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Starting a Chocolate Making Business

Chocolate Making Business
Really tempting!

A friend who has read my popular post on starting a business asked me some advice on starting a chocolate making business.

Here is what I shared with him. If you are thinking of starting your own chocolate making business these ideas should help you.

Here is how you can get started.

In Brief First.

1. Validate your idea (make sure you will find paying customers even before you start the biz, think of name, website and other stuff. You should have some clarity about what product you want to offer.)

2. Get paid

3. Work on your first set of products

4. Rinse and Repeat.

5. Scale

Chris Guillbeau has said it well in his book “$100 STARTUP”.

In a business only few things are important. A product, people willing to pay for it, a way to get

1. Validate Your Idea

Decide on product. In case of chocolate it makes sense to go for premium.

If you do not know enough about product (chocolate in this case), educate yourself.

Decide on how you will differentiate – customization, packaging, taste. Think about it and decide.

Survey you friends and people you know.

Survey can be like,


Hi Michelle,

I need your help.

Will you take 2 minutes to answer few questions to help me start my new venture.

  • Do you buy chocolate?
  • How often do you buy it?
  • Do you buy it for yourself or for friend’s/family?
  • Where do you buy?
  • Which brand do you buy?
  • What do you think is missing in the chocolate you love?
  • If I make chocolate, better than what you buy – will you buy from me.

You can use simple Google doc for this.

If you want to be more creative – you can target couples – married, engaged or in a relationship and offer to create customised chocolate for their loved ones on a special occasion or just like that.

Aim to get your first 10 paying customers through this,

To get 10 customers to pay – get a yes from 20-30 customers.

You may need to reach out to about 100 potential customers for this.

2. and 3. Get paid and work on your product

For initial order/s – you can contact a local chocolate maker and get it made as per specs. Later on you can think about learning it, hiring a person who can do it and also about a small kitchen/place where you can make it.

4. Rinse and Repeat

Get feedback and make your first 10 customers happy.

It is OK to start small – target to get first 10 customers in first 1-2 months of starting replica watches

5. Scale

From 10 happy customers you can grow to 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000. Then you will have more business.

At this stage you can think of opening an online store.

Check these sites for inspiration,

You may also open a physical experience store.

Check this post I wrote for a friend who runs a bakery.

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  1. Hello mohit sir! Very nyc..I am inspired.. going to start my chocolate dessert business..plz suggest good name brand and logo for my choclate company.

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