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We Don't Just Teach Digital Marketing …
We Practice It.

Welcome to MasterClass – the hub to make you an efficient digital marketing professional.

Since 2008, MasterClass team has been helping companies implement campaigns on social media and developing digital marketing strategies. The strategies that have helped these companies attract attention, build traffic and sell their products.

MasterClass founding team member Mohit Pawar started blogging close to a decade back and was one of the first 100 Indians on Twitter back in 2006.

MasterClass that you are seeing today, came out of the experience of training more than 1000 individuals in live in-person training in cities across India.

Our mission is same as when we started delivering those workshops. We help you become proficient in digital marketing so that you can grow in your career, better than you can without this training. It is all about adding value to your life.


Your digital marketing education:

How did we know 6 years ago (that’s like 50 years in internet time) that digital marketing and social media would become so important?

Because humans are social by nature and have always wanted to voice their opinions and anything that helps us to express and connect easily is bound to grow. Now online media has empowered customers (like You and Me) to the point that it has become the smartest way to get new information about a brand and share thoughts about it with others.

Today, in addition to investing considerable time on making MasterClass the best digital marketing training program available in the market, we also run AllOut Digital, a well rounded digital marketing resource.

What you can expect from MasterClass?

  • Refined to point knowledge (not too much, not too less)
  • Continuous hand-holding
  • Holistic learning, not just focused on one aspect of digital marketing

We make sure that you learn techniques that are most relevant today and are being practiced in the industry and also get a pulse of what’s coming up.

With us, you will learn all facets of building a brand using social media and digital marketing.

Don’t worry if you have some doubts in your mind.

  • You may be overwhelmed by the enormous amount of info available online, we act as a filter and give you relevant info in a structure manner.
  • You don’t learn about Facebook, Twitter, SEO or Content Marketing for the sake of learning – but learn how to use all these and other facets of digital marketing to build a brand; because that's what employers look for in potential employees.
  • With our programs page you can learn more of what each of our programs offers.

Go here to learn more and get started with your digital marketing education.

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