”- thats WHY “DIGITAL MARKETING”

    1. Welcome and well said, Gokul.

      The magic of all learning (and this course) is that we are all at different stages of growth – so there is possibility of sharing and growing 🙂

      In this course – there are people who barely use digital marketing or Facebook for business; You are there with FB pages with some traffic; and then there savvy digital marketers who manage large customer communities and who own (or manage) FB pages with millions of likes.

      I am sure this course will help you build a better marketer and also give you knowledge and skills – that you can use as a startup founder when you decide to go on that road.

      – Mohit

  194. Hello Mohit,
    I have joined this course because of the following reasons:-
    1. want to know more (in depth) about digital marketing.
    2. get opportunity to connect with all fertile potential members of the group and be a part of healthy discussion.
    3. its free of cost and want the free BOOKS tooo 🙂

    use of learning
    1. Soon going to start my mom’s business digitally.
    2. Going to set the platform for my upcoming business plans.
    3. Knowledge never go waste, it will gonna create something worthy.

    thanks in advance for such a lovely program and books!!!
    warm regards
    Avijit Dabkara

    1. Hello Avijit,

      Solid reasons to join.

      Wish you learn and apply what you learn to grow your mom’s business; and later leverage it to build your own platform.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

      1. thanks a lot Mohit, for last week and creating huge expectations.
        but i didn’t get this week module.

        Avijit dabkara

        1. Welcome Avijit 🙂

          I’ll send current week’s module tomorrow,
          and future updates every Tuesday.

          – Mohit

  195. One simple reason to save my job so that I am able to earn bread for my family. I am currently not employable as far as my skills are concerned and I need to upskill myself to be employable for another 30 years. This Digital Marketing course is in that direction. Will help me to understand what is different in Digital – we still used to do similar activities earlier also – is Digital just one another channel with shorter time frame for each of the activities in Marketing or is it just hype or is it really something different. I want to know answer of this question by end of this course.

    1. Hi Piyush,

      Great idea – to upskill yourself 🙂

      Learning and evolution needs to continue to stay relevant and to keep growing.

      You are right – marketing basics remain the same. Digital media gives marketers the benefits of reach, audience segmentation and effective measurement of results. This is a huge advantage for savvy marketers.

      I am answering you questions now – so that you’ll not have to wait till the end of the course – “It is not hype”. Those who understand it – can leverage digital marketing for big gains.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

      I wish that you stick with it and use to grow.

      – Mohit

  196. Am thinking of a start-up from very long time in the field of education/coaching. The only hurdle am facing is lack of resources and time. Once this would sort out, I will START!

    Mostly all start-ups need marketing whether small or big scale and to do that, a capital is required.

    Digital Marketing provides enough channels to target your audience and at minimal capital investment. However, to choose right channel, how to use those channels and to understand techniques and concept behind made me enrolled in this course.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Welcome Vivek 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your reason to join.

      I am really happy to know about your startup dream.

      Wish that 2016 be the year when you start on entrepreneurial journey.

      My suggestion will be to start sharing knowledge (through a simple blog) with an intent to reach out to your future customers. For this – a good starting point will be to start answering common queries these prospective customers have. That way you’ll have an audience who will be willing to buy from you – once you launch.

      They’ll buy from you; because they trust you. They will trust you because of your knowledge sharing.

      Share useful knowledge –> Win Trust –> Help Your Customers (Get results they want) –> Earn Money.

      All the best!

      – Mohit

  197. First of all thank you for taking this initiative of providing free digital marketing course. I m a serial entrepreneur and for me learning is a never ending process. So the moment i saw the post for free course delievered in email, i signed up for it. Since the course is offline it heLPS people lIke me to to fulfill our dreams to be educated at our time.

    We are in process of launching a startup and this one comes across as the right tool at the right time to help us with digital marketing.

    Thank you once again. I have downloaded the sheet and getting ready to book my slots..:-)

    1. Welcome Chetan 🙂

      Glad you saw it and joined.

      Wish you success with your new startup.

      I am sure you’ll get good value – because you are already taking action.

      – Mohit

  198. Sir,
    For me it’s because I want to make a good stand in youtube. As we newbies upload some videos it never shows up in top search results. Cause we are not popular and people in youtube don’t know us. So I love to have ur first lesson. It’s great. And I will learn more from you.

    1. Hi Amit,

      Glad you the first lesson.

      Not too sure about YouTube; because social is not covered in the course. But you’ll get good value about other aspects of digital marketing.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  199. Okay. I’ll be very honest why I chose this course. There are few reasons behind it right from the beginning.
    1. Like every random post on the Facebook groups, Vidhi Pandey also posted about this course. So I commented saying I’m really interested in this course. I usually do this but never really got a reply. Fortunately, the next morning I got a mail from her. So the first impression was really good. I usually find Dr.Batra’s or How to find your love of life mails in my Gmail and this time it was really good to see her mail.

    2. Instant response from both Mohit and Vidhi Pandey, which I really admire.

    3. It’s a free course. Most of them put their course as a free registration and but they aren’t. This is such a nice move from them. Kudos!

    4. Oh I’m a startup enthusiast and always fascinated about the term Digital Marketing and SEO etc. This is really a brilliant opportunity for me to learn something new.

    5. Oh and the first lesson was really good. Keep it up. Huge expectations ahead.

    1. Thanks so much Prasanna for this awesome comment 🙂

      I am glad that you noticed the post by Vidhi and got in.

      Hope to meet your expectations.

      Keep discussing as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  200. It was awesome mohit,
    learning something new, actually want to promote the ngo to which i belong, and in very digitial way

    1. Thanks Kruti 🙂

      I am sure you’ll get a lot of actionable ideas to promote your NGO.

      All the best!

      – Mohit

  201. Hi Mohit,

    First of all let me thank you for the initiative taken by you.

    The reason for me to join is, as seen (My Websites) I have an unique product line and the pitch goes in 3 different verticals.

    These are GO GREEN products with customised options which are beneficial to both corporate and individuals. And moreover can be catered to all types of industries.

    Though we have outsourced a team to promote our product line via prints, tv, on-line etc., I strongly recommend digital marketing.

    Now though the team does their job, it would be more beneficial if I master this unique technique of Digital Marketing. And that is why I am here to observe and learn.

    Once again thank you for the effort and wish you the very best.

    Raymond Rosario

    1. Welcome Raymond 🙂

      It is a great reason to join.
      As a leader if you know how digital marketing works – you can ask right questions and guide the team to leverage it to grow your websites / business in the right way.

      I noticed you are running three websites. My suggestion will be to merge these product lines in one website (if the product lines are related). That way you’ll get better value out of your efforts.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      Thanks for your wishes!

      – Mohit

  202. I joined this program to build my small business (lot’s of people call it a ‘Start-up’), which aims to reach out to Indian parents in the Middle-east. Looks to be my calling, after many many years of corporate work.

    1. Hi Manoj,

      Thanks for sharing.
      And, glad to have you along on this journey.

      Now that you seem to have found your calling 🙂 wish this digital marketing course helps you take your messages and brand far and wide – ultimately creating a successful and self-sustaining business.

      – Mohit

  203. Hello Mohit,

    Thank you for taking time and offering us this wonderful course.
    I am a doctor by profession and have my on startup which is taking babysteps.
    needed to understand the power of Digital Marketing to get it running.
    We are in the process of developing a portal for emotional and mental health.
    Wanted insights and understanding as to how i can market it. currently being bootstrapped makes advertising budgets almost nil.
    your offer was too good and so joined the course to see how we can make it large.
    Hoping to learn and implement strategies from you.

    1. Hello Bhavi,

      Welcome onboard 🙂

      And, thanks so much for your comment and sharing about your startup.
      NIMH ( ) and to some extent WebMD ( ) – has top content in this space. I am sure you already know about this. You can observe some of the tactics they are using and apply in your case. Interesting brand name and logo – I liked them both.

      Stick with it and apply what you learn.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  204. Hello Mohit and Team,

    Yes DM works in real! connects to people as you have said in the lesson #1 (Now we all are connected, this is like a “small digital family”). I work as an search engine optimizer in a start up company, which deals with US federal related webinars, and i joined here as an fresher, now i have quite experience with the same with time. I always wanted to join a course to be edified with digital marketing and seo, had searched online and offline courses with which i have never got satisfied but when i joined this course and got my lesson #1 done i really “got it”. I am really happy and satisfied. I am hoping the best things in future lessons.

    I really appreciate your concern to reply each and every comment, “You are Massive Good” 🙂 I salute for your “knowledge sharing”. Trust me “not everyone” can do this. Stay blessed and keep sharing your knowledge.

    Cheers to you and to the team 🙂

    1. Love this comment, Nirup 🙂

      Welcome onboard!

      Thanks for sharing about your work and for your wishes.

      I see replying to you as my duty. So, I try to reply whenever possible.
      After inviting you here – I feel it is the right thing to do to acknowledge and write if I can add something to the conversation.

      Wish you lots of success now and later.

      – Mohit and Team MasterClass

  205. Why should I join this course?
    My prime reasons
    I am at the age of 30- a Diploma Engineer – in Electronics & Communication
    I have joined my family business – which is very small unit
    I am just little bit aware of all the things which you have written in your Lesson #1.
    How can I use this learning?
    I want to grow my family business using your advise.e.g. SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Content marketing, Blogging etc.
    I need to be up dated with the world.
    I want to make a specific digital channel plan.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Rushabh.

      Never too late to start.

      You have a solid reason to learn and apply.
      Hope you stick with it and make yourself and your family proud.

      Good luck!

      Feel free to discuss.

      – Mohit

  206. I have taken up this course because I am in the field of Digital Marketing firstly. Secondly I have always been fascinated by how it works and why is there so much hype around it, until I kind of became a part of that hype. Moreover I am 9 months pregnant and due any day from now, but going through these articles is what I also look forward to as I also await the birth of my new baby.

    Thanks Mohit!!

    1. Welcome Christine 🙂

      And, congrats on your happy news! Thanks for sharing about it.
      Wish you safe and exciting times ahead.

      Enjoy the lessons for now and apply once you get back in groove.
      Email me now or later to discuss.

      Lewis Howes – now a famous author and digital entrepreneur – got his start in the online world when he was at sister’s home, nursing a small injury.

      Yours is a good new and You may not have so much time on hand after baby’s birth – still you can use whatever time is available – to learn and grow.

      Best wishes!

      – Mohit

  207. Joined this for becoming a kickass digital marketer. After 1st session, i can easily say this, the language you use is one of the most simplistic & to the point (reader can relate to) as compared to a lot of the other content available online.

    Excited to go thru all of the sessions . Cheers.


    1. Thanks so much, Hitharth 🙂

      Glad you could relate to it and found value.

      More to come. Stay tuned!

      – Mohit

  208. First of all thanks for adding me in this progrm .
    Professionally am in Marketing field for last 8yrs and took 2yrs professional break due to personal reasons. Currently I want to join back work but unfortunately it’s been almost a year of not getting opportunities with any company. In today’s timeline Online Marketing is more focus area compare with offline marketing for any product/services. Here, let me admit that I lack the most in online marketing. I thought of joining digital marketing course but I restricted myself due to heavy fees by institutes. Mystically, last Saturday I saw the post for free online marketing learning, without any second thought i shoot out mail and within few minutes added to this great learning progm.
    I must say here that I am very much optimistic right now as this progm along with your book will surely going to add value to grab a job in near future and this knowledge will also gonna help me to secure my finances again.

    1. Welcome Aarti 🙂
      Good to know more about you and your work.
      I am sure that you’ll learn a good deal if you apply what you learn.
      Take my help and email me anytime to discuss.
      Wish you get back to work soon with a good company.
      – Mohit

  209. Hello Mohit Sir,

    Sorry for the delay in response.
    Firstly I would like to thank you for teaching us Digital Marketing.
    I am feeling so surprised after taking your first lesson only, because before two days back I had no idea about Digital Marketing. Now I am getting knowledge about Digital Marketing.
    Looking forward for more knowledge !!

    Thank You So Much Sir

    1. Welcome Sunita 🙂
      I am so glad that you are finding value and have started learning.
      Feel free to email me anytime.
      – Mohit

  210. Hi Mohit,
    It was great to understand about Digital Marketing. I know its gonna be the real future than traditional B2B marketing. Thanks for offering such a course.
    Looking forward to upcoming sessions.


  211. What is life without Facebook? This is not my question but question asked by my young cousin.
    Send me your report on whatsapp! so told my doctor.
    Follow me on twitter! asked my industry guru in a conference meet.
    I get to see my son’s pics via Instagram/FB before I get to see them at home.
    My wife is not ready to go to any restaurant unless it is given some stars or moons (eventhough she never like cosmology) at some place called Zomato.
    When booking movie tickets, laundry, deliver food/groceries I was told to go to some app which apparently is available on some online store of a phone.
    I am told Google University is offering so many courses for free that you may not even need to go to college in future.
    All old movies that my dad misses are available on internet. Some of them are not even available in market.
    They say world’s encyclopedia has changed from a small book to acres and acres of server space and accessible via Google.
    And list is endless

    After hearing all of these comments (and some more) is when I realized where world is moving. It is moving to some place called cyberspace. It has left me perplexed. I am as lost as Matt Damon was in Mars or Interstellar. I feel I am losing my identity just like he did in Bourne triseries. Sometimes reaching this digital platform feels like as if Max Da Costa is trying to reach Elysium.
    They say if you want to sell anything now, you not only have to house them in your brick and mortar place but store them with something called server. It is then available to average joe by click of a button. I just wish I could use a magic wand and turn into that button and guide them to me. But like none of wishes were ever fulfilled by magic I realize this won’t either. I think in lieu of magic wand I have found Mohit. Hopefully he will list Ten Commandments of this new age bible and guide me to a whole new world.

    1. Super awesome Aditya 🙂

      And, welcome onboard.

      That’s a big ask – I’ll try.

      Write more if you don’t already do it.

      I wish you get tons of value from this course.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  212. Hi mohit, thanks a lot for the first lesson. Sorry for the delay in commenting. I want to learn digital marketing to reach the maximum number of people and try and stay ahead of the game. As you rightly showed, the future is online and therefore we must change according to the new rules of the game. I really would like to know the technicalities so that in the future, even if i intend to hire someone to handle this department i know that e/she is not taking me for a ride and i can give wholesome suggestions and contribute meaningfully

    1. Thanks for sharing, Manthan 🙂

      Solid reason to learn.

      Keep discussing as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  213. Hi Mohit,

    Thank You !
    It was really a great overview to learn the basic of digital marketing which will enable me to understand the digital medium for my startup.

    My focus will be mainly to learn the online medium to target the customer and gather more traffic to my newly founded startup.

    I am really looking forward to learn the digital marketing and it is part of my new year resolution.


    1. Wow Anunay.

      How awesome that to learn digital marketing is your new year resolution.

      I’ll be with you as you work towards it.

      Feel free to discuss.

      – Mohit

  214. Hi Mohit,

    First of all thanks for adding me in this program .

    It was great to understand about Digital Marketing. Thanks for offering such a course. I want to be a Digital Marketing Specialist. Looking forward to upcoming sessions.


  215. Hi Mohit,

    Thank you for your insight in Digital Marketing. I want to be a freelance Digital Marketing Specialist. Thank you for adding me to this program. Looking forward to the next 12 weeks of knowledge enhancement.



    1. Welcome Kaushik 🙂

      I am happy to see you join the program.

      Looking forward to share with you for 12 weeks and more.

      Hope you get tons of value.

      – Mohit

    1. Thanks Shivsagar 🙂

      Video – no. Not in this version.

      We offer interactive learning in our paid courses.

      Hope you get the value you are looking for in current format.

      Best Wishes!

      – Mohit

  216. Dear Mohit
    Firstly thanks for sparing time to teach us this topic.
    To answer your query, “Why this course and how I plan to use this learning?”
    This year I committed to invest in myself and have decided on a few topics and as marketing happened to be one topic that I have in my list. As a believer of things will happen, if you strongly believe in them, I got to know of this course through facebook! So here I am. My goal is to have a startup and this is an investment I am making to learn what it takes to understand the market, how to get customers and so on…

    Your introduction was awesome and if this is how the course is going to be, then I am sure it’s going to be a great learning from me.

    Even if I don’t win the book, I’ll buy it, which I am sure is one of the objective of you conducting this course 😉

    Thanks again buddy, look forward to meet you more through rest of the course and your book and maybe in person.

    Wish you well and all the very best.


    1. Welcome Vijay 🙂

      Great decision to invest in yourself.
      And, glad you liked the intro.
      I am sure you will get continued value.

      Also, thanks for your offer to buy the book.

      Sure, we’ll stay connected.

      Best wishes!
      – Mohit

  217. Hi,
    I’ve decided to join this course because of the vastness of digital marketing. I’m a beginner in this field and aim to get valuable insight into each of the ways in which digital marketing could be of use. I shall later use this knowledge to probably specialize in one/few.
    Also, I’m currently working with a FIVE STAR LUXURY chain hotel in the Sales&Marketing Department and also plan on starting up two of my own firms.
    This would greatly help in that too!
    Also, the comment, honestly, is to try and get hold of you book! However, everything mentioned in the same, is completely true! Straight from my heart 🙂

    1. Hi Karan,

      Thanks for – the Straight from your heart comment 🙂
      And, solid idea – to get the big picture and then to specialize in one or two areas. That’s really smart.

      Good luck for your entrepreneurial dreams.

      Keep discussing as we move ahead.

      – Mohit

  218. Hi Mohit,

    Oh boy! those were lot of comments up there. Really appreciate the efforts you and your team have put in for this course 😀
    Well, the reason I am here is because I need to build my Career in Social Media Marketing, after series of internships and job changes, there are things which I know, but there are lot of things which I know I should know. Hence I believe that it will surely help me land in a very good place after this.

    P.S. The Crazy Intern 😛
    Looking forward to Learn!

    Thanks 😀

    1. Thanks so much Richa 🙂

      Comments are by only a fraction of people who are part of this learning community. I am thankful for everyone ( including You) who has taken time to share their dreams, their reasons to join this digital marketing course and more.

      Sure, you will come out richer in knowledge. Social Media Marketing is not the focus here but you’ll learn a good deal about other important aspects of digital marketing. Make sure that you apply what you learn and continue to learn after initial 12 weeks.

      Keep going 🙂

      – Mohit

  219. Hello Mohit.

    First of all I’d like to thank you so much for such an ease explanation and worthwhile content. I didn’t know about digital marketing until now however I feel somehow we are always associate with it in our life somewhere or around. I worked for an online gaming company before and it has a separate department as marketing department. Their task is just make the website on the top number 3 position in search engine. Well, being a support executive I never had have chance to know about all this. Best of my knowledge they were doing both paid and organic marketting. Most of the online player were affiliated from different website and some were signed up to website by default. Recently, I got a job call from Google adwords, will be appearing the interview soon. I’d highly appreciate if you send a copy of your book and I believe it will help me in a great deal not only to crack the interview but also in my life going forward. By the way, I don’t mind to pay full price of the book. Once again thank you so much, keep up the good work.

    Sincerly ,

    1. Hello Chandan,

      Welcome onboard 🙂

      I am happy that you are finding value in the course.
      Thanks for sharing your career journey and understanding of digital marketing so far. Many of us start on the sidelines or in one area within digital marketing. My first brush with the digital world was in the form of web publishing.

      Good luck for your career and the interview.

      – Mohit

  220. Hi Mohit,

    I am really glad that you and your team is putting so much efforts to share necessary knowledge about Digital Marketing like this. I am keenly interested in knowing more about this course. And I am sure at the end of this session, this will help me to land in Digital Marketing career.

    Kudos Guys… Looking forward to your mail! 🙂

    1. Hi Nikita,

      I am glad to ready your comment 🙂

      Welcome onboard!

      The course will help you build a solid foundation in digital marketing which I am sure can be one of the things – you can leverage for landing a digital marketing job.

      If I were You or a beginner or a working professional – with access to this course – here is what I’d do:

      1. Get started with the course.
      2. Investment time and be consistent about applying my learning.
      3. Share my learnings through a blog.
      4. Identify my dream jobs while going through this course.
      5. Find connections inside companies where your dream jobs exist.
      6. While building these connections – go for more focused / guided learning by joining a paid course.
      7. Simultaneously start applying to jobs.
      8. Meet people , attend interviews – rinse and repeat until you get the job.
      9. Stay in a job for 1-2 years if a beginner – 3-5 years if a seasonal professional to keep moving ahead for new challenges and better opportunities.
      10. Keep on investing yourself by learning and helping others so that opportunities start coming to you.

      Good luck!

      – Mohit

  221. Hello Mohit,

    I really appreciate the initiative and efforts done in a successful launch of your course in digital marketing. The reason for joining this course is very simple to enhance my knowledge in digital marketing and how efficiently I can use digital marketing techniques in my daily work routine. What more I am looking forward to know is how to create a high converting website, ads and analytics from customer-centric approach.
    I really wish you all the best and more successful launches in future.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hello Priyanka,

      I appreciate You for being a part of this course 🙂
      The real success for this course will be – when you’ll find yourself with well-rounded knowledge and feel confident about your digital marketing skills after going through this course.

      I am sure you’ll find value and will be able to learn what you aim for it – given that you invest time and make an effort to apply what you learn.

      – Mohit

  222. Learning at any age is always good and something like this which can help you reduce the stress of travelling and engage customer through few clicks is worth learning.
    So I have enrolled for this program to use my time in a smarter way.

    1. Hi Rishi,

      I am glad you made this smart choice 🙂
      Now the next smart thing will be to apply what you are learn.
      Take my help to do it.

      Good luck 🙂

      – Mohit

  223. Hi Mohit
    In a world that is so competitive and money minded, you have offered us an opportunity to learn amd that too free of cost.
    Kudos to you on that.
    I have been a blogger for 4 years now. In fact more than 4 years. I started my personal blog in 2006 and have had a fashion blog since 2011. However I feel like a lot more newbie bloggers have overtaken me. While I am okay not being a part of the race, it sometimes bugs me that despite quality content I am not able to get the sort of reach that I would like. This year I have decided to take up blogging full time and well I really need the blog to grow. That’s why I have taken up this course. For the sake of my blog.
    Looking forward to the weeks to come.

    1. Thanks so much, Krupa 🙂

      I am glad to see you join.. more so because you have recommitted yourself to blogging.

      Look at your blog as your little startup and give it a lot of care and time. When you love it and nurture it – it’ll love you back.

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  224. Hey Mohit,

    The lesson was amazing and I appreciate the efforts of your course in digital marketing.

    This will definitely help us to grow. 🙂

    The reason for joining this course is quite simple
    – It’s FREEEE !!
    – Easily accessible because its in my inbox and i can go through it again and again and whatever time i like.
    – No matter where i am i will receive it 🙂
    – I am a beginner and digital marketing is VAST :/
    – I started working with a startup(entirely different segment/Industry) as a marketing person and i am handling all the marketing activities. so, this is a TREAT for me.
    – Need to do marketing for brother’s venture also

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hey Shweta,

      Glad you liked it 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your reasons to join.
      I wish you get a lot of value and you move forward with your goals.

      – Mohit

  225. Hello Mohit,

    Thanks for the class.

    I have joined the session because there is no need to move my lazy ass anywhere. Lol jokes apart..
    – Free of cost + relevant content
    – Personal connect in the reading
    – I am an entrepreneur and this course would help be strengthen my skills
    – I am a biking and travel community builder and digital marketing was the best way so far with me

    Best Regards, Jacinth

    1. Hello Jacinth.

      Welcome onboard 🙂

      And, thanks for sharing your reasons to join.

      Wish you realize your entrepreneurial dreams and grow your biking and travel communities using this learning.

      Stick with it!

      – Mohit

  226. Best comment is not always best. But I would like share that why I wanted to join this course. The reason of joining this course is I have completed PGDM (Marketing). And currently I am working with a Web solution providing small Company. This course is an investment for me in my career growth. With this course no one can make me full. because now I have knowledge about it. with this I can start my own business in digital marketing field.

    1. Welcome Dharmesh 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your reason to join.
      By sharing it – you are showing your commitment to learn and it’s something you should be happy about.
      Investment in yourself is the best investment you can make – so great thinking there.
      Continue learning. I’ll if this course plays a small part in you starting your business.

      – Mohit

  227. Hey Mohit
    Thanks for the great learning you have started sharing with us.
    I joined this course solely to understand the entire concept of digital marketing as I don’t come from the background of marketing. And I want to indulge more into it that would help me in my upcoming digital marketing assignments/challenges.
    I would definitely start using SEO and blogging skills to generate more and more traffic. And you said it write “When short on money, it wise to invest more time and energy and less money to grow”
    Looking forward to more exciting lessons like this.

    1. Hey Deepesh,

      Thanks. Glad you found it useful.

      It is okay if you don’t have a marketing background. What matters is – that how committed you are to learn and invest your time in applying what you learn. As we move ahead – you’ll learn SEO, blogging and more.

      Keep going 🙂

      – Mohit

  228. Hi Mohit
    I am 58 years old and have had experience in working in the advertising industry, BFSI and now an entrepreneur. Through my days in advertising I noticed changes that were taking place in the media be it press, TV, or Digital. It has always fascinated me to learn more about new vehicles of communication in the digital world and hence this interest . I propose to learn, imbibe and put into action what I learn and be a winner .

    1. Hi Subhakar,

      Welcome onboard 🙂

      I salute your spirit.

      Great to see your commitment and zeal to learn.

      Wish you win and WIN BIG!

      Email me anytime.

      – Mohit

  229. Dear Mohit,

    Digital marketing course helps me to jump the chasm; from a traditional marketer with 32+ years experience that has fossilized to a new realms of world of marketing by appreciating the technology and making it my friend for increased sales effectiveness.

    From the first lesson itself I understood that you hold our hands and make us ready for the reality of the internet marketing.


    1. Dear Jayaram,

      It’s wonderful to have such seasoned professionals in the community.

      Thanks for sharing you reasons to join and glad that you got started.

      Feel free to discuss as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  230. Hey Mohit,

    You are as awesome as I am 🙂

    I will tell you why…. :).. You gave so much of information in such a simple way that any layman like me has a better idea today on didgital marketing.

    You know what is most difficult aspect of sharing your knowledge or information? Its how to simplify the content so that each one of different calibre amongst the audiences is able to comprehend exactly the same , what the speaker means..

    So, I am delighted to go through the entire lesson and looking forward to master this concept through your guidance.. 🙂

    With immense gratitude 🙂

    yours faithfully,


    1. Thanks so much Ananyaa 🙂

      I accept your compliment with an open heart.

      Also glad that you found value in what I shared 🙂

      I am sure your learning get a good start here and wish that you attain mastery by continuing your learning.

      With immense joy 🙂

      – Mohit

  231. I find digital marketing to be very interesting and it’s very upcoming field. I feel your MASTERCLASS will help me a lot to explore the world of digital marketing and will make me excel in my field.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Deepa 🙂

      Sure, we are here to help. Feel free to discuss if you get stuck.

      – Mohit

  232. Hi Mohit! First of all, a really good initiative taken by you to share the knowledge and experience you have. Adding to it, the content you’ve put up in your mail/lesson is very interactive and with examples which makes it all the more interesting for a lazy reader like me.
    The first lesson was indeed helpful and informative. Plz continue the same.

    Thanks! 🙂

  233. I joined the course because it was Free.


    I’m starting up with a small ecommerce project of mine. A friend who is into Print Media Advertising suggested I look up Digital Marketing for help given mine is an e-commerce project. I looked up the internet and came across alot of confusing information (vital ofcourse but cofusing still). Then one day while reading through a Startup group on facebook I stumbled upon Prerna’s post about a “Free Digital Marketing Course” and being true to my Indian genes, I subscribed.

    While most would not have mentioned (or may even deny), I too am commenting for the Free (pretty expensive) Book.


    Now that I have answered the question to win the Book, with absolute honesty, I have also learnt another lesson.

    1.Free Digital Marketing Course post got me subscribed.
    2.Free Book Contest got me posting a comment here.
    3. The content has been so good in these 4 Free Lessons so far that I’ve been looking through the Paid Programs (and eventually wondering which kidney to sell, right or left, to take up the Advance 12 month Program).

    Free Content —> Trust + Likeability —> Transaction.

    Makes so much sense suddenly.

    1. Thanks so much for this super awesome comment, Prakash 🙂

      Glad you got started and are getting good value.

      Honesty shines through and so cool that you wrote this candid comment.

      And, last I heard the said organ was going for multiple times of what is needed to invest in our Advanced Digital Marketing Program 😉 so my suggestion will be to think about something lesser that you can use to invest in the program. Until then take my help to the best value of the current course and keep growing 🙂

      Also, write more often and publish it online if you already don’t do that 🙂

      – Mohit

  234. I joined this course as I am from non-technical background and still developing my own e-commerce website by learning everything about web developing to web designing online through free materials and I have been able to successfully develop website. now before I launch the site I wanted to be master in digital marketing as it can only help me to grow further. Additionally , Lessons here are for free and found it pretty good for even a non-technical person who is willing to make a BIG in digital marketing.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Varun,

      Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, co-founders of AirBnB are both design school grads and are both billionaires now – and run a huge technology driven company.

      They started with whatever they knew and later got a CTO on-board.

      Being non-technical will not be a big hindrance if you stay focused and find help. If you are keen there are tons of course where you can teach yourself to code – similar to how you are learning digital marketing.

      You have the drive, you took initiative and made a start by joining this course and by staring to build your e-commerce website. Keep going and success will be yours.

      Wish you master digital marketing to grow your business and do more.

      – Mohit

  235. Hi , Mohit , the getting started is really interesting and I am excited over learning new concepts in the forthcoming weeks. I have always been keen to know how companies , business organisations do digital marketing and get a lot of prospects to do transactions and buy products. That’s why I joined this course, but I think the course is going to be more interesting than expected, there’s a lot of content which I can learn and help myself to grow . ,Yes,I believe now I can be awesome in digital marketing(though I am a beginner now).

    1. Hi Haneesh,

      You are already awesome. You now need to work towards becoming an Awesome Digital Marketer. I am sure you’ll be able to do that.

      Glad that you are finding the course interesting. I am looking forward to share more with you 🙂

      – Mohit

  236. I am looking to learn digital marketing as i wish to start blogging and earn through it… I wish to start a blog on photography as i am a professional photographer and by heart i love writing short stories hence intending to start something on that too… Would love to learn how can i get my thoughts and photographs to people and build an audience.

    It was a great lesson 😀 Thanks

    1. Welcome Twinkle 🙂

      Glad you got started.

      You’ll learn about blogging and more as we move forward.

      – Mohit

  237. Hi Mohit,
    As I said earlier, Loved the first Masterclass. I’m working in the corporate world for last 2 yrs doing Business Development and Marketing with some big brands. Two reasons for joining the class:
    1- I believe knowledge is power but Digital Knowledge means Super Power in today’s world!
    2- I love to paint and people wish to buy my paintings. So plan to launch my own brand of paintings using the Digital Super Powers!!!
    Thanks Again! God Bless and wish you Luck

    1. Hi Nikhil,

      I appreciate you sharing this.

      “Super Power” – Yes.
      I wish that the powers above bestow you with the Digital Marketing Super Powers.

      To make it happen – remain focused, be consistent with applying what you learn in the lessons and take my help if you get stuck. And, it will all work out fine 🙂

      Wish you action and growth.

      Thank You!
      – Mohit

  238. With time – they will learn 😉

    May be create a brief brand guide – and send them the link; because – charity begins at home 🙂

    – Mohit

  239. Hello Mohit,

    It is really great to see that you have taken an initiative to enlighten or introduce us to the world of digital marketing. I am currently working with SI and would like to have the knowledge of Digital Marketing as in near future this is the key to success.
    Loved the First Class.

    1. Thanks so much, Vinayak 🙂

      I am happy that you loved the beginning.
      Hope this love will continue.

      Sure, you’ll get digital marketing knowledge. To get maximum value – make sure that you apply what you learn.

      Best wishes!
      – Mohit

  240. I joined this course as I felt it was time for me to embark on my second leg of my career. With almost 7 years of work experience in Marketing and Branding and almost half a decade of being a stay at home mom to my 2 kids, the time had come for me to move out of the little nest.
    The offer of joining the course was very lucrative as it came from a very dear friends friend and of course was Free. With umpteen courses available online , one really does not know which one will be THE COURSE. But coming from someone you know , will surely get that extra trust .
    I had given myself a timeline to get back to the corporate life, brush up with my skills and catch up on things I missed in these 4-5years. The course was like a ray of sunshine, as nowadays every corporate wants DM as a major requirement for a marketing professional.

    Thank You Mohit, for helping so many people and especially mothers like us who now feel the time is right to Get up and GO.


    1. Hi Anjali,

      Glad to see you join 🙂

      I am sure your marketing experience will come handy as you start you learning.
      This plus the virtues of patience and empathy you must have cultivated – thanks for being a mom – will put you in a unique position to get good value from this course. You’ll need patience while learning new concepts because you may not get it the first time always and will need to get back to the lesson twice or thrice to really absorb it – and empathy while talking to customers and prospects via digital media.

      It’s great that you got to know about the course via someone you trust. It makes the decision easy.

      Wish that sun shines bright on your career and you get back in groove fast 🙂

      – Mohit

  241. Hi Mohit,

    I have joined this course to upgrade my skill set to be part of the current & future which is Digital Marketing.This will help me learn how to connect with the customers in a smartest way & shortest time & how to win their trust by staying connected with them through Digital Marketing.

    Kudos to your wonderful effort.


    1. Hello Chef Vinay,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Sure – you’ll be able to learn and do smart digital marketing – given that you invest time to learn and apply.

      Wish You get more customers (and their love) for Soul Food 🙂

      – Mohit

  242. Its a value addition to people like me who are sailing to get everything push in a single boat of startup, which ultimately require a customer audience to follow . For all round development of companies who do not have money in the wallet to spend on marketing can learn from this plateform. Thanks

    1. Welcome onboard, Ankit 🙂

      You are right – companies on a tight budget can use it to grow; and also those who have money to invest can learn through this digital marketing course and leverage multiple channels for growth.

      Hope you’ll continue to find value!

      – Mohit

  243. I am going to start a small business and I am not planning to hire anyone for marketing my company/website in the beginning. I will be doing that myself. So this course is actually very useful for me. I really appreciate the initiative that you have taken.


    1. Thanks Arindam.

      Doing it yourself in the beginning is a good way to start.
      Good luck for your new business 🙂

      – Mohit

  244. I have always liked to predict how people think and how they will respond.Digital marketing has given me a career opportunity where i can learn what people favor to type on google search.I feel a passion for digital marketing.And i am doing everything to become better everyday in it.

    1. Awesome Prateek 🙂

      Interesting and such a smart reason to join this digital marketing course.

      May you learn and continue on the growth path.

      – Mohit

  245. I’ve joined this course because I’m interested in learning new things about technology and internet. This will help me in my career also as we are soon going to online mode (our company is in furniture retailing).

  246. I am really a very keen person to learn more and more. The term digital marketing always fascinate me when I heard of it and finally with the help of your class I enter into this world of knowledge. The way you present the lesson is very nice. Eagerly waiting for the next lesson!

  247. Dear Mohit,

    From the start I must say you have truly demonstrated how powerful Digital Marketing indeed can be , starting from the facebook post and with your first few posts the excitement within us to participate and learn along with 8000 co-students has increased. I feel you are a crusader on a mission to impart free education. I know on the backend it takes a lot of time and effort for you and your team to orchestrate all responses , to put together an exciting mailer and sustain the action oriented training momentum , indeed its a big achievement, eagerly waiting for your next pearls of wisdom.


    1. Dear Rajat,
      Welcome onboard.
      Glad that it resonated with you.
      And, hope you are getting good value.
      I really appreciate that you appreciate the effort behind this effort 🙂
      – Mohit

  248. Huhh.. Thanks so much Mohit. It was a wonderful read. Read it a week late unfortunately but had marked it as IMPORTANT in my list. realizing after reading it that its actually so important to “block a time”. Will be ensuring the blocked time is actually used reading and re-reading these mails.

    Want to learn Digital Marketing to keep pace with the world more than anything else. We all just talk about it but dont put effort reading bout it, give time to understand it. 🙁 Am already aware about the benefits and how we can make use of DM in so many things around us.

    1. Welcome Pankaj.
      Thanks for sharing your reason to learn.
      I really wish that you learn well and apply what you learn.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  249. Hi Mohit,

    I’m glad to read your first lesson on DM and regret that I started late. Hope that I’ll be able to spent some quality time in next lessons. This is really helpful to understand DM in deep.


  250. Hi Mohit,
    I have joined this program to improve my aspects of Digital Marketing. But that doesn’t mean I have a startup (not even planning to for next 2 years), It’s just that I as a consultant should advise the best to my Clients over Sales, Technology, Strategy, finance and the most important thing Marketing.
    Now about List building: It is a very effective way to reach out to the possible customers and further increase the network which helps in product sales,feedback, improvements etc.
    Thank you!
    Vikas Jain

    1. Hi Vikas,
      Welcome and thanks for sharing your reason to join.
      Hope you find good value.
      – Mohit

  251. Hello Sir ,

    I was so excited when i read about free Digital Marketing course in Facebook . I joined and got a response from Vidhi immediately . Free education is very useful as it can help people who wish to learn and lack financial support too . The first lesson was interesting , easy and simple to understand . I am happy to say that now i know what is Digital Marketing and the ways in which it can be done . I will start reading the next lesson now .
    After finishing this course i will try to educate more people about the advantages of Digital Marketing . In near future i wish who ever studies this course makes there website appear in top search results and reach the top level .

    I sincerely thank you and Vidhi for such an initiative . 🙂 🙂


    1. Hi Shruthi,
      I am so glad that you found value and are planning to “pay it forward” by educating others. Hope your wish (who ever studies this course makes there website appear in top search results and reach the top level) comes true.
      Keep going.
      – Mohit

  252. Very good way of explaining concepts. Everyone who wishes to make a career in this field should follow it.

    1. Thanks so much, Vamshi.

      Glad you are finding value and recommending to others.

      – Mohit

  253. Hi Mohit,
    Your first session is awesome. I hope u will help even after completion of this course to became myself as Smart digital Marketeer.
    Thank you
    Prasad K.

    1. Thanks so much, Prasad.
      Sure – you will become a smart digital marketeer.
      Continue learning and applying; and you’ll reach there.
      Best wishes!
      – Mohit

  254. I recently quit my job to establish an online art venture without much by my side to spend on it. I’ve been earning my bread by freelancing instead, these days. I have most certainly enjoyed your jovial approach and simplicity of thoughts. I am looking forward towards gaining substantial information from this amazing initiative, in world where nothing comes for free! 😀

    1. Welcome Tushar 🙂
      It is good to know about your work.
      Glad that you liked the lesson and hope you are getting good value.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  255. Who said “there is no such thing as free lunch”. Your program summary was encapsulating even to non digital marketers as simple is beautiful. You walk the talk and lead by example so it invariably makes sense to join your program and make best use of every bit.
    I am an early childhood educator and working towards becoming an edupreneur. Direct marketing is the way to go for me and hence your program just fits perfectly.

    1. Hi Chetna,
      Thanks for your awesome comment.
      Hope the insights from this digital marketing course will help you once you become an edupreneur.
      – Mohit

  256. Hi Mohit,

    2 reasons for me to join the course –

    1. I want to pursue a career in digital media.

    2. This course is free of cost.
    I work for print media and was looking for a Digital marketing course. I was hesitant to enroll for a paid course as I didn’t get great feedback from friends. I joined this one as it is free.

    Really appreciate the content of the course so far. I am running slow on these though.

    Your mails make me think on the application part of it. Trying to find out where do I really apply the learnings.

    1. Hi Yogesh,
      Thanks for sharing your reasons to join.
      Slow is fine.
      About your question – where to apply the learnings:
      I’ll say help a friend / family member who runs a startup / business that can use digital marketing to grow. Or, at the very least start a blog about the industry you work in and use the learning in this digital marketing to grow the audience for that blog. This will make sure that you have a playground to apply the learnings here.
      Email me if want to discuss this further.
      – Mohit

  257. Hi, Mohit
    This is Shreyash, I am currently working as a content moderator for a leading online business guide in US., But wish to work in digital marketing field,
    Not for the fact that digital marketing will be the next big hit in terms of creating jobs or money but for the fact that i have a real interest in this field of digital marketing.
    I joined you late, as you have finished your 3rd session with us and today i finished my 1st session (which was great btw ) but i will finish remaining two b4 your 4th session.
    FYI, I am Google Adword certified & HP social media certified.
    Looking forward to gain great knowledge from you. 🙂

    1. Hi Shreyash,
      Welcome and good to see you here.
      I am happy to learn about your interest in digital marketing 🙂
      Great that you already are certified in search marketing and social media.
      Hope this course will help you enhance your skill set further.
      – Mohit

  258. Hi Mohit,
    Four years back,when i was working for a startup i got a chance to know about digital marketing. I had worked on few modules. I didn’t get a chance to work on all.
    I am expecting in-depth knowledge on digital marketing through this course.
    Thank you for offering this online course.

    1. Welcome Priyanka 🙂
      It’s great to have you along.
      Sure – you’ll get a good overview of all major digital marketing constituents except social media.
      – Mohit

  259. Today, I have read my first lesson. It is really nice, well written and I enjoyed reading it. Now the question is Why I have joined digital marketing? well I am a digital marketing executive working somewhere in this world along with working as freelancer on lots of projects. I enjoyed my work and I love, I eat and I breath digital marketing 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Jagdish 🙂

      Glad to know about your work and your passion for digital marketing.

      Keep going!

      – Mohit

  260. Hi, firstly I would like to thankyou for bringing a medium to teach a very important topic in this ever changing technological environment. Digital marketing is one of the important ingredient to make your new or existing business successful so as to reach the audience and target them accordingly. I got to know about this corse from one of fb start-up group. as soon as I have seen this, I have planned to learn more about it which will also help my existing business and increase my knowledge. Thanks for making me part of such course.

    1. Welcome Kanchan 🙂

      Love to see you as part of the course.

      I am sure you’ll get good value if you apply what you learn.

      Email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  261. I have two reason behind joining this course. (Don’t know worth it or not). The very 1st reason is my hunger of learning. I like learning new things and now a days my job demanding digital marketing as we are growing a brand. My 2nd reason, I am planning a startup which will require such knowledge at every stage.

    So, I have planned to take this course to satisfy my hunger of knowledge and to add some new skills to my self. I am committed to complete this course as best possible. And I feel commitment is the 1st step of doing something and this commitment will form the path which will ensure that I will finish this course well. Also, I liked the idea of printing road-map and planing schedule from now only.

    Looking forward to draw maximum knowledge from this Digital marketing course.

    1. Awesome Akash 🙂

      Welcome onboard!
      Your reasons to join the course are solid.
      And, I am really happy to see your commitment to learn.
      Keep going and email me anytime to discuss.

      – Mohit

  262. Hi Mohit,
    I saw all the comments pouring in & initially was reluctant to share my reason for signing up however, a little voice inside of me told me that I have to live upto the promise that I had made before enrolling (To be an active participant and to learn & contribute as much as I can).
    So, at the onset, I would like to thank you for giving us all the necessary nudge to accept the power of digital rather than turning our back towards it. Well, it maybe / can be just my story. I have been fascinated by the power of marketing for as long as I can remember & it’s been 7 years that I have been working in the field of marketing. However, I always found myself dunk away from digital marketing. I generally used to give a deaf ear to people boasting about the power of digital media & would argue to the extent possible about the reach & effectiveness of offline marketing. Afterall, I had grown up looking at TVCs, Print Ads, Hoardings, Radio Ads etc etc. Luckily enough my first job (& many others after it) were all around branding & offline marketing which gave me a good enough reason to overlook digital. Although I always used to read everything about digital media (secretly), I wasn’t prepared to join that club however things changed recently, I was asked to head marketing for a startup wherein the budgets are so limited that we almost can never run any offline campaign. I have already witnessed the power of social media (ORM) that I feel the deep need to learn the final leg (digital marketing). To cut the long story short, I have succumbed to the power of digital marketing (in a good way) & have taken it upon myself to excel in it so as to influence (hopefully inspire) my reportees. I have spent months to hone my skills & I think this class would be the right cherry on the cake for me. I would want to use it as a go-to fundamentals book (similar to bible for dummies) of digital marketing. I am righteously saying it after reading up too much online articles, courses/books & I am affirmative that this course will live upto all my expectations.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Saakshi,
      Thanks so much for this lovely comment 🙂
      I am so glad that you chose to write and post it.
      We have our reasons to ignore or embrace certain things in life. It holds true for learning as well. Sure, the time for you to accept digital marketing as an efficient vehicle of growth and to learn more about it – has come. Wish you great success in your new role.
      – Mohit

  263. Hi Mohit,

    I was one of the unfortunate students who had enrolled for a class on Digital Marketing from a reputed institution, who failed to deliver the learnings and understanding of the various facets of Digital Marketing.

    After going through your first class/module, I am confident about the skills which you intend to share with us. The tone in which your email communicates with me is indeed commendable. It is personal, transparent, simplistic by the tone. I am looking forward to future enriching sessions and hope to live and practice the learnings.

    Thank you for coming forward to spread insights and enhancing our knowledge. Best wishes.

    1. Hi Suheil,
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment and for your wishes 🙂
      I regret that your earlier digital marketing learning experience did not turn out as you expected.
      Good news – now that is behind us; and I am sure that you’ll get good insights this time. Feel free to email me anytime if you get stuck.
      – Mohit

  264. I am a novice entrepreneur, want to crack some ideas hovering over mind always. Although I have been in journey of business since my 17th birthday, now 12th feb is mine 23rd Birthday, and I am done with total turnover of 25 million but in traditional approach business like making Aadhar Card, Voter ID, doing few survey work, working with E-governance project, I have got an opportunity to build a University and College in Bihar, sounds good, investor are ready to pay, but I was not sure that I can handle such a big thing right now, as an aware entrepreneur I am ready to build something I can really do, so I took a further step and decided to launch my first E-commerce idea on paper, name appeared, planning something big. Yes in my entrepreneurial journey I have done merchant acquisiton for and, i have done their product listing too. My colleagues have launched, where I took the task of retailer acquisition, did well. So slightly I am in arena of E-Commerce now.
    So when it comes to launching a new website, first think come in mind, appearance, so I called some of marketers. I hired some of professional in web development and yes released a PO of Forty Lakh, sound so Big, Yes I have done with all my credit, but I am not able to identify, what they will actually do.
    I got a facebook status, clicked it and started to get mail.
    Mohit I am amazed. And Your tEam Thank You for saving my business life.
    I promise that I will attend your each class.
    Thanks again team of Learndm.

    1. Hi Devesh,
      Glad to meet you.
      Good luck for your efforts with TukurTukur.
      You have managed to do a lot in your 23 years. Congrats for that.
      Hope you get good value through this digital marketing course.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  265. Hello Mohit,
    Thank you so much for this course .I had my first lesson today and You explained it in an awesome way. Thank you so much for taking your time and guiding the persons who are passionate about digital marketing.

  266. Hi Mohit,
    Thanks a lot for your insight into the subject. Although I am not really aiming for any victory speech, but your theory inspired me to share my opinion.

    I never intended to join this course. I am laid back, lazy and half of the time sleepy in my job. I fared through in life amazingly enough without actually coming to a standstill. I did many mistakes in life which I used to regret, but not anymore. Ups and downs are a part of life, and I have finally learnt that I should not let these things bring me down.

    Of all the things to happen and that could have happened, I am here and writing this comment. Why? Because it was preordained. I was meant to be here, just like you were supposed to be mentoring 13000 other like-minded people like me. We are a force to be reckoned with!

    So I am here and I am blabbering about random things. We all love our own fair share of drama and theatrics, and this is how I make my grand entrance. I beg your pardon if it made my statement longer than intended.

    I have joined this course, to see what I am made up of. I’m one of those people who are yet to discover their true passion, and are just amidst the crowd for now, silently watching and waiting to strike at the opportune moment.
    I have joined this course to understand why is it that the digital world has taken things by storm, what benefits it could do to our culture and where would it let us be in the foreseeable future

    I don’t plan to utilise this study, I want to incorporate this into my very being, with later addon into a role where I would be doing mostly digital marketing. I am looking for a profile where this kind of things are actually done. People are still short-sighted and not utilising this 100%. Once they realise the potential of this platform, it will be the “IT” thing.

    Thank you for your patience to read this. Cheers to the next few weeks of fun classes. Best wishes!

    1. Hello Akarshak,

      Welcome onboard.
      I loved reading your “speech” 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your reason to join.
      There are a lot of digital marketing focused startup brands in India – I am sure if you connect with people there – you’ll find the kind of role you are looking for.

      Hope this course will help you understand what you intend to.

      And, I agree – “We are a force to be reckoned with!”

      – Mohit

      1. Hey Mohit, thanks for your reply. Kindly help me connect to the right people for this. Many thanks!

  267. Hey Mohit! The first lesson was as awesome as I am :p
    Not kidding but yes it was . In sure the lessons ahead will help me too!
    My friend in college suggested me your course and I’m thankful to her as much as I am thankful to you.
    I am a media student (FYBMM) and also involved in various events and fears of college where digital marketing is a must and so I decided to start up this course. I also did an internship last year of marketing which happened through Facebook and whatsapp and phone calls. And this grew my interest in marketing . It’ll be more helpful through your course.
    As also 11th feb tomorrow my 18th birthday hoping a good respond from you too .
    Thank you . 🙂

    1. Welcome Hetvee 🙂
      So nice of your friend.
      Glad you liked what you read.
      I am sure you’ll get good value going forward as well.
      – Mohit

  268. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for the brilliant session on Digital Media Marketing. I am currently pursuing BBA from a college in Mumbai where we were introduced to a Digital Marketing as a subject. I believe what we are taught in class is more of theory and less of the practical aspect.

    The subject caught my attention and got me excited to learn more about this. In a world where Internet has grown at a rapid speed and is still growing, Digital Marketing is a future and I believe that if you have to be a successful Marketer you do need to know the side of Digital Marketing as you would know the traditional Marketing.

    I have joined this course so as to learn more than I could learn in a classroom. I personally believe that there is more to a subject than is taught and joining this course is just an extra step taken in order to learn more on this subject.

    I am planning to pursue Marketing in my future and this course would be a great help to me in understanding the basic crux of the Subject.

    I would like to know more on Freelancing bit of Digital Marketing as to the scope and requirement in the Market. If you could help me out with the same, it would be great.

    Thanks again for such an enlightening session.

    1. Hi Naman,

      Welcome onboard 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your reason to join. I am glad that you have decided to go an extra mile to learn more.

      Scope for digital marketing freelancers is great. For someone just getting started – here is how the process works. Get knowledge – build skills (you are starting with it now). Reach out to prospects through your existing contacts (friends / family / colleagues) or do cold outreach via email. Work on building a portfolio. Do pro-bono work if need be. Get first paid client. Do good work. Get testimonial. Showcase work and testimonial and get new clients. Work on upgrading your skills. Get new clients at higher rates. Engage team to help you or continue to work solo and grow. Rinse and repeat.

      The earnings can vary from $10/hour to $1000/hour and more depending on your skills, experience and how to showcase your work.

      Good luck with your efforts.

      – Mohit

  269. Hi Mohit,

    It has been a great start already! So I have 2 years of marketing experience post my MBA in marketing, primarily in Brand. I have been interested in Digital from the start, hence I have a decent knowledge of Digital and everything related to it. However I never had any hands on experience in any of SEO/SEM/Blog etc. The irony is most of my friends and colleagues think I am the go-to person when it comes to digital but the truth is I am not. It is just theoretical knowledge. A few of them even offered me the opportunity to handle DM for small businesses that they own, but I was just so scared to take up any of that. The fear came out even stronger when I started my own company a month back. We started operations last week and my partners totally believe in me and my capability to handle DM.
    I joined this course, because my research about masterclass and you gave me enough confidence to overcome my fear. The bottom line is I don’t want to overlook what others see in me when it comes to digital and I want to overcome my fear and be able to apply everything that I ‘think’ I know into my business! Also help my friends, whom I gave very lame and lousy excuses as to how I don’t have enough time 😐
    There is so much enthusiasm in you and in the group that I am sure that all of us attending this course are going to come out as winners!


    1. Hi Urmi,

      Welcome onboard 🙂
      Love the way you have shared about your reason to join.

      I am sure that you’ll
      – get over the fear of not knowing enough,
      – become more confident about your digital marketing skills,
      – be able to help your friends,
      after you go through this course.

      Hope you learn and use this learning to grow your new startup as well.
      I’ll be happy to help if you get stuck at any point.

      You are a winner already 🙂 because you chose to get started.
      Keep going.

      – Mohit

  270. Dear Mohit,

    It was wonderful reading your mail about Digital Marketing…By profession I am a hardcore sales n marketing guy & currently doing excellent in my role. But as times changes, the need/taste or choices of customers are also changing accordingly. That’s why decided to learn DM and I am thankful to you &team that you are mentoring me n many of us in this subject. Had plan to start my own venture shortly so its the right time to upgrade myself and get ready as per the customers demand. Your valuable guidance definitely will be helpful for my new venture expected to start in April-16. I MAY NOT WIN THE FREE COPY OF YOUR BOOK BY POSTING THIS BUT DEFINITELY GET LOADS OF KNOWLEDGE N SUGGESTIONS WHICH WILL BE FOREVER TREASURE FOR ME. A big thank you once again for mentoring me…

    Jayanta Dey

    1. Welcome Jayanta 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your work and your reason to join.
      Hope to interact more with you as we move forward.
      – Mohit

  271. Hello Mohit and the Team

    thanks for this nice well define the first lesson, I joined this course because I am working on a project and want to promote and increase sale for that product.suddenly see the post in facebook group startup talky about this course and enroll it myself than I thought sure I got something new and useful here and today I receive my first lesson my curiosity increase for next upcoming lessons.

    i like your way to convey your course via email is best way

    I am expecting in-depth knowledge on digital marketing through this course.
    Thank you for offering this online course.

    thanks lot 🙂

    1. Hi Anup,
      Glad to have you along in the course 🙂
      Hope you get good value and are able to use this learning to promote and grow sales for your product.
      – Mohit and MasterClass Team

  272. Hi Mohit

    Your course came just in time as a saving grace for me. I started a new service a few months back, but was not able to bring many customers. I tried hard understanding the concepts of
    SEO and analytics etc. But could
    not comprehend much and had no help.

    So you can see how listening
    about your course did uplift my spirits. It has given another ray of
    hope to go on. Thank you more so for this free of cost service that
    you are providing at our convenience.


    1. Hi Shweta,
      Welcome to the course.
      Glad you found it 🙂
      I hope you’ll be able to use the learning to grow your service.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  273. Hi Mohit,
    Thankyou..! I have read my first lesson on digital marketing. Its very well written and easy to understand. I am interested in it and I am glad to have a guide like u.
    As I am a fresh graduate with no practical experience and also interested in digital marketing this course will be very useful for me to start up my career.

    I appreciate your efforts and also the content of course which is very simple and intresting. And special thanks to vidhi for adding me to this useful course. 🙂
    Shadab ..

    1. Welcome Shadab 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is okay if you don’t have any experience.
      We all learn about new fields with zero experience.
      So stick with it and email me anytime if you get stuck.
      Vidhi is awesome and she’ll be happy to read this.
      – Mohit

  274. Hi Mohit,
    I am a first year engineering student of IIT Kharagpur. As soon as I entered my college after crossing the hurdle of IIT-JEE examination, I started my first venture as a Content Writer. Slowly, I realised that marketing the content is equally important as writing the same. But due to my limited amount of knowledge I was not sure to experiment the techniques with my own business idea. Hence, I started freelancing content writing and digital marketing services just to see the effect of the techniques that I had discovered (and sometimes even invent) over time.
    Finally, I came across the dmclass free e-mail course in digital marketing. Both the term ‘free’ and ‘online course’ matched perfectly with what I was looking for…
    This course would help me to learn from someone who has worked and experimented with all the techniques and would save me from experimenting random methods for few more years.
    Now, about the first lesson 1 email, I am truly amazed by the way you had guessed and planned what could be the question in the mind of the readers. Also, you have maintained a personalised character of your e-mail which is friendly, knowledgeful and experienced.
    Concluding it I would like to say, nothing could have been better than to get an opportunity to learn from an elder brother like you 🙂

  275. Hello Sir,
    Today’s lesson was very interesting, learned the basics about Digital Marketing. Thank you for that. I’ve joined this course as i’m looking forward to my startup, and the work which i’m going to do requires Digital Marketing more as compared to Traditional Marketing Techniques. Though i’m an MBA with dual specialization in Marketing and Human Resource, and has studied about DM in my course book still this seems to be a vast and dynamic topic which couldn’t be covered whole at once. DM is evolving day by day and to have a better understanding of this i’ve joined this course and i believe this would help me a lot in my business career further. Thank you and have a nice day!

  276. Hi Mohit, I joined this course to learn about digital marketing per se and if i can use this as a possible career option. Warm regards Ashok

  277. Hello

    I am new startup for design and marketing company

    one day i have seen post on FB ( Digital Marketer ) just need to put email id on that post comment and we will got Digital Marketer course content, so that i have a do.

    and really i got first welcome mail we will start 10th feb course first lesson.

    also this is well organized. i mean mail content it’s language with example understanding very very nice.

    i have a really like all section and all points.

    thanks a lot this is so use full

    Pravin Gajera

  278. Dear Mohit sir,

    Firstly thanks for such a wonderful program starting which is free of cost.

    I am joined this program because digital marking future of marking.

    Mohd. Azam

  279. I am working with a start up and have knowledge about DM in pieces. So to get direction to my learning and enhance my skills, I have registered for this course. This learning will help my company to grow.

    Thank you so much Mohit!

  280. I am a professional editor and my clients include authors, most of whom are unknown names. I help them create a brand out of their own names, their own virtual existence, not just as some www page or twitter handle but as a brand people have heard about. Taking a name no one has heard of and creating enough buzz around it so that by the time the book is about to be launched, there is enough curiosity about the book. After that, I concentrate on increasing book sales, which is also a service I provide – digital marketing.
    I just read the first session and I guess I am on track, so far. 😀
    (Free) Content → Trust + Likeability → Transaction is what I am doing and with this course, I hope to learn more about various nuances of digital marketing. Indian authors are primarily unknown (barring some) and there really are a lot many good authors. Connecting readers to these authors is what I aim to do, and this course will teach me just that. Super stoked for the next class!! 🙂

  281. Hi

    Digital knowledge + digital India = Digital king of the world.
    this knowledge will grow me bigger internally and later in my professional life.
    I want to hire people and get rid of being hired by someone else. This knowledge will definitely get me nearer to my goal.

  282. To be honest, I joined this course –
    A) I have never taken an email course before, so it attracted me actually, wanted to understand how it goes, the way it is taught and the techniques through which course instructor connects to its readers.
    B) I missed this course in my MBA, and heard a lot of good things about the course from fellow batch mates.
    C) Wanted to utilize some free time in office:-p to add some skill sets to my profile
    D) Understand the basics of this buzz word – ‘Digital Marketing’ which everyone talks about these days
    (BTW Mohit, I have been part of many sessions over many platforms like Edx, Coursera and many other virtual class room sessions. But trust me you have really done a commendable job in introducing this course to us, it makes me believe that course would be a value add to my profile for sure. Never thought that even an email course can be so interesting. Following your blog, looking forward to chat with you sometime). Many thanks to Vidhi for sharing the Info and registering me for the course)

  283. Hi,

    Thanks for conducting this email course free of cost! I have joined for two reasons:
    – i am hearing the term Digital Marketing too often and I don’t like that I am not aware of what it means and how it can be useful
    – i am trying to grow my blog readership so hoping this helps me understand how to do that well

    thanks again!

  284. Hello sir,
    I am a btech graduate fresher looking for a job in digital marketing field. I learned seo by myself and i am very passionate about it. Due to the lack of experience in digital marketing i am being constanly rejected by many now i have decided to create a website of my own to adopt seo and digital marketing techniques to rank it well and to gain some momentum. i wont give up sir.
    Thank you for providing such a fantastic platform for beginners..really hatsoff
    to your dedication..The way of narration makes your diffrent from others.
    I am damn sure that i can chase my dreams with your guidance,so i joined this course.

    sorry for the lengthy msg…

    Sanoj A.S

  285. I joined this program because by profession I am a dietician and I can succeed only when my reach is their anyone can axis me freely and in today’s world social media plays an integral part to tell about your brand and also your perspective to others digital marketing will be very fruitful for me .

    1. Hi Neelima,
      Wish You and Diet Studio good success.
      Hope you are getting good value through the course.
      Email me anytime to discuss.
      – Mohit

  286. Every one is screaming Digital – Digital these days and I seriously Do Not know a single bit . As you mentioned I am also from the herd who describes digital marketing with facebook, twitter and from the first lesson you proved me wrong. Its new Its in and it will help me to start my own venture.

  287. I have extensive experience in Web content writing and Technical writing. When I cam to know about this wonderful opportunity of getting a deep insight about Digital Marketing through this course, I immediately Joined it. Thanks for providing such a great opportunity to me. I have planned to start with a e commerce website in few months and this course will prove to be a boon in my preparations. Thanks a lot!

  288. I am here because the world is going digital and I don’t want to be left behind. In my 5-years long career in brand management and corporate training, I have seen the PR budget and the learning budget shifting more and more towards digital world every quarter. I have seen startups with zero PR budget growing into renowned brands by content marketing and digital PR. 5 years back it was an add on service and now it’s the need of the hour. I want to learn the new age marketing too and stay updated. Who knows it might help me start my entrepreneurial journey too!

  289. Hello Mohit,
    Happy to learning 1st class of Digital learning
    I prefer to learn because i finished Mba in marketing I did not have digital marketing subject in my college, I love every line to read the class you teach like a teacher also I was doing start up of clothing business which to forecast youngsters so i need to learn digital marketing…Startup India Stand Up india…..
    Thank you..

  290. Dear Mohit sir,
    I am Mangesh shinde form pune.I have to start my own consultancy(job search releaed) so i am join this course.I will follow all your blogs n this course information day by day.Thanks for free course given by ur team.

  291. Hi Mohit,

    When planning a career in digital marketing crossed my mind; the first question I asked myself was why? Well I did explore a lot of reasons but I wanted to know why exactly this career option crossed my mind and not something else like starting my own business. After a lot of research on Digital Marketing I was convinced that marketing is ‘the most important’ function of any business.

    Anyone can start a business, anybody can create a product and sell but if you don’t know how to market then starting up and scaling the business is just impossible. Whether working for a company or starting on my own I need to have the skills, and gaining experience in Digital Marketing will help me grab better opportunities. That’s when I came across this course and plunged at the opportunity as this is the basic foundation of my career which will help me grow further in future.

    I think I am a creative person with passion to learn each day and can use my skills and knowledge of the internet in a manner that will be beneficial for me as each day one needs to come up with new marketing strategies in this digital era.

    Looking forward to enhancing my skills through this online course and kick start my career in Digital Marketing.

  292. I am not someone who likes commenting, but your thought process of training people about digital marketing is a great audience -Yes, you have reached the right audience 🙂 and after the first session I feel that you taught me about discipline, time management,patience and smart work. I am going to find time to disturb you often, so I can get a chance to take a selfie( it’s become famous because we all prefer people those who talk in front and not at our back). I wish that could happen soon. It’s always bad when you know that you are talented but not sure which domain to choose. I assure these sessions will be a eye opener

  293. I have joined this course because it never hurts to add more skill sets and increase your knowledge pool .
    Additionally, you start from scratch , so, it is easy to follow and as you are so accomplished I know that you know what you are talking about , adds credibility 😀

  294. Hi
    In this today competitive world you cant survive without marketing yourself and even the company cant survive without marketing and thats how the sale and income is generated .I know digital marketing and its benefits so i opt for this learning session to upgrade myself with the modern world of marketing

  295. I have joined this course because there are a lot of startups from my college…but they lack audience….they want someone to get them …. If I do this course i feel I can be a key to solve this problem and can be a part of many startups….perhaps if I want to start a own startup….I won’t face problems like others are facing

  296. I recently changed my career from public relations to digital marketing. And since I am a ‘beginner’, I need to learn a lot to be proficient in this field. I often read blogs on digital media. I always wanted to join digital marketing course but due to time constraints I was not able to join any. So, joining this course will help me to explore different aspects into digital media at one place and at the time convenient to me. I am thankful to Master class for providing such opportunity 🙂

  297. Very informative , offers an insight into the world of digital marketing that too with free organic information . The material is easy enough for the beginners like me to understand .Nice initiate Mohit

  298. Good concept of digital marketing, SEO and brief details, how to use Key words for better result. I will must utilize this concept for start up .

  299. Hi Sir,
    Have recently joint your email digital marketing course.
    Truely nice writeup, very informative, after reading the entire email am curious to know about what will i be learning in the next email. Also created my web simultaneously while going through.
    Thanking you for posting such informative knowledge !!

  300. I launched my website last year . Im really struggling with the promotion of the website and am a layman when it comes to digital marketing/ social media. Iv consulted some people for the same , but they seem to take you for a ride when they know you dont have any knowledge. Because of lack of proper marketing , we are not getting the business that we should. So im looking forward to learn the same and benefit in my business.
    Thank you

  301. I’m currently working in a pure play analytics firm where I’m responsible for the measurement of digital marketing campaigns being done by one of the leading e-commerce player in the USA. There are a lot of 3rd party vendors who do digital marketing services for my client. But the clients seem to be switching them most often due to dissatisfaction of the campaign performance. I wanted my company to pitch in for uninterrupted end to end digital marketing services. I hope that taking this class would definitely help me in equipping myself with the required capabilities as well as my organization.

  302. I am a freelance content writer and I wish to promote my services using digital marketing.

    In future, I also plan to take up insurance consultancy. This endeavor also I plan to promote using the principles taught in your classes.

    Promoting insurance using digital marketing will be a novel thing and I feel I will get more leads and converts for my insurance plans like that.

  303. Hello Mohit,

    Hope you doing great! Indeed the very first session was knowledgeable and easily understood. Thanks for the course. I would like to include this knowledge to build up my career as DM professional as I have a prior experience of managing Web Content based projects as Project Lead and also had an experience of managing own startup which we had to shutdown due to lack of funds. With above total experience would like to start my new innings in Digital Marketing. And yes I did join this course to pursue a career but also my lust to learn new things.

    Once again thanks for your time and sharing this with us.

    I’ll end with one query can you please elaborate Organic and Paid categories with more examples.

    Thanks and regards,

  304. Hello Mohit,
    Thank you for a wonderful first session. I had a good time going through the course material (thus, making it seem less like studying). As they say, a good start gives you the motivation to work harder and go longer. This has been a great beginning.
    I believe in the simple concept of constant learning. In any aspect of life, learning is crucial. It defines you, betters you and gives you a sense of direction. No one should ever have to stop learning. Hence, here I am. To learn. From the moment I graduated, I have just been experimenting ideas, researching on their practicality and implementing them. I never really had a senior or someone else who could explain how it all works (as I am a freelance communication associate and my touch points are clients who do not teach but expect results). At this point, the internet becomes your guide. Not always does it work since there tends to be an overload of information; sometimes contradicting each other. So, I have to keep looking for solid ways to elevate my standards of understanding in the concerned subject.
    If I have to explain in one word why I joined this course, it would be DIRECTION. I know jargons and marketing concepts, but not how to implement them. I know what I can do with what I learn, but I do not have a work plan. I have many ideas and concept scattered in my head, but no idea about their rationality. Learning about Digital Marketing will help me work better. But, I’ve grown, one client at a time. So, I want to be informed, not just to make my stand point stronger in my field, but to also provide better, extensive services to clients who were (or were not) willing to give me a shot.
    Finally, I want to learn because damn, it is interesting! With interest comes commitment. And if you have the interest and curiosity to know more, you will go through with your commitment, which is what I intend to do.

    I apologize if I’ve written a little too much. But, I believe strongly in this. I hope this course will be a route for us to build more connections and become a strong community of eager, dedicated learners.

    Good luck.

  305. Hi Mohit,

    This is really cool that you are giving away the book to us, but meanwhile i am also looking at how intelligently you are promoting “MCLASS.CO” using digital marketing and creating a database of email ids. I mean if somebody comes on this page by searching the MCLASS, seeing above 500 comments he can easily assume the better quality of the training at MCLASS.

    But seriously this first lesson I took today, help me in understanding and learning a lot new things. Thanks for sharing this wonderful email course with us. Really appreciate the efforts from MCLASS.

    I joined this email course as I am also planning for a startup and it is always better for a startup to spend as less as possible in marketing and promotions. So, by learning these concepts of digital marketing promotions, I will promote my startup in the coming days.

    Thank you guys.


  306. Hello Mohit,

    Thanks for a brilliant and engaging beginning to what seems like a pretty useful course. To tell about myself and why I joined this course- I’ve been working on my own business related to photography, graphics and videos, and despite doing consistent work and learning all I could about SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, trying to implement ad as well as other things, I don’t seem to get something working. So after reading a lot already, but from different sources, I see this course as a place where some of my solutions lie. I’ve considered other courses- but you might understand how difficult it is to be sole entrepreneur and manage funds- and those courses were really out of the budget. To be honest, I don’t mind spending money on something of value- but then there are always challenges. This course seems to be packaged for someone like me- a sole entrepreneur willing to work hard but looking for solutions, or at least a path to streamline the action plan for taking over the marketing on the web. I came here without expections, though, and this first chapter makes me optimistic. So you’ve raised the expectations of me (and I’m sure most others) on what to expect. I’d like to thank you for the course (Even if I don’t win the book 😛 )

  307. I am currently working as a sales and business development professional. The job requires extensive travelling along with all the sales target pressures every month. Few months back when I was looking for a job change or rather a career change, i came across a seminar regarding digital marketing. The seminar with such short time was able to give a jist of digital marketing like you did in the email today. the things I learned that day at the seminar and today by your email were quite interesting but I was not totally convinced to pursue it as a career. I was looking to try out some courses, learn more about the subject but all the courses I came across were basically paid and I wasn’t sure whether even after paying, will it benefit me? should i opt for this course? what if I do not like it – a total waste of money?….So many questions and no answers….

    Then I came across this free course… And I was like finally… I hope to find some answers by the end of this course 🙂

    Thank you so much for this opportunity

  308. I found this lesson very interesting. I got to know about many terms used in digital marketing.
    And now I am eagerly waiting for the second lesson.
    I am a Graphics and Web Designer. Me and my friend, who is an awesome writer, are going to launch a Digital Magazine for Youths of India. We have a team of writers and content developers who work under him (my friend) 🙂
    The only thing we lack in, is marketing (digital). That’s why I want to learn digital marketing and use it on my digital magazine 🙂

    1. Thanks Nishant 🙂
      You have a solid reason to join.
      I am sure you’ll get a lot of digital marketing ideas to apply in your new project.
      Good luck for the launch of your digital magazine.
      – Mohit

  309. I am 24 turning 25 next month. I have been into computers since my early school days, and spend several hours just exploring, I learned everything myself, taught myself. So my friends, my family started to know me as techie guy who was into science & technology, and I get this sense of pride when they will ask me for advice related to computers and mobile everything digital. It was year 2007 when I stepped into online marketing and social media. I remember coming back from school and creating micro blogging sites, using google adsense. But every thing went into drain when I enrolled in college few years later. and my life went out of track. I didn’t graduate and I am a college dropout and now I do realizing that I have to get my life back on track once again. I know my interests and the type of lifestyle that I wish to have. And I wish to go pro in this field, that is the reason I enrolled in your class Mr. Mohit. Looking forward to finish this course and grasp whatever I can. Give me Juice! 🙂

    1. Welcome Himanshu 🙂
      Birthday wishes in advance.

      Your learning will not go waste. I suggest go with double force in this innings – after making a plan about what you want to conquer. Make sure that you apply everything that you learn here and not quit till the end. It will give you confidence and faith in your abilities.

      I know the feeling of starting something and not finishing it is not great. That’s why I wrote this – – to remind myself that finishing something is as important as starting it. It helped me turn into a finisher and later I was able to start and finish my book projects and more.

      You asked for juice and you’ll get it 🙂
      Stay tuned!

      – Mohit

    1. Awesome Bilal 🙂
      Simple is good.
      I am sure the course will offer you ideas to help you take Second Last Supper through the roof. Just take these ideas, apply and you’ll see magic happening.
      – Mohit

  310. The reason that drove me to this is the curiosity to understand the digital world, to understand the listing on search engines, to get insight of digital marketing… An opportunity to grow your mind & improve.

    1. Welcome Abhijeet 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your reason to join.
      I am sure you’ll learn what you intend to and more.
      Stay tuned!
      – Mohit

  311. Hi Mohit Pawar,
    The first session was very good. It really helped me a lot. I am very eagerly waiting for the next session.

    Ram Brahmam S.

  312. Thank you so much for the first session. I really found it very interesting.

    I learn this course beacuse I want to enhance my knowledge and This will help my client to focus more on digitial world along with other media vehicles.

    1. Welcome Anamika.
      Sure, you will enhance your knowledge and will be able to share more ideas related to digital marketing with your clients. Be sure to apply what you learn and email me to discuss if you get stuck at any point.
      – Mohit

  313. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for the wonderful and very understandable mail.

    The way you given the brief about Digital was amazing. (You + I)
    Very Informative, Details on SEO and Googleadwords.

    I am working as a Graphic Designer and now looking forward to explore more in Digital field. Digital Design and Digital Marketing can be together and i am looking into it. That’s why i have joined this course.

    Looking for forward into more details regarding this course.


    1. Hi Vaibhav,
      Welcome onboard 🙂
      And, thanks for your comment.
      Hope you’ll get good value through the course.
      – Mohit

  314. Hi Mohit,

    Thanks for a superb first lesson.

    I’m a journalism post-grad who found herself working for an e-commerce setup 3 years ago and there was no turning back since. Currently my role involves creative communication and graphic creatives for internal as well as external platforms. I closely work with the marketing team in planning and preparing communication and creatives which then goes out to our existing and target audience. This course will help me better understand what goes at the marketing end of my job. For now I understand that i have to churn out eye-grabbing creatives and effective communication which makes the audience click. What i want to learn in what happens after they click.

    There’s this regular problem that i face when a marketing executive comes up to me and tells me that my communication and creative was bang on and the CTR was good but the ROI was not. But it’s difficult for me to understand the entire process because my brain limits it to doing what I do best. What I want to learn is how to find a sync and the perfect balance between what I do and what I’m being asked to do in order for the business to thrive. I believe that finding this balance is the key for me to excel and my business to grow.

    I’m hoping this course will help me understand the digital marketing tactics in order for me to broaden my horizon and venture into an unexplored but seemingly interesting territory.


  315. Dear Mohit,

    First of all I would like to thank you for sending such a detailed yet precise explanation of Digital Marketing.

    I didn’t realize the power of digital media until I learnt about Google Adwords just 2 days back (and you won’t believe but I actually got inspired from the course start-up date message sent by Prerna). I somehow have a got a hang of it however still need your guidance. Anyway, just to cut the story short I have traffic landing on my website more than before and there is a lot of activity. I now know that from where people are clicking on website (which is just amazing & mind boggling).

    I joined the course as I have always been very independent and didn’t want to depend on someone else for my personal / professional growth.

    Hope to get the maximum out from the DM course.

    Look forward to receiving the lessons!

    Thanks & Best Regards 🙂

  316. Hi Mohit, Frankly speaking I am a complete naive person in the field of digital marketing.Although I am Masters Student from Delhi University and I want to be a professor in my own Department.Since my course is such that I get to interact with the community and come to know about their problems at ground level,therefore I want to learn all the aspects of the digital world so that in the distant future I can work for the downtrodden people specially women,children and elderly people by connecting with people on such platforms.Apart from the social networking websites such as facebook,instagram etc. i want to get connect with the mass at a larger level so that the entire virtual world together works for the betterment of the society.It is our duty to make our society a better place to live in.Thank you for providing such a great platform.The first lesson was really exciting & interesting.I am eagerly waiting for the next one!!!

  317. Hi there,
    I am glad to be the part of this course session and expect a lot from it. My sincere motive is to get to know the surface of Digital Marketing or “DM” and implement my learning in my current running startup.
    I am a founder of college students focused logistics system. I don’t want to elaborate much on my startup idea and want to express my emotions and expectations from this 12-week long lecture series. I have 3 strong motives behind joining this series-
    1) Understand the world of DM – I want to divide this combination for once. “Digital” is the future of our humanity and I want to be the reason behind the transition. I have not acquired much of coding skills and find hard to grasp them but with this initiative, I want to lay my first step into the Digital world and grow step-by-step. This course won’t expect much of coding from my side and I’ll be able to make a slow and organic transition into “Digital”. Now, lets jump on second word – “Marketing”. Marketing for me, in its fundamental essence is the creativity of introducing and expressing an entity which could act helpful for masses and thus bringing about an impact into the society. This conglomeration will help me to hone my ‘technical creativity’ and understand the world from the perspective of the world.
    2) Using DM in my startup – I have launched my startup 6 months ago and now am looking to expand it to a larger crowd. Since I am bootstrapping, I am very low on budget and living a frugal life myself. DM would help me to reach my audience without much weight on my pocket (as mentioned through the organic way of Marketing).
    3) This course series is the best way to connect with the fellow DMers and thus would act as a great platform to grow in the community, with the community.

    I know, I’ve exceeded the mental limit of this comment but thought that I should write this in the best way possible coz we might not get such an amazing opportunity to convey our thoughts to our mentors/guide of this course. I hope that I could be an asset to this series and I know these 12-weeks are gonna be AWESOME! 🙂

  318. My aim of joining this course was for two reasons:
    1. Digital Marketing is what is crazy in the market right now. I want to be updated with that and want to make a great difference in my existing organisation which is a start up and help them with this knowledge of mine by doing other than the role already given to me.

    2. Few things hit your brain if said by experienced individuals rather than trying to understand all by yourself.

    “Learning is continuous and I am a learner”.

  319. Hi, Mohit,
    First let me thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am here because of my startup – I have been looking for help in the SEO side with just 2 of us girls handling the website, being uneducated in the SEO field. But all I could do was scratch my head. Thanks to you I hope to get on with SEO for my website and I hope it works for me.

    Thanks once again,

    Gayatri T Rao

    1. Hi Gayatri,
      Welcome onboard 🙂
      In this digital marketing course, you’ll learn about SEO.
      You will also learn about other digital marketing channels.
      Make sure that you learn about all of them and apply the learning to grow A Journalist Reveals.
      – Mohit

  320. Hi Mohit,

    First of all thank you so much for taking such great initiative of teaching Digital Marketing course. The prime reason for joining this course is currently I am on a career break as I have small kid. Though I have worked in this field, I can see many changes coming up in the digital world and somewhere with the help of this course I want to brush up my skills and get back to work. When you search internet there are umpteen articles and blogs which can be at times waste of time as you get lost in too many things. A structured course like yours would definitely help us. Thanks to you and your team.

    1. Welcome Pratima.
      Thanks for sharing your reason to join.
      You are right – structure helps. That’s the idea behind creating this course.
      Hoping that you’ll get good value and wish that you use this learning to get back to work.
      – Mohit

    1. Welcome Lavish.
      I am happy that you liked the taste of the starters.
      Hope you’ll love main course and desert as well 🙂
      – Mohit

  321. hi Mohit,
    I am nearing completion of my MBA-Executive program and realised the importance of the digital media in todays “new marketing era”. was reading up regarding the same untill came across this online c