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Online Learning that Works.

Want more from your life, your time? MasterClass gives you the ideas, programs and hand-holding that you need.

When you work, you make money. But it is not that simple always. World is changing,and you need to enrich yourself to stay where you are and enrich some more if you want to move ahead fast.

One option is to quit whatever you are working on – your job, your biz and go learn in a university.

But it does not have to be this hard. Today web and mobile devices have made it easy for you to read stuff, see things – while you are on the go.

MasterClass is that hand, the brain trust that curates, creates and brings the best you need to know in simplest form. MasterClass is all about helping you:

* Learn where you are
* Learn what you want – in the time you want
* Grow your earnings as you enrich yourself
* Guide you in ways of relaxed productivity

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Mission: Make learning fun and accessible for 1 million people by end of 2020.

MasterClass is a fun way to learn new things – that help you move ahead in life.

* MasterClass is for and by those who are not afraid to start small.
* Those who have their sight set on doing remarkable work.
* Who are ordinary human beings like all of us but are not scared to take the path less traveled.

We believe that 21st century is the age of equality. MasterClass intends to be that place where learning and opportunities will not be limited by your where you are live or how old (or young) you are – but only by your desire to learn and grow. Once you learn – it is your choice to use learning to make money or use it for social good.

Whatever be the case we are with you till the end, which may still be very far.

So let us hold hands and move ahead together.


MasterClass started in August of 2012, and welcomed its first paid customers during early 2014.

MasterClass is the result of the team’s love for learning and sharing. MasterClass will bring well thought programs – that will help you earn more and be happy.

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